Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Freepers vs. Khan

Well, this has gotten full-on early birther levels of crazy.

Khan is damaging Trump. Khan is Muslim. Muslim bad. INTERNET SLEUTHING TIME!

V K Lee boasts how Freepers are soon gonna take down this Muslim:
The old geezer doesn't realize just what he has done. Believing we'll all sit back and allow him to criticize us, enrapture US with his Sharia crap, we'll eventually fold and invite him into our tent. 
Not likely! old guy. Your ass has been uncovered and now your bare bottom is shown to the world for exactly what you are. HilLIARy's ass that she rode in on.
Baladas is also preemptively bragging, now with slurs!
When a raghead plays with fire, the raghead will be burnt.
Poor crager is trying to excuse the coming avalanche of Freeper bile:
Yes their son is a hero period. However, once they went public at the dem convention they willingly set aside their position as a Gold Star Family. They chose to politicize his death. They should not be able to have it both ways.
ROCKLOBSTER is not having the briefly attempted spin that Trump's real Muslim policy wouldn't isn't as harsh as Khan thinks:
His speech was absolutely disgusting, he absolutely dishonored his son by using him to push a LIE solely to benefit a career criminal. He damn well knows Trump never said he wanted to deport Muslim citizens and vets.

But now he should.
HarleyLady27 is as enthusiastic as ever, calling on this American Citizen to get out of America:
OH GOSH Con the Khan’s to late, you see we American people are smart, and we were on to you when you tried to attack our candidate, so we gathered ALL of your information, INCLUDING how horrible your son was...

GO PEDDLE YOUR B.S. SOME WHERE ELSE, PREFERRABLY INTO ANOTHER COUNTRY, AMERICA DOESN’T WANT YOU HERE!!! Oh and another thing: Take that evil, vile, spawn of Satan Hillary Clinton with you when you leave and don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"how horrible your son was?" More on this later.

MeganC may be unclear on what immigration lawyers do:
He was selling immigration visas to Muslims with the full knowledge of the Democrats and the Clintons.
RummyChick does this thing where she urges the high road in one thing so she can take the lowest road in another:
I don’t think it is fair to say Captain Khan was some kind of jihadi like Hasan. He might have been but we will never know. The report is he did tell his solders to stay back.

On the other hand, his father is fair game.
RummyChick speculates:
Are we sure he graduated from Harvard?
Safetgiver versus a quickly zotted guy insisting there be some evidence in the Freeper 'speculation into certainty' game:
Ok, refute anything posted, just don’t sit there and rebuke, newbie. I’m interested in your inside info?
Travis McGee needs to write another paranoid novel:
Trying to sneak in as many Tsarnaevs and Mateens as possible.

His part of the jihad.
JBW1949 has already jumped to this guy being long proven an evil traitor, and is now using that to attack liberals generally:
With all the proven connections between Khan and Clinton...Khan and Muslim Brotherhood... Khan and Muslim immigration, How can anyone even think about voting for Clinton????

Do liberal democrats actually WANT the destruction of the United States??????
Remember the son? The one who sacrificed himself for his fellow soldiers? HangUpNow is now going to attack him!
Capt. Khan:

His loyalty and "mission" can certainly be questioned.

Where are all the testimonials touting the Capt. Khan's accomplishments, credentials, and personal relationships that reinforce his character and loyalty?

Not all "GOLD STARS" are equal. Nor all "Purple Hearts" (HELLO, John F. Kerry.)
CGASMIA68 goes yet further:
Could the son have been an up and coming Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan
I'm not one to fetishist the military, but this is kinda making me angry-sick.

bryan999 has moved on from the investigation to uncovering the subsequent the coverup:
I’m noticing this Khan guy and his nonsense are no longer “trending” on Disgracebook.

