Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Trump endorsed Freeper nemeses Ryan and McCain. HarleyLady27 is sure this is part of something larger and unseen. Also, she trust Trump completely, so where else is there to go?
There is something going on for Trump to do this, what I don’t know,

but he has always been a Gentleman, he talked with the GOP in Washington twice and none of them said a word about supporting Trump extends the ‘olive branch’ being the Gentleman he is and was brought up to be, he’s not running ‘against’ these people, he is running ‘against the Clinton Machine’ and maybe this is one way to gather the ‘insiders’ together, or maybe by endorsing RINO RYAN and the others, they will lose...could happen...

What ever his reason, I do NOT doubt his decisions, never have for a year and won’t start now...
Iron Munro is a smug psycho about a new huge hotel in Mecca:
I hope ISIS blows it up
God help me but I do.
If it happens I’ll laugh

Martin Luther King Jr. isn't the only one who can dream...
Mr Apple, hating whatever woman is in sight, as usual:
Old man Khan is overdoing all this now.

Old scumbag Khan has had his 5 minutes in the sun. He needs to stfu now.

And Khan's wife needs to sit her fat snarling ass down now and be quiet.
arl295 on the Trump landslide:
He wins this in the first hour, once New York and New Jersey go for him, its over.....
central_va isn't able to retire, and will blame immigrants and the lack of tariffs the whole way:
Like an old plow horse I will probably die in the harness.
Wow! Unlike most Freepers, TexasTransplant actually read Atlas Shrugged!
Everyone who could went Galt years ago. It had an effect.

I’m waiting for my Invitation to Go Galt, in the end I may have to Infiltrate and just lay low once I get there.
VRWCarea51 joins the slight boomlet of Freepers still thinking gays will turn Republican our of fear:
July Gun Sales Crush Previous Record (2.2 million checks)

You can thank those numbers on the queers.
They realized after the nightclub shooting their Fairy King luvs terrorists more than queers.
2banana goes straight for the schoolyard insults when vets complain about Trump telling a gold star family to suck it:
Hillary Retweets Palin's Son-in-Law Calling for Trump Apology on Muslim Remarks

I guess he appreciated man boy love Thursday nights...
Jesus, Forty-Niner finds yet another Clinton conspiracy I had yet to see!
One thing has always bothered me is that Bill is always touted as a “Rhodes Scholar” who attended prestigious Oxford University.

Yes Bill did attend Oxford under a Rhodes Scholarship, but he never graduated. Bill was booted out of Oxford and Brittan not after the first lady claimed he raped her, but after the second lady claimed she was raped by him. Too bad he didn’t have Hillary around to lie for him.
E. Pluribus Unum unskews in reply to a deleted comment, presumably about Trump's current status in the polls:
The polls are fake.

Don’t fall for the same old thing this time. We’ve done that for decades.

We must stay the course. The only way we can get a different result is to try a different tack.
combat_boots unskew so hard:


The REAL numbers show that he’s decidedly ahead. And, we have these stories on Iran, the UN policing of the US, and the Obama/UN nuclear testing coming out. These are just the highlights.

Then, there is the ever-mounting pile of Clinton-related dead, in the last 3 weeks alone. Six, I think.
After all that sleuthing, mulligan is where Freepers have ended up on Khan:
Trump should be supported. Khan is evil.
factoryrat is where Freepers have arrived on Hillary:
And the blonde corpse in the mao suit croaks “what difference does it make, cough cough hack hack.
At some point, it's like hate gets so strong it overpowers creativity.

sport is not hoping, but expecting the Clintons to try and kill Trump:
I think that the worse is yet to come. As election day draws closer and they become desperate, look for an assassination attempt to be made on Donald or a member of his family.

Whether it will be successful or not remains yet to be seen.

Donald is raffling the feathers of some powerful unscruppled individuals. Represented by Hillary and Bill Clinton. Individuals who would sell their mother into sexual slavery for one cent. Do not expect them to take this sitting down. It has been proven that Hillary has the FBI in her purse.
Ulysse has one word to describe Trump's reaction to being given a Purple Heart: "I always wanted to get the Purple Heart — this was much easier. But I’ll tell you, it was such an honor."
That’s called dignity ....A word lib-dhimmy-tards ignore beginning by H. CLINTON
jennychase straight up thinks Trump deserves a Purple Heart:
Trump is injured by liberals, globlist and purple Heart had its meaning.
Words are not quite the same as bullets, Jenny.

