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Now they've always hated Bush.

I started this blog in October of 2007, at the tail end of the Bush Presidency. But I'd been reading Free Republic for years before that, and it's hagiographic worship of George W. Bush's rugged nobility was pretty impressive, if not quite Trumpian levels of weirdly frantic devotion.

Now, though, Freepers' loyalties have moved from party to person, so only their need to view themselves as consistent keeps their support of Bush in line. And all that needs is an excuse...

stockpirate excommunicates Bush from conservativism:
Well he was no conservative President that’s for sure, he betrayed everything we stand for.
Robert DeLong goes with what's become Freeper doctrine - only Reagan.
Sorry W, Reagan was the last Republican President, so that moniker goes to him you nitwit.
Mr. Mojo does the usual hating of Republicans for open borders:
If by “Republican” he means the jihadi-appeasing, debt-incurring, open borders-advocating variety, then yeah, let’s HOPE this POS was the last.
Angry Roger Kaputnik calls Bush a drunk!
Nobody gives a sh!t about your worries or concerns, you drunken jackass. You and your entire bloodline are a gaggle of douchebags. Go away and take your idiot brother Jeb! with hou
Yo-Yo goes with what were lame talking points when they were on the left in 2002:
Well, George, if you didn't invade Iraq to impress your Daddy, maybe you would have left a better legacy.
Awgie knows the problem was too much fear of losing elections, not enough traditional values:
These guys were really leading from behind. Afraid of their own shadows. Convinced that they had to conform to leftist/democrat versions of themselves to be acceptable to a changing demographic. They never were serious about pushing back and preserving traditional values. They were always moving in the same direction as the commie libs, just not so quickly.
laconic brings out a whole book of opposition research on the Bush family.
I have a dim view of him and the rest of the Bush family; they can forget about my vote for any of their progeny. Vietnam War draft dodger, stupid, starts a war when he knows nothing about the consequences, fires his Budget chief when he guesses the Iraq invasion will cost $ 100 million (it cost three trillion), father of Common Core, and like his father totally reliant for election to all offices based on the Reagan legacy of which they all were ever jealous and demeaning (little kids who can’t do anything yet are the same way toward accomplished adults).

Bob Dole, who has a sense of decency and loyalty, noted last night that he was surprised that Bush 41 wasn’t at the convention; he knows Bush 43 too well to expect him to show any class whatever.
After some Nazi and dark CIA rumor-mongering, HarleyLady27 calls them the Bush Crime Family, which I've only heard on Air America:
Let's start with your Grandfather: Prescott Bush...Nazi lover...

Then lets go to your father: George Herbert Walker Bush...people need to research why he was named this, then from there go to the C.I.A. and follow that story...then on to Mena, Arkansas to Bill Clinton, Bobby Seals, and the drug running...from there follow the story about the Saudi arrangements, oil, drugs, money, power...

From there lets follow the Bush Enterprises from George Walker Bush to Jeb Bush and the drugs and Venezuela...and then how Jeb got into the office of Governor of Florida and the Saudis getting out of America right after 9/11, from there the ‘28 pages’....and then ask yourself, how did we get bases in Saudi during Desert Storm? Why did GHWB hate Saddam Hussein so badly? And just where was GHWB on November 22, 1963...

When you have found out all this information and you understand the story of the Bush Crime Family, you will understand why Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are brothers from another mother...
alloysteel goes with one of my favorite conspiracies - that the GOP exists to throw elections to the Democrats:
I’m worried that I will be the last Republican president

Translation - my job here is nearly done.

And it would have been concluded quickly too, had not The Donald intervened and knocked the designated loser Jeb Bush out of the race very early on.

There really was not a “Plan B” in place, and the #NeverTrump putsch was probably organized too late to be effective.

There shall still be something called “the Republican party” but in a year it shall bear little resemblance to whatever it was in 2008. For one thing, the “designated loser” position will have been eliminated, and the newly reconstituted emphasis on putting America first will provide the means and vehicle by which first the party structure, then the structure of the Federal and State governments, with an emphasis on decentralization and local participation/responsibility.
Bobalu wishes Bush had gone full imperialist, and then cites probably our craziest general who ran on the segregationist ticket for President:
He shoulda took out Saddam and his boys with a massive drone strike.

And let whoever took over know that they were next if they get out of line.

Carry a big stick.

Don't ever rebuild a country you flattened for good cause.

Kick their ass and take their gas.

Make them fear you.

What would Curtis LeMay do?
Meet the New Boss sees America has become more liberal...and blames Bush:
Bush opened the borders for illegals and anchor babies and for mass immigration generally.

He and his consigliere Karl Rove saw all the micro-political data: they knew full well that this population was 80% socialist and would hand the Democrats state after state over time.

Bush certainly ensured that there would not be a conservative administration in California for generations to come, the home state of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. New York City, which once elected Guiliani, recently elected a communist to be mayor. What of the USA remains to be seen.

Bush time and time again chose to do the expedient thing for a short-term advantage of the moment rather than a long-term vision in favor of Americans.
atomic_dog digs up some old propaganda:
Here's an oldie but a goodie.
 photo gringo-bill_zps9viodlau.jpg 
Lil Flower calls Bush an enemy:
He was an enemy to this country. He started two wars in the wrong countries to let his Saudi friends off the hook for killing almost 3000 Americans. Thousands more have died or been maimed directly because of his actions. He started the fire in the Middle East and Obama threw gas on it. If there was any justice left in this country he would be tried as a traitor, convicted, and stood up against a wall. He is just as much a traitor as Obama, Hillary, etc.

But yeah, he was a REPUBLICAN. FH.
frnewsjunkie thinks the main problem is that Bush hasn't joined in on the Obama hatred parade:
GW was silent for 7 years while obama lied about everything.
GW let all of obama's accusations and lies hang as truth.
GW never defended anything..
GW abandoned us.
datricker was looking for a reason to turn on Bush, and now he feels the Bushes fooled us all:
Well I think its official - and yes I probably was looking for a reason - I now despise him along with rest of wretched clan. I think we on FR carried more water for that family then Gungadin - now we have the benefit of history ...

Trump is so correct on many things but one of the first things he said out of the gate - probably that got my attention he was serious is he identified the real core cause of many of Americas problems.

There has not been any real America leadership since Reagan. We've been Bamboozled - man Jesse was right probably for the wrong reasons - stay out of the Bushes.

Its nice that Trump is not owning any of the Bush legacy or the carnage and toll it has had on so many and ultimately to no positive gain for America in fact because of his globalist focus or whatever he didn't vigorous defend against leftest attacks and we got this current nut job.

His dad sucked too.

But boy how they played us - I do feel stupid.

The Bushes Suck and are a bunch of phony globalist who get our friends, neighbors and family members killed and maimed bah!
Buckeye McFrog may have it right:
He’s right. We’re putting the GOP out of its misery and moving on with the Trump Party.

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