Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

MayflowerMadam diagnoses Hillary with Alzheimer’s:
I hope she washed her hair. HILLARY looked like a hag today.

Could be a tell-tale sign. As my FIL progressed into Alzheimer’s he refused to shower. I’ve been told that for most elderly people when dementia sets in, one of the first problems is refusal to stay clean.
Luircin has concluded if Hillary wins we're invading Poland or something:
Well, I’m NOT going to violate Godwin’s Law, because everything I say is very literal.

If Hillary gets elected, a LITERAL Nazi, IE George Soros, will be calling the shots in the United States. The leaked E-mails have confirmed that this is true.

Your move, Plugs.
Titus-Maximus has a weird version of FDR that even the Birchers didn't go for:
Well dumb ass FDR certainly loved Stalin, and gave away Eastern Europe.
DCBryan1 has reached the maximal conclusion to the Freeper Pardon Fantasy:
Just in time for Obama to pardon all federal criminals on 19 JAN 2017.
dandiegirl is back to hoping Clinton's secretly gonna die. Not a sign of confidence in your own candidate...
She sure was holding on to Joe’s hand pretty tightly. It’s only a matter of time before she wipes out on stage.
1Old Pro is pretty sure this health BS is another Trump masterstroke:
Once again, Trump is saying this as pys ops, getting in her head.

Now everything she does she will be focused/distracted as to not appearing sick.

For instance, If she says she wants to sit during debates she will get crushed, he just eliminated that as a possibility.

If she stumbles physically or with words, BOOM, Trump will make hay.
Note how that logic applies to literally any bad thing anyone says about Hillary:

Safrguns is going to carefully and skeptically prove Hillary had a seizure:
I agree that we have to be careful not to take things out of context...

BUT!.... take a closer look at the way her eyes snap uncontrollably as her jaw muscles over-extend.

She is not tracking anything there the way I see it. She may have started to look up and gaze with a big open smile, but that was just the trigger.

Same thing with the reporters... her initial blinking-drawback and head-cocking was clearly intentional... but what followed wasn’t.
Missouri gal thinks God has cursed Hillary with health problems:
Do you love the irony? She is a lifelong liar. Now her tongue has a huge lesion. 
She called police and Secret Servicemen pigs her whole life. Now she has to cling to them constantly for support. 
She used illegal drugs; now she can't function without diazepam. 
It is the LORD Himself doing these things.
Cheerio recalls some out of context BS but now can't find it on the Google, which proves it was all true!
I remember some CA Female US Rep telling illegal aliens to get out there and help to elect her saying no paper necessary. When I went searching for it about a month ago it appears to have been scrubbed. I searched article files that I have save and could not find it so either I am getting more senile or my file names don’t are unable to locate it. BUT I know I heard or read it back about 6-10 years ago. Well of course in CA.
Vigilanteman knows Freepers are the backbone of society:
If we went on strike for even three days, you would be in a world of hurt. The third world savages whom you profess to love so much would most likely be swarming up to your hillside homes or down to your oceanside homes and looting whatever you own and possibly even roasting you for supper or just for fun.
Vigilanteman would also like to solve student loans by driving most schools into bankruptcy and still screwing the students:
Logical Six Point solution to the student loan crisis:

Write off 25%. This is a necessary concession to the debtors who, in many cases, were duped into taking out loans they couldn't afford.
Return 75% to the institutions of origin for collection.
Institutes get to keep 5% of the 75% for their trouble but must remit the 70% back to the government.
They are free to hold up transcripts, cancel degrees and employ all the other measures they did to collect against the debtors as when they were students.
If the institutions still cannot pay back the government within the normal loan times, the government is free to attach their endowments, real estate and other assets.
Government gets completely out of the loan business and encourages the institutions to line up their own lenders. If a tiny college like Hillsdale (Michigan) can do it, then there is no reason anyone else can't do the same.
Yes, the taxpayer takes a 30% hit up front to liquidate this crisis, but that is far better than continuing to grow this monster.
To Hell With Poverty has a weird kink:
I wish someone would take that dumb open mouthed face and superimpose it onto a blow up doll. And link it to Soros somehow for a nice meme.
Crucial is finding all these Hillary gifs super telling:
OK, she’s really freaking me out. She looks like she’s possessed by the devil.
PJ-Comix made a whole post to say the polls are wrong:
For those of you worried about the polls, I have one word---RELAX. First of all this is August so the polls can say anything they want plus many people are still not focused on the upcoming election. For that reason I automatically take whatever the polls say and conservatively deduct 3 points from Hillary and give 3 points to Trump.

In addition there is what is called the Shy Voter Effect. Those many voters shy of being ID'd as Trump supporters. I also call this the Reverse Bradley. Again, another 3 from Hillary and 3 to Trump.

Therefore if a poll shows Hillary leading by 10, I deduct 6 from Hillary and reward 6 to Trump with the net result that he leads by 2.

As final confirmation that the polls are complete BS, I give you the current NBC poll that shows that only 17% of all voters think Trump has the temperament to be president. And if you believe that then perhaps you should panic. Not over the what the polls say but over your own extreme gullibility.
CivilWarBrewing cannot be parodied:
Man charged with murder in shooting deaths of NYC imam, associate

That dude has cold, steely Muslim eyes, just like 0dungheap. No doubt about it.
N. Theknow seems to inherited his bigotry from his mother:
The day my Mother retired from teaching high school English, she was asked what was different in 1970's teaching compared to when she first started in the late 1930's.

Her reply, "The students no longer care for education. They have no respect for others or even themselves. Integration was supposed to lift blacks to a higher level. Instead I have seen the whites copy the black's manners, their music and their morals. It is time for me to go."

And that was 37 years ago.
Radio Free Tuscaloosa knows how to Black outreach:
Trump should run spots on urban and hip-hop radio in battleground states asking this simple question, “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”
DiogenesLamp keeps telling people the blacks love Trump based on his black friends!
I keep telling people that Trump is making inroads into traditional Democrat constituencies better than any other Republican candidate I have ever seen.

I have seen quite a lot of favorable things said regarding Trump from black friends and acquaintances.

If Trump gets 25% of the black vote, Hillary is toast.
I've long said amnesty is the one redline Trump couldn't cross. Even a hint of that sent Freep into a brief flapping frenzy. After they all decided it was a Univision hoax, Windflier still wanted to make sure:
I’m not taking any chances. I’m letting the Trump campaign know that this is a ‘third rail’ issue for Trump supporters.

It wouldn’t be the first time a candidate ran to the right in the primary, then ran to the middle in the general. I’m not saying that Donald’s doing this — it’s all rumor and speculation at this point — but there’s too much at stake to leave something like this to chance.

I’ll be letting them know where I stand, today.


  1. "It wouldn’t be the first time a candidate ran to the right in the primary, then ran to the middle in the general."

    Yes. It's not the first time because it's the only way to win.

    You're not going to win sticking to the crazy side of your base.

    1. Ditto to your statement. It's kind of weird that people on a political board don't seem to remember how every political campaign for decades has run, but then I remember thsee are Freepers and they seem to run in 4 year cycles.

  2. I wonder what a strike of Freepers would look like....
    "In other news, the social security administration administration today said that about 3000 social security checks went un-cashed. In related news, Golden Corral has seen a serious 3 day drop in business. Up next, your 7 day weather forecast"