Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

cicero2k explains that if you're a competitive woman you need who sleep with your male bosses:
Say you are in the business of hiring beautiful, smart young women; in a field they are eager to join.

You are the lone male gate keeper. There are more applicants than positions.

Some applicants will try to get an edge.

Many men would succumb to the pressure.

Perhaps a hiring committee, or female management, but some women will always try to get an edge.

That competition is also a part of the culture that Tantaros and other women signed up for and are now complaining about. These are smart women who knew or should have known.

She could always go into accounting, or something that has more openings.
MinuteGal is also pretty into the victim blaming for women making themselves too sexy for men to resist blackmailing them for sex:
Females should not be allowed to objectify THEMSELVES then cry 'foul' when it's convenient for them.

The other day, Kimberly Guilfoyle had SO much cleavage showing that someone could stuff a hundred one-dollar bills as a tip into it.....and still have room for the jar.

Brave Freeper dp0622 stood strong against alleged fat harassment without developing anything approaching empathy:
Women think the only harrassment that can take place is sexual against them.

No, there’s racial, political, fat, unattractive (in that person’s eyes) and many more.

one female boss asked how much have i gained since working there. said it was terrible. i cursed, told her it’s my business and went back to work.

i had ten harassment suits if i wanted at different places.

wasn’t worth it and i think it’s nonsense.
elcid1970 is about to die, but can fight Civil War 2 against Hillary who is more about to die:
I’m nearly 70 with heart trouble & can’t walk ten steps without gasping. Somehow it doesn’t seem to matter anymore, at least if I can die on my feet clutching a weapon.

But I’m the youthful picture of health compared to Hillary, and she’s soon going to rule our lives!!!? Makes no sense!
Enchante is enthusiastically buying a suspiciously on the nose anti-Muslim rumor:
Some of our troops in Afghanistan apparently observed, with night vision, lonely Taliban availing themselves of the livestock.

Would have been good sniper targets just for the embarrassment to the Taliban the next day.... shoot both the humper and the livestock, make the Taliban clean up.
treetopsandroofs may want to look up how many Freepers have posted 'I hate America now' before he laments how dissent is no longer patriotic:
American soldier was killed today and another wounded. Where are the media like they were when Bush was in? Where are the anti war types on the left protesting like they did under Bush?

the media are just scum, and the liberal left activists are nothing but full of hypocrisy .

Dissent stopped being patriotic on Jan. 20, 2009.

Free speech is now a crime, unless you’re discriminating against Caucasions, Christians or Conservatives.
rockrr is fantasizing about burning DC again:
I have come to the conclusion at this point that all of DC needs to be burned down. I'm perfectly fine that this scenario be LITERALLY.

I’m happy to provide some napalm if that helps.
DesertRhino explains why freedom of choice doesn't apply to Muslims:
The two extremes. Burkas that cover everything. Micro bikinis that let labia flap in the breeze.

Most women will choose something comfortably in the middle. How about giving them the freedom to make up their own minds without government deputizing modesty enforcers?

No. No freedom to wear enemy uniforms that can conceal bombs or whatever at the beach. And France gave us the bikini, I don’t want the beaches taken over by moslems that ruin it for everyone else. Women in burkinis will attract aggressive moslem men who will bother normal women. Close to 500 people dont agree with you. They’re dead.
miss marmelstein agrees - her fear of Muslim clothes requires legislation:
There’s modesty and then there is stupidity and hatred. And all of those frightening get-ups should be banned.
DrPretorius is amazed at how he doesn't believe anyone who disagrees with his own deluded worldview:
Hillary Clinton has released a detailed medical record showing her to be in excellent health,” said Jennifer Palmieri with the Clinton campaign,...

It strikes me as amazing to find myself in the position of immediately discounting this claim as just another outrageous lie made by another Marxocrat liar. I swear it has gotten to the point that I wouldn’t even believe a statement made my a Marxocrat that water was wet.
Yet Lisbon1940 knows Trump's health needs no evidence:
With Trump’s obvious good health, does anyone need more than 5 minutes to summarize it?

