Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

If you were on Freep during the Bush admin (before this blog's time, alas), onyx really shows how Freepers now hate Bush:
I am so damn sorry I wasted all those hours posting “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF PRESIDENT BUSH” here for so many years.

What a colossal pantywaist GWB has turned out to be and all because Mr. Donald Trump meritoriously beat the snot out of his pussy brother Jebby.
Lest you think the neocons have gone with Bush, The Westerner really wanted an imperial war in the Middle East, and blames Bush for not giving it to him:
Trump does not retreat from plain speaking as Bush did. Do you remember Laura telling her husband to tone it down after his impromptu speech via megaphone in the rubble of our skyscrapers? That was inspiring, but his advisers and his own nature backed it down.

I was for the war on Iraq as a beginning to finish off Iran. Which now can only be accomplished by Israel, if it is even possible.
Ann Archy amusingly rants about conservatives' kids:
Sarah Palin’s kids are HORRIBKE EXAMPLES....HORRIBLE!!! She’s a great lady that had HORRIBLE KIDS.....not unlike Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s kids. Ron and Jane Wyman raised 2 FABULOUS kids....Maureen and Michael, but NANCY had two AWFUL KIDS, Patti and Ron Jr....HIDEOUS KIDS...AWFUL KIDS....HORRIBLE KIDS!!!
central_va is planning for the death of the GOP:
No matter what happens in November, things are not going back to the way they were.

If they try to force it back then the Party will melt away and a new Conservative party will take its place.

The new party should be called the Patriot Party.
Vince Ferrer makes quite the comparison between an actual clan member and a Muslim lawyer who said Trump didn't know the Constitution:
Which is worse, a David Duke type speaking at the republican convention, or Khan speaking at the democrat convention? And note, David Duke was not at the republican convention, but Khan was invited to speak at the democrat convension.
bkopto is already preparing for defeat:
White House to Trump: Election won't be 'rigged'

Responding is "the tell". The election will be rigged.
Colorado Doug may not even be joking here:
Now “Pussy” is a bad word? : {

Not a bad word at all. It's short for pusillanimous, which means cowardly.
Grampa Dave has no clue what the government pays NPR for:
NPR will lose its funding in 2017 and become a footnote re losers in life.
NPR uses government subsidies to broadcast in remote rural areas so they get a connection to the outside world (and weather). Sorry, Grandpa, NPR will survive just fine if the government pulls out.

DCBryan1 predicts Obama dickery:
Just wait until Obama pulls US Secret Service Protection from Trump.....citing “man power problems” and “Trump can afford his own security”, etc. Meanwhile, Hillary will get a pass because she is “a former spouse of a POS POTUS, Bill”
KittenClaws yearns for Civil War 2:
Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose, and we're reaching that point quickly.

Absolutely! I’m almost looking forward to it now.
Diogenesis, like savagesusie, is a Freeper whose crazy is so steady it's not worth posting most of the time. But I did like this discussion of the GOP:
Obama could have Iran murder Americans,
make the US Navy cry,
and give them nukes,
and the GOPe would get drunk, sleep with children,
and complain about Mr. Trump, as they got the IRS
to attack Conservatives.

THIS IS TREASON. And there should be an electric bench.
VerySadAmerican is another who has resigned themselves to defeat:
JMHO but I think the country is too far gone. I think Trump is learning it’s even worse than he thought. That’s why he’s saying it’s rigged.

Now we see polls with him falling. I don’t trust the polls but they’ll use the polls to say “See? We told you Trump couldn’t beat Hillary. You dumb bastards should have accepted Jeb.”
The only question is which American Flag/Eagle avatar is dp0622?

ResisTyr meets a complete misunderstanding of how random numbers work with even crazier shit:
One thing about nature is that everything reverts to the mean. Many years without hurricanes means we will get several more than normal in coming years.

This is not “nature” Our weather is being artificially manipulated.
Arthur McGowan shows how crazy shit has become Freeper mainstream:
Jones was “fringe” 15-20 years ago only because so few people were awake. He’s still banned on FR because he talks about the Bush Crime Family.
Only a matter of time now before infowars replaces dailymail as Freep's go to.

Secret Agent Man kinda gets distracted and undercuts his thesis:
Well everything always revolves around liberals genitals. It all goes back to their crotches.

Their stands on all forms of perversion.

Their stand on abortion.

Their stand on guns.

Their stand on all their isms.

