Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Still trying to get Khan

The right is so upset by this Khan thing that they're keeping it in the news in order to continue to hit back at him. Sean Hannity spent time on Monday going after him, and Freepers are still cooking up half-baked conspiracies in order to feel relevant.

I think Khan's time has now passed, but I do so love it when Freepers help! They ask: Is Khizr Khan Practicing Law With No License?

The question is enough for Lazamataz!
We live in the Post-Law era. Nothing is punishable except wrong political persuasion.
kiryandil doesn't bother with the new attempt, just relaxes into the old media conspiracy:
He's their latest sockpuppet for beating up Trump. Don't question the Jihadi sockpuppet.

The Media Fabulists have their orders from the Democrat National Committee, and from 0bama's White House. They'll catch spears until the end.
Electric Graffiti also prefers tried and true methods to this thin speculation. For him, it's taquiya paranoia:
He has a Sharia law license, doncha know.

He has a sharia law license to practice taquiya.

Why anyone would believe a damn thing these islamo marxists in the demoncrat and republican party say is beyond me.

Soon we'll be hearing that this POS never had a son.
ladyjane has a whole other thing going on:
Do you need a license to practice law?

Elizabeth Warren practiced law for years in Massachusetts without a license.
grey_whiskers stays on target:
It looked like they have an exception that gives a license to foreign attorneys who have an LLM....seems to me he may never have taken a US bar exam

That way he'd be less likely to embarrass Hillary, who failed it.
Rockingham also seems to not need much evidence to prove this:
I too suspect that Khan is not a lawyer in the sense that he is not admitted to any American state bar. He may be a paralegal in a law firm, but the evidence seems to be against that.
Boomer is sure Freepers are onto something huge!
Sounds like he doesn’t have a law license at all. This needs to be broadcast day and night to expose him as a fraud. Just like obammy he knows just enough about the law to work around it; not follow it.

He already made every Trump voter dislike muslims if they didn’t already by his little stunt at the dnc.


  1. I like that the "Hillary bump" after the DNC convention has just seemed to be growing every day since.

    I credit Kazir Khan for some of that, and the continuing right-wing freak out about Kazir Khan for the rest.

  2. Freepers take the conclusion that everything any liberal or Democrat says is a lie and work backwards from that. Then they wonder why they get laughed at for denying reality so hard.

  3. "He has a sharia law license to practice taquiya."

    That's...not a coherent sentence.

    1. He's doing the Terrorism with the Clinton in the Arkancide Bathhouse next to the Koran Babymurder 0bama! I'm BURGERTIME