Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SOROS Is back!

In what might be the best thing to come out of the hack of the DNC, George Soros sent some e-mails to the State Department.

I love it when Soros manages to make the news, because for whatever reason (Glenn Beck?) Freepers' imagination have imbued him with powers well beyond any other rich liberal.

Beyond the hilarious melodrama, it's also constructive, because it lets you know the places where Freepers' delusions haven't covered over the inconsistencies with reality, because SOROS's evil powers can explain anything!

Ho hum, DaveA37 calls on right-wing gun hero Chris Kyle to assassinate:
Sick bastard. Too bad he cannot be exiled to Venezuela where they would take his riches.

Too bad we don’t have a Chris Kyles willing to sacrifice.
left that other site goes one step further and calls on God:
I would really love to see some Old Testament Style smiting upon Soros.
amorphous quotes from the article; sounds like a corker:
"Soros, who once admitted he considers himself “some kind of god,” sits on the U.S. Programs advisory board, as do his sons Alexander and Jonathan. They’re joined by leading progressives in academia and in the media.
WRhine - is evocative - 'some kind of Satan.'
Soros has the wrong side. He is some kind of satan. Born to help plunge the world into war and despair.
Fresh Wind thinks Soros went to a crossroads and now is the best blues musician in the land!
Soros sold his soul to Satan. It’s as simple as that.
TexasGator is a prominent skeptic of stuff like the Waco biker thing and the recent Olympic swimmers debacle. But he sure buys into the bullcrap about Chelsea being Webb Hubble's daughter:
And remember, Hillary Clinton’s only child had her wedding at a Soros estate.

I wonder if Bill ever had a child?
JennysCool reaches to the typical cliched fictional analogue:
Think James Bond and Goldfinger, whom Soros certainly resembles.
Mjreagan is amazed at the evil of this man Freepers have conjured
It’s like he’s straight from Hell.

Could you script a worse villain? A Jew who collaborates with the Nazis against other Jews, likely in league with Communists, made his fortune manipulating and destroying currencies, is attempting to plunge the world into a dark age controlled by himself. Where’s James Bond to take this guy out?
DoughtyOne joins quite a few Freepers yearning for a right wing wankfic hero to be real:
The book 'Unintended Consequences.'

Thank you.

Okay, I think I understand the direction you’re headed there.

I can’t openly state that I agree, but something must be done.

We shouldn’t lose the nation to protect his right to destroy it.
Clay Moore presses Soros into service to explain something that's been bothering him:
Gee, I wonder if this explains Roberts’ vote on Obamacare?
Beave Meister also goes to that particular issue:
It sure would be a juicy nugget if we found out Soros paid for John Robert’s influence on Obamacare.....
Jane Long is also tellingly working on a Roberts bribery myth:
Yeah....who slipped those stacks of Benjamins into Robert’s briefcase, in Malta?
jsanders2001 is incensed Soros is too protected to get in trouble for the crap that Freepers make up:
Isn’t it a felony to bribe or attempt to bribe a federal judge or Supreme Court justice?

It certainly is...for us.
A bit more in Soros' actual arena, DoughtyOne wonders about the 2008 housing bubble, and declares Soros guilty of enemyness:
Truth be told, I’m not ruling out a Soros connection to the 2008 financial meltdown. That would fit his modus operandi to a tee.

This guy is the number on enemy of the United States.

There must be a way he could be prosecuted and deported.

He certainly hasn’t lived up to his oath at the time of his swearing in as a citizen.
But DoughtyOne can't resist such a juicy scapegoat. What's been bothering him goes back a bit:
IMO, McCain was and still is a Soros sock puppet.

You look at what McCain has supported, and it becomes clear he’s a fellow traveler of at least the Soros mindset.
Jack Hammer really elevates the guy:
It’s time to award George Soros with the title of World’s Greatest Enemy of Humanity.


  1. Uh-oh...freepers are now starting to urge each other to "stay strong" on Trump, re: immigration. Is Trump beginning to deviate from the Party platform? Could he be a secret saboteur sent to destroy the revolution from within? Can show trials be far behind??

    1. Nooooo!!! It's too soon, dammit!!! We don't want a slow drizzle of Freeper disillusionment, we want a sudden cataclysm as Freeper dreams encounter reality at terminal velocity. Stay on message Trump! Maximum speed into the side of the mountain and "damn the torpedoes"(c)!!!

    2. I even heard Limbaugh talking today about how much better Trump is for walking back some of his rhetoric about immigration, even if he still wants to build a wall.

      I guess this new Conservative is less concerned with integrity and more interested in winning.

    3. And thus begins the narrative of "we would have won if only Trump hadn't betrayed us on immigration!"

  2. "Born to help plunge the world into war and despair."

    Which is funny considering how much he's fought communism. DO YOU HATE FREEDOM FREEPERS

  3. This thread has some entertainment value.

    Are Hillary Clinton’s Strong Poll Numbers Misleading?

    1. Wow a voice of sanity from SaxxonWoods:
      "I’ve been through many election cycles. This take is common in losing campaigns.
      It rarely ends well for those claiming the polls are off.
      I’m all in for Trump and hope to see the polls turn around."

  4. "Born to help plunge the world into war and despair."

    Which is funny considering how much he's fought communism. DO YOU HATE FREEDOM FREEPERS

  5. Soros is vehemently anti-communism and pro-democracy, and freepers HATE him? What does that say about freepers?