Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

knarf is rather envious of the death squads in the Philippines now, because of how many people he wants dead, 'sanitarilly '
I do not want to make an enemy of you, but I don't believe that statement about death squads.

IMO .. People that "get into" politics (like freepers) too many times find themselves backed up against a wall, painted into a corner, or augmented to an insane asylum because of the sheer madness in the political world ... (dems hold their I hate all banks and wall street convention in the Wells Fargo Center ...) ... and I WILL CONFESS at least ...

If I had a magic wand, all Clintons (f'rinstance) would be disappeared.

And I believe a LOT of people think that way.

Applying words to that fantasy, somehow makes it sound evil, but if we could do it sanitarilly .. ?
Bobalu has moved beyond evidence when it comes to Clinton conspiracies:
IMO add Scalia to the kill list.

It’s just sooooo convenient that any vote fraud case will now face a 4:4 tie in scotus and allow the lower court ruling to stand!

I no longer believe in coincidence when the Clintons are involved.
Off in his own little world, Hotlanta Mike crows that Hillary is losing the election:
It’s over for Madame Cankles. Not even the mighty mainstream media can push her over the top. The debates will seal the deal for The Donald.
fingers_crossed - Trump is the best at debates. Believe him!
Trump lose to googaagaa Hillery, gimme a break. Like he was in republican debates with a bunch of lightweights. Pfffffff...he fended off much sharper people that her in every debate. With many of them, plus the moderators coming at him all at once.

I mean Hillary is no Megan Kelly.

This article just shows the ineptitude of the left writers. Plus very few people even belief them anymore.
golas1964 is analyzing some a questionable hypothetical:
What if Hillary says ‘no’ to the debates?
Does Trump debate Johnson and Stein with Hillary in absentia?
Or does Trump ignore Johnson and Stein?
faithhopecharity demonstrates the Freeper trope of imminent crisis:
if Europe and USA and Canada do not PROMPTLY (while we still can) REPATRIATE the Moslems to the 56 countries they’ve already taken over (by this very means, infiltration and then internal terrorism and eventually subjugation )

if we don’t send them home, we will become their slaves. this is their training FROM BIRTH. Islam is not a religion. Islam is a world-wide mass-murder terrorist cult bent on CONQUERING us all. Read their damned books! Get informed!

Get equipped to defend yourself and your community, friends, and least until such time as the Moslems are sent home!

This is not a crackpot BS posting. Read the Koran and Hadiths. They contain over 100 instructions that Moslems are to subjugate and conquer and impose Shariah Law (you WON”T LIKE IT!) on us.

Now, or never.
sport predicts a wave of Muslims to rise up and kill us all right after Hillary's inaugurated:
Europe is already gone. It is only a matter of time, and not much of that. As far as the United States goes, if Hillary makes it to the White House, we are gone also. Expect to see the millions of muslims obama has brought over here tp be unleashed to murder and rape in 2017. If it was me, I would prepare for this eventuality. And I have.
Freepers' tempers seem really frayed. Talisker just blows up at a fellow Freeper who questions the evidence that Hillary is deathly ill and being supported by her handlers:
Let’s say your 68-year-old mother stood on a chair to change a light bulb, wouldn’t you at least do exactly what those guys are doing? In fact, if I were doing that, I wouldn’t mind someone spotting me, either.

Oh SHOVE it, you patronizing shill. She WASN'T on a chair, LIAR. She was on a low, stable concrete platform several people could have stood on - and she STILL couldn't maintain her own balance. And there are NO other times exaggeration has been used towards her. Like the MSM, you make crap up out of the whole cloth and then insinuate conservatives are doing the fantasies of your own sordid imagination.

Get lost, you mind f#####g CREEP.
Kickass Conservative cannot believe veterans have varying views:
Veterans for Hillary? The Republic is over.
SMARTY is one of many Freepers who think RICO can be used to cover everything from the DNC to the Clintons to the media:
Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

I’d love to know where the Clintons get off with this stuff.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin has managed to make everything Obama does unfalsifiably part of his complicated plot to turn America into a gun-toting liberal-criminal run hellscape:
Obama’s forgiveness of gun crimes amid push for controls ‘incredible hypocrisy’

Actually, it makes perfect sense. He rewards those who commit acts that will further his agenda of claiming the public doesn't need guns. A few criminals pardoned for gross gun violence offenses sends a message to his law-breaking minions...go for it.

