Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday Pix pt. II

Beyond the pettiness, it's the shittiness of Obama's eyes that's most offensive.
When Freepers want to insult a woman, that quote is their go to - it lets them say they're joking.
Still amazed how Freepers love Russia turning more and more Soviet.
No doubt they'd be Commie enforcers for Stalin in a different place and time.
Which is why he kicked Stalin square in the crotch at Yaltta.
Haha he looks like a hornets nest kicker! Wait, they think that's a good thing?!
I thought gays were miserable, because these two look positively blissful! And patriotic!


  1. Ah, regardingtge "DFU Polimeric"
    DougFromUpland will be the one to watch the morning after the election. Hillary has been living in his head for years. He will be the first to snap when she wins.

  2. Hornets nest. He done poked it.

    With his cock.

    Good luck pulling it back out.

  3. Trump's expression in the hornet's nest one looks like he just got stung and is trying reeally hard not to yell

  4. Trump's expression in the hornet's nest one looks like he just got stung and is trying reeally hard not to yell

  5. at this point freepers care far less about winning an already-lost battle than having someone smashing their toys and flinging their feces for them ...

    dp0622: "He's right about her being weak. And since the media hides the monster side, it may or may not have been the best thing to call her.

    But hell, Trump is gonna be Trump and the MSM will kill him either way, so #### it :)

    Let him call her what she is."

    "Trump: Hillary is 'a monster'"

  6. Freepers on the US women's Olympic gymnast Simone Biles:

    Psst! Hey, FReepers! You’re conservatives, and, according to the media and democrats, we are racists, and we hate Blacks. So, what the heck are you/we doing focusing on a Black girl, praising her, and even calling her ‘cute’? This might be very confusing to Blacks and democrats and the media, and the real racists in the country.

    It's really not confusing at all...they're only praising her because she carries a rosary and goes to Mass, according to the story. If she were a black Muslim or atheist, it would be FU as usual.

  7. Will it bother ya'll whatsoever if Hillary's
    sycophants commit voter fraud in any and all
    venues & is "elected" by that method?


    1. No, it won't bother me when Freepers try to deflect reality with conspiracy theories.

      Freepers will never accept that the loathesome sewage they promote as policy has been fairly rejected so there are only two possible outcomes for this election:

      * Il Douche wins fairly
      * HRH Clinton II steals it

      The fact that you are strapping on the tinfoil for option "2" this early suggests you're not that confident twinkles.