madison10 saw a picture of Obama and Hillary, and gets fire and brimstone:
Dear Lord, please save us from the evil. The Beast and her prophet...
After calling Hillary literally the Devil, somehow madison10 seems to have an issue with her Church:
I am seriously considering leaving my church if Hillary wins. Stupid Christians will have helped and I want nothing to do with them.
KTM rider seems to have a lot of trouble turning all the carefully crafted delusional hate he has against Obama towards Hillary:
Fact: Obama is a man living under sevaral aliases, he was formerly a profession protest organizer, he fraternized with communists and domestic terrorists,before getting elected he would not even be able to pass a security clearance to work as a government employee in a security position, he has falsified documentation (proven by qualified forensic investigation but ignored by the authorities ), he has repeatedly talked to foreign diplomats about how terrible america is and promised to make deals with the russians after he gets elected ,

worst and least qualified president in US history lectures the american public and chastises the republican party from his bully pulpit about an opposition party candidate what a low life scum.

got to h-e double hockey sticks you Kenyan usurper america hating racist commie pencilneck

Obama ....what a cruel joke

Hillary will be Obama on steroids

Poor Impy is frustrated that Freepers seem to be celebrating a Tea Party guy getting ousted in a primary by some moderate who invoked Trump a lot. Alas, only one source of news makes you simple!
I don’t what’s worse, the RINO winning or morons on this thread thinking it’s a good thing. This didn’t have a damn thing to do with Trump, the GOPE took out a hit on a conservative congressman. Sickening.
SoCal Pubbie
We already know Clintoon is insane. A real loon.

Psychopath, to be exact
Ohcrap ...what if this is how 0bama plans to do martial law...If they see that Trump is winning...they claim a cyber attack and stop the Diebolds, panic ensues and they declare martial law. They may even cause the hack.

Jim and moderator...this important enough to send to Trump’s people. Note I correct myself, I meant when they see Trump winning, not if.
What makes this interesting is what is he going to do to “Not accept his election to POTUS”? Arrest Trump, Kill Trump, declare Martial law when the inner cities and major lib cities (San Fran, Berkeley, Chiraq, Washington DC) all explode with the whiners rioting and killing. To me that is the most logical conclusion from his speech. I mean this is a man who’s mentor once spoke of Killing 25 million Americans to advance the Revolution.(Bill Ayers).
Charles Martel typifies just about every Freepers' reaction to news Obama pardoned some people in jail for firearms crimes:
How many of the beneficiaries of this largess are WHITE?

Zip, zilch, nada. The big goose egg. That's the safe bet, until someone publishes details to the contrary.
thesligoduffyflynns schools us all on Muslim Alpha Males and how Khan will now kill Hillary or something:
A Clinton Cash machine operative from back in the day. Despite the provided words that spilled out of his Muzzie Alpha Male mouth .

MuzzAlphMale’s don’t take lightly being publicly shamed & losing face on a national & international basis. (yes, it’s Mid-East thing too) & there is always payback.

Hitlery mis-calculated on this one if she was presenting the Mum & Dad as simply parents .

No Mid-East alpha male abides denigration by the press-much less Hitlery, She will be directly blamed or else The Clinton Foundation will FeDx him a check to one of his fav charities ; i.e., and send him a pallet of american US currency on a private unmarked plane to assauge his hurt feelings.
Huck is a proud barbarian, and so is Trump:
Barbarians rising!



  1. Iron Munro is now just rooting for ISIS without any geopolitical shit to make it look good

    Team Barbarians, indeed

  2. Hey, does anyone know what happened to /johnny (JRandomFreeper)?

    1. Expired back in January. Cancer.

    2. I know this is the internet and all, but do you really wanna stoop the level of a Trumper?

  3. I'm surprised Trump would want a Purple Heart, unless he doesn't know what it is. I'd expect "I like the soldiers who didn't get killed. I'm so terrific, I never would have gotten shot in the ass like these losers."

  4. Funny thing is, Rush warned his listeners to not fall into the trap of believing that the polls are rigged. I guess it was his way of getting out the vote.
    I haven't looked much, but has anyone seen this discussed on FP?

  5. I don't even know if that Kansas RINO that won actually even evoked Trump or not, just because the stupid blog post that was the news article for the thread said he was a Trump supporter.

    People in Kansas tell me it had jack to do with Trump, no one on the ground was talking about Trump. It was part of wider phenomenon that also saw a dozen conservative state legislators lose to moderates. It was all about the state budget in their cases and farm pork in the case of the congressional race.

    But in May Huelskamp said mean things about Trump, so it's predictable that a simpleton who thinks the world revolves around Trump and their personal devotion to him would take this ridiculous position.