Their explanation of what you are if you dont agree with them.

Liberals are genitocentric. The nice way to say it. The less nice way to say it is they base everything in their lives around worshipping their groins.
Are you admitting guns are wangs? What about 'isms' has to do with genitals? You may want to edit some.

Buckeye McFrog is sure Khan will totally be revealed to be a villain, not like the last time Freepers had this level of spite rush!
They got away with the Sandra Fluke thing because she had a minimal paper trail.

By contrast this guy’s is apparently HUGE.
Yo-Yo may not know it, but this is a pretty sick burn:
When Did White Men Become The Bad Guys in America?

savedbygrace is also trying to weave a narrative wherein electoral defeat is actually okay:
The financial condition of the USA is so incredibly bad that neither party wants to be in the WH when it all comes tumbling down. They also don’t want to be in the majority in either the Senate or the House.

It could happen during the next 4 years.

Something to consider.
Celerity claims personal relationships with media people, and also that she hates them all (for not posting the True Polls, hehe):
I know a lot of people in the media too.. and they claim to be on our side yet they play along and capitulate because they are afraid to lose a measly paycheck.

They are willing to sell their souls and our country for pennies. If you are so much as a camera man and work for a news outlet that is capitulating with the enemy you are no better.

Everytime I ask my contacts why they don’t blow the whistle they say the same thing.. “I don’t want to lose my job”.

I’m so glad they destroyed my country so they could afford a new iPhone.
Barnacle's four-year-old iPhone is a Hillary plant!
What is interesting is that when I tried to read this article from Drudge today, the screen went wild, the phone started making noises that it has never made and there were virus warning pop-ups. I shut it down and rebooted with no apparent harm. In four years of owning my phone, I'd seen something remotely close to that only one time.

There are some evil forces at work against liberty. What we can see now is only the tip of the iceberg. The way things are going, soon phones will self destruct if you don't "obey".
 I love it when Freepers blame their tech issues on a massive conspiracy.


  1. "Responding is 'the tell'."

    Oh, so _that's_ why no one ever responds to my crazed accusations

    I can't wait until word about this being the tell gets out and then not responding is the tell because thensdkfmsndf

    1. Responding amplifies the stupidity of such an accusation before the fact. It's like Moe facepalming Curly.

  2. The less nice way to say it is they base everything in their lives around worshipping their groins.

    I'd say that's mostly projection. Fundamentalists all over the world wouldn't have much to talk about if it weren't for controlling other people's groins. Spirituality hardly ever enters into their thoughts; their chief concern is who Fs whom, in what position, and how often.

    1. ...and what with.

      ("...any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs..." is illegal in Alabama)

    2. Well the truth is, for 99.99% of us, 100 years from now, what we did with our groins vis-à-vis procreation, will matter more than anything else we could have possibly done.

      Anyway, as a Fundie, I can say the Bible made me do it:

      Proverbs 5

      15 Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well.

      16 Let thy fountains be dispersed abroad, and rivers of waters in the streets.

      17 Let them be only thine own, and not strangers' with thee.

      18 Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.

      19 Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

    3. Errr....

      15 Drink your own urine (or semen)?

      16 Disperse your ejaculate abroad, especially with streetwalkers?

      17 Only drink your own urine. Makes sense. Limits STDs etc.

      18 Have sex with your wife. Uncontroversial.

      19 The author is a "boob guy", OK.

      I don't see anything there that compels you to be overly interested in anyone else's sex life except for 16 - and the "disperse" (rather than "conserve") there sounds like a manifesto for casual hookups!

    4. I think you got the figurative language all wrong. The point is to be faithful and fruitful while enjoying God's intensely satisfying gift of sex.

    5. Assuming we stipulate that this is supposed to be about sex:

      "Fountains" operate on liquids, which means we must be discussing ejaculate (18 makes it clear that the intended audience is male).

      I fail to see how "dispersing" semen "abroad" creating "rivers" in the "streets" can possibly be interpreted as a call to faithfulness.

      Dispersal requires multiple targets and streets are public spaces. It essentially says "hit on anyone that will have you" (which is disturbingly reminiscent of Laz!) and then tags the wife on as an afterthought.

  3. I always thought  “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF PRESIDENT BUSH” was ridiculously idolatrous. Glad she finally repented.

    1. Careful! Showing insufficient deference to senior Politburo members such as the Minister for Grifting GIFs will get you extra time in the GULAG tovarisch ;)