Conservatives don't commit crimes with gun at anywhere near the percentage that liberal law-breakers do and so they must have their guns confiscated and also be shown no forgiveness because they do not cooperate in moving the gun control agenda forward.

He rewards his friends. He punishes his enemies. Simple.
VermithraxPejorative also seems to think gun crimes are all caused by Democrats.
He wants to blame guns for crimes, not the Democrats using them. That way you take guns away from Republicans or anyone who’s not a Democrat and just wants to protect themselves from Democrat criminals.
Ann Archy starts libertarian crazy, but quickly moves into a crazy all her own:
NO WELFARE OF ANY KIND EXCEPT by Charities!! Only problem is that OUR TAX MONEY is GIVEN to these Charities to give to IMMIGRANTS!!!
Secret government-funded charities for IMMIGRANTS?!!?!?

Liz takes a lovely picture of immgirants and weaves a tail of dusky voters coming to Maine:
Not only is Obama subsidizing illegal immigration (with our tax
dollars)....but it's also Obama's grim diversity joke on states like
lily-white Maine. Obama ordered his factotum at USCIS to settle
the most diverse types in lily-white states.

[Pic of black immigrant women with bags and children]
Somali refugees in Maine carry bags of freebies. Figure fifty
Democrat votes when the tribe's multiple identities go to the polls.
The Royal Idiot is having a good laugh over his little joke.
cowboyusa is all about Second Amendment people solving Hillary:
It wasn’t a joke and Trump said absolutely nothing wrong.

It was a promise.
jch10 is really reading a lot into Gabby Douglas's non-salute:
"Her hand appeared to be clinched as in black power."

Not at all.

Black power salute would have been a clenched fist, not hands together.

There was another picture that showed her clenched fist, down by her side. She had a rather defiant look on her face .
bushwon explains that Paul Ryan won his election in a landslide because his constituents don't realize how liberal he has become:
I think like many, they may be “low inforamation” GOP voters—they are still living under the mistaken belief that Paul Ryan is the same man they sent to Congress nearly 20 years ago....Also, talk radio up in Milwaukee is very GOPe...they love Ryan...So talk radio, with help from the Milwaukee newspapers put out some negative pieces on Nehlen and sequestered positive stories about him. Oh and they loved Cruz, too.
sailor76 lays out in one acronym how Hillary keeps assasinating people:
Clinton's Invisible Army
Nita Nupress is having some trouble believing the latest Freeper conspiracy theory:
So, are we supposed to play ConnectTheDots and assume that Huma said to Hillary, “Ummm... Hillary? I’ve been clandestinely recording you for my Saudi masters and got caught. What name can I give them? Who can we Arkancide on such quick notice before he/she gets a chance to leak or sell anything to this a$$wipe anonymous hacker?”
mrs9x takes questionable polls in which Trump is losing, and searches for silver linings:
If Trump gets 20% of the African-American vote like in this poll, the election is over. Trump wins.
Uncle Sam 911 wants to purge the military for no longer being the bastion of Freeper manliness it never was:
Its time to fire every senior General and Admiral on duty. Every one has participated in the destruction of our military to save their own careers and please our Emperor. Career over country, self before service is their motto now. Mr Trump, cut out all this dead wood on your first day.
Mr. Douglas explains that Trump's main strength is that reality does not apply to him:
I got on the air on the Michael Medved show a few days ago and pointed out to him that he was missing Trump’s biggest strength. To wit: The rules are different this time, and apparently only Trump has read the rule book.

This is why what is used to hurt trump only makes him stronger. If the lest actually does this kind of stuff, it will make him stronger in the voting booth.


  1. kidnapping and executions have a bad rep only because not enough people do them as "sanitarilly" as knarf would ...

    1. The inhabitants of a sewer likely know a thing or two about sanitation - unfortunately in the negative.

  2. I'm orming a hardcore punk band named UNCLE SAM 9/11.

  3. It’s just sooooo convenient that any vote fraud case will now face a 4:4 tie in scotus and allow the lower court ruling to stand!

    Convenient? Well, Republicans could try not obstructing any and every nominee for the Supreme Court so that we could have a tie-breaker, but nah.

  4. Veterans for Hillary? The Republic is over.

    It would be interesting to have a "the Republic is over" montage over the years . . . don't know if you're tracking such a thing. Maybe wait until after the election to post it.