Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ISIS: A Joint Obama and Hillary Venture

Today's two posts are going to be linked - the first will be Freepers when Trump said Obama founded ISIS, the second after Trump hilariously claimed he was being sarcastic this whole time.

Freepers usually have no problem turning on a dime (especially when they can pivot to ignore their initial positions by yelling at the media), but in this case their Obama-Muslim conspiracies kinda tangled them all up, making them go all in initially, and preventing them from bulling through the clear hypocrisy as they usually do.

For the morning, let us see the attraction of Trump linking Obama and ISIS.

Republican1795. doesn't seem that sarcastic:
Not just an accusation but a statement of fact.
Mr. Mojo knows the real truth with no need for evidence:
Progs can’t handle the truth, and Trump invariably supplies a heaping helping of it.
Ronin is sure this was another perfectly executed Trump plan:
This was not “off the cuff”. He said it three times. He was hammering a point. He would not have done so if he was not confident that he could back up what he was saying.

This could get very interesting.
cymbeline - kinda seems a bit nervous:
I hope Trump continues to pound on this and present the evidence. You know the media will not.

Yes, he must give evidence, always! He doesn’t always do that.
I guess unaware of the history, DoughtyOne argues Obama's Syrian missteps founded ISIS. Points for being adjacent to reality, I guess!
Arming and funding the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda, did exactly that IMO. And Obama’s quick withdrawal of all U. S. troops from Iraq left a vacuum any nine year old but one, could see and realize what would come of it.

And of course, he tried to blame this on Bush also. B. S.

Obama is that one last nine year old, intellectually.
BeauBo, though, is in full alternate-reality mode:
Obama let the ISIS leadership out of jail (they were in the Camp Bucca Confinement Facility near Basra when he took office).

He is releasing the the hard core out of Guantanamo now, and will be the father of their future terrorist organizations as well.
This was odd enough I looked it up. ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi was released in 2004. One guy claimed it was 2009. DoD says no, but guess which version Freepers believe!

exit82 explains that Obama founded ISIS because he loves what they do:
Trump is 100% correct.

Obama enabled it and armed it, as ISIS has the goal of establishing the Caliphate, a goal Obama fully supports.

That is why Obama lied and called it the JV team, and did not take military action for many months—it was to give ISIS time to amass wealth arms and manpower, and then to succeed in taking over Iraq.

Even Stevie Wonder could see what was going on.
P-Marlowe is pretty excited about the return of a failed right-wing meme:
A moment later on another topic, he referred to the president by his full legal name: Barack Hussein Obama. 
A moment later on another topic, he referred to the president by his full legal MUSLIM name: Barack Hussein Obama. 
Fixed it.
petercooper is also all in:
Finally. Someone who’ll use his middle name. Now that makes 2- Trump and Limbaugh.
faithhopecharity is enthusiastically back to birthin' and sekret Musliming:
Actually we don’t know his “full legal name” — —— second, he’s funded, armed, provided logistics and intelligence for a number if middlemen terrorist murdef gangs, not just Isis but also Iran, Muslim brotherhood, gaza, plo/pa, and more. Anywhere he can advance the Islsmonazi terrorist network or attacks on us “ibfidels” — O is right there.
DouglasKC knows almost everyone knows Obama and Hillary love Islam and oppress Christains:
This topic will resonate. Anyone but the most die hard lefties can see how Obama and Clinton favor Muslims over any other religion...and especially over Christianity.
ballplayer's timeline doesn't quite make sense:
If the shoe fits,Isis did not exist until obungo told them when we were pulling out
PhilDragoo is pretty sure name calling is the key:
By Jove, I think it is that very Islamocommie crack-smoking closet queen!
sheehan knows only one man is a bad enough dude...
Only one person on this planet can destroy ISIS - Donald J. Trump
Bogie isn't wrong that neocon's naiive policies started ISIS, but he may want to check the philosophy behind most of the thread that isn't yelling OBAMA MUSLIM:
Actually, it was Hillary Clinton the neocon.
Speaking of yelling, Swede Girl:
Obama is the founder of Isis and Hillary is the ISIS QUEEN!
castlegreyskull is the craziest and I love him:
I think he is ISIS’s commanding officer.
And, of course, leave it to Ezekiel to pick a Bible quote out of context and call if prophecy:
I think he is ISIS’s commanding officer.

"And they had a king over them..."
 "The Bible acknowledges the existence of leaders. Obama's a leader! HOW DID JESUS KNOW?!!?!?!"


  1. I can't wait for the back-track sequel!

  2. Okay, I give, when did Freepers go from loving being Neocons to calling Democrats neocons?

    I know they aren't the bestest at understanding the root meaning on terms (fascist=communist for example) but this one really stumps me.

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  4. only if Trump became CEO of ISIS could he destroy it