Piranha is on the case!
Well this is interesting... I just ran the phone number (202)279-0806 and it comes back to a Francis Moroney at Galen St. SE, Bolling AFB, Washington, DC. For those of you who aren’t aware, Bolling AFB (Air Force Base) is the home of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
RummyChick spins this into...something about weaponized Alzheimer's?
but it is worth noting that the phone number for Khan has also been used by an Intelligence the story about the son involved with mutating an Alzheimer gene (IF TRUE) that could lead to weaponization is an interesting conspiracy.

Khizr Khan is sketchy. He didn’t need to delete his website if everything was on the up and up.
You can't follow your crazy conspiracy with a weak 'smoke means fire' supposition! It's like murder, genocide, and littering.

hoosiermama knows Freepers' awesome results should go to the government, who Freepers don't trust:
All material discovered should be sent to FBI. Or USSS. Looks like it could be money laudering or the equivalent of mail fraud / false advertising
Mr Apple wants to call that number Piranha posted, but instead tells this intrepid story:
Piranha, I just got back from driving a few miles to a Texaco station where they have two pay phones in the parking lot. But, when I pulled in, they had been taken out and where gone. So then I drove to a restaurant where I've been before because I know that they had one pay phone there just inside the door. But it too was gone. I asked the lady at the register where'd it go and she said that the pay phone had been removed months ago. Looks like the pay phone business it gone everywhere now.

So, I've got another idea but it's too hot to go driving around anymore today so I'll go tomorrow where I know I can use a phone.
Oh that's right it's Mr Apple! Women hating time, I guess:
Which reminds me, have we heard from his wife yet?

That fat scheming slug is blowin' somebody. Sleazy Muslim slut she is!!!!
Conservative Gato has no idea how much he's projecting as he laments how the lies and speculation he sees will soon be forgotten:
The terrible thing is the enemedia will not apologize for spreading lies and deceptions to the American people.

They will just continue on as if nothing happened and will move on to the next lies and deceptions, hope they can get them to stick.

And the enemedia wonders why, in poll after poll, the American people overwhelmingly don’t trust them. They are terrible people.


  1. "I'm not one to fetishist the military, but this is kinda making me angry-sick."

    Agreed on both counts. Sadly, no longer surprising.

    Regarding the rest, I can't decide if they think lying about Trump's deportation talk or truly haven't bothered to watch his speeches or truly don't remember.

    Weaponized Alzheimer's, indeed.

    I'm putting money on it now but when Trump loses that someone's going to say he fell victim of that and that's what he said all the crazy crap he has.

  2. Jimmy McGill (the Freeper Safetgiver was responding to) must have really pissed off JimRob with his calls for moderation, because not a single post of his remains.

  3. The Republicans monitor the Democratic Convention (and vice-versa) to see what speeches, what comments generate the most positive responses ...

    evidently Khazir Khan really struck a chord with America. Coupled with Trump's boobish response, the command went out to the right-wing blogosphere to combat the Khans in any way possible.

    I think this really is the final falling stone that will cause the crashing avalanche of the entire Trump campaign.

    Even Poopy MooMoo TWINKIE has to realize its all over for Trump.

  4. AndyTheBear conveniently lists his upcoming disappointments for the fall ...

    "I think the poll is more or less valid, and indicates the fact that Hillary would likely win if the election were held today. I am glad its not November.

    I predicted she would be mostly ahead of Trump until the first debates and I think she will tank and Trump will win in a landslide. I still think so, and am more confident of it now.

    There are two things that will sink Hillary:

    1) The first debate will have many eyes, and the impossible narrative fantasy of Trump the crazy man will go down in flames when people that only know him by sound bites and second hand hear him for themselves.

    2) The new reason: It does appear that Wikileaks will be dropping crap on Hillary at the very worse times, like they did to Debbie Wassermann Shultz right before convention. This is presuming that Judge Nap is right about some pissed off NSA people being the source of the leaks."

  5. ...HilLIARy's ass that she rode in on.

    What does that even mean?