I haven’t seen him having any seizures.
heights may not realize the Daily Mail links make up a majority of Freep's non-election year paranoid rumors:
I stopped going to Daily Mail, their Anti-Trump articles, loaded with Thousands of Phony ‘Best Rated’ arrows was all I could take.
Pravious thinks prisons are just full of Republicans, I guess?
Democrats don’t get arrested. Laws are for us.
2harddrive's diaper spam continues!
U.S. Judge Grants Nationwide Injunction Blocking White House Transgender Policy

Good news! BUT: I am surprised that Matthew Drudge of the Drudge Report has not yet mentioned the Hillary Clinton diapers story, especially considering that WikiLeaks’ top lawyer in London, was murdered - pushed in front of a train - within 3 days of Wikileaks’ Hillary diaper story breaking!
gaijin has a different story he's trying to spam into (Freep) reality:
The story about the CAT BURGLAR NINJYA ASSASIN scaling the wall at the Ecuador Embassy in London SHOULD BE FRIGGIN’ HUUUUUUGE NEWS..!

Yet I have only seen that news at FR and Drudge...!

What the hell is going on...???
WashingtonFire - traitors everywhere, and the only cure is populist paranoia stoke by a drunken opportunist!
Joe McCarthy was 50 years too early.

Our government has never been more riddled with Anti-American traitors than now.

Pray for Mr Trump and his victory. Our nation will not survive four more years of this.
politicianslie laments how Benghazi has moved away from it's origin as Obama Muslim paranoia:
The email also clearly shows that while Americans were under siege in Benghazi, Clinton was likely more concerned with spinning the lie that the attacks occurred because of an internet video.

I read for a while and you were the first one to mention Obama.

Who did Hillary work for? OBAMA

Who is the one who approves troops attacking a foreign nation? OBAMA In fact, the Secretary of State is a PAWN when it comes to military action overseas.

OBAMA had to approve/or block the rescue of Americans in Benghazi, the fact is, Hussein Obama blocked the rescue attempt.

Who was raised in a Muslim country and his school records show he was a Muslim student? OBAMA

Whose name is Hussein? OBAMA

What is it with Americans, can't they THINK without the US gubermint and the presstitutes telling them what to think? Hussein Obama, America's FIRST Muslim President, was not going to approve the US military attacking his terrorists doing a special op in Benghazi.
Whose name is Hussein? OBAMA!!

Bloody Sam Roberts yells at pop-culture cloud:
A female Captain Marvel? Puhleeeeeze.
Don't know much about comics, but I looked it up. Looks like Captain Marvel has been a woman since 1982.


  1. Since 1967, there have been seven Marvel characters who have used the name Captain Marvel, and three of them have been women (Monica Rambeau, Phyla-Vell, and Carol Danvers). Yay for unisex titles.

    1. Yeah, but FRepers were like in their 40s back then, so they didn't care about comics.

    2. They also lack the ability to recognize that "captain" is a gender neutral title.

      They're the types that find that riddle about how a dad who gets in an accident with his son, and then the doctor admitting the kid says they can't operate because the boy is their son, a real head scratcher.

  2. I actually feel sad for elcid1970.

    So much fear and the whole wanting to die clutching a gun thing. Aside from the fact that that sounds just like the jihadist they hate. Weather you have a gun in your hand or not is irrelevant if you lose in the end.

    And seriously "rule our lives"? (needs more exclamation marks) Quit your fantasies you so called Strict constitutionalist. The President is not a dictator.

  3. Just think how much money RimJob has sucked up over the years. It must be in the millions.

    1. The High Plains Grifter sounds a tad anxious: Link

      It's always worth a chuckle as the gun cuddling cowards enthuse about "going yellow" though.

    2. The take is considerably less than is reported. The jimcompoop started the slow fake-to-the-end this week and will end it Labor Day weekend.

      The only people still giving are the same old "true believers" who give three-four times during the freepathons.

      Less than 250 freepers provide the great majority of the entire FR budget.

    3. Continual Trumping (particularly without diapers) creates a poisonous atmosphere.

      Add in the perilous decline in cat photos with Oinks on work to rule and DJMadCow on strike and you have all the ingredients of a major Freepernomic recession. I'm putting Olive Garden futures on "sell".

  4. A true accounting of FRs finances would be as embarrassing to RimJob as dealing tax returns would be to Trump. They're both with more in their minds than in reality.