Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Jim Robinson is all about voting for rabies:
How rabid is too rabid? Rabidity in the defense of liberty is no vice. Go, TRUMP, GO!! FUHC!! FUNTT (FReep You NeverTrumper traitors)!!
Jim Robinson has been extra active again, now that there's a new Freepathon on:
All he really needs to do is ignore all the bed-wetters and continue pouring on the America-first coal. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!
Jim Robinson always with the revolution talk:
We are now approaching the level of tyranny Jefferson warned us about.
TheNext preemptively declares defeat and cheating:
Trump demands a recount!

Hillary may steal the fraudulent election like Sander’s scam. Forever more when Hillary is before a crowd she will hear them chant, “Lock her up!”

Demand the recount, re-election now.
And yet with political acumen like TheNext's, how could Trump lose?
On message ...

Hillary is Death.

Trump is Life.

FenwickBabbitt is blaming the media bias for Trump's loss:
He seems thin-skinned, irrational, and chaotic.

He does seem this way to millions—but he wounldn’t if that hadn’t been the goal of the propagandists to interpret and misrepresent anything he does no matter how innocuous within that frame. If we had a fair media, Trump would already be up double digits.
Huck is optimistic about the silent majority of tradesmen:
I have said before I know a LOT of those previously-disengaged voters. Tradesmen who haven’t voted in decades, who would run through a burning building to vote for Trump.
chris37 has had it with those who think Trump needs self control:
Yes, a great opening, but immediately smothered by Trump’s propensity for shooting off his mouth.

He must be in league with Clinton or else beyond stupid.

Another clucking chicken.

You hens deserve President Hillary.

Bwok, bwok, bwok.
PapaBear3625 is pretty sure the government only subsitized Tesla so they could assasinate you easier:
Hackers show how they tricked a Tesla into hitting objects in its path

A way to assassinate somebody while making it look like an accident or glitch.

Do not doubt that various government agencies, of various countries, are far along on the technique.
Jim 0216 is still on the Obama is gonna run for a third term train:
There is reason to believe the Dems have Plan B waiting in the wings. If Trump or her medial maladies could reduce her to shreds badly enough before the election, then more odds against her making it to the election and the Dems propping up someone else in time to try to save the election (Obama IMO).

So what odds do you give? I’d say 50-50 at this point, but I really think 75% chance she won’t make it.
The Father of the Orlando nightclub shooter went to a Hillary rally. VermithraxPejorative is all about the sins of the father, when the father is Muslim:
The end of the article quotes him as saying he loves the United States and had lived here a long time, so people shouldn't be surprised to see him there.

He loves the Taliban. Liars will be fans of liars.
Scott from the Left Coast is not letting all his anti-Muslim bigotry go to waste!
Hillary is running the most Pro-Sharia campaign in the history of the United States. All that Muslim money from Saudi Arabia and its fellow riders in the Muslim world has turned the American government establishment (whores) into the enemy of the American people.
right way right is why if Trump loses, 2017 will be super interesting:
I predict if Trump loses, he will start a new party and bringing millions of his voters with him.

NorthMountain has no sympathy for cityfolk, even Freepers:

Perils of living in the big city. No sympathy.
libertarian27's twitter follows are about what you'd expect, and not very libertarian:
Twitter is good because you can create a list of people you can follow. I follow Trump, Coulter, Mark Styne, Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich among others..
Why aren't there many funny conservatives? I think Toughluck_freeper's 'I wish that the right had a sense of humor, so we could weaponize it!' speaks for itself:
Yes, ridicule is a powerful weapon.

We must learn to use it.

Trump is the only politician using ridicule, so he comes as crass. The problem is we don’t have practice like they do, so we don’t come through as smooth or as reasoned or as practiced.

Thank you Dan [Rather], we will use what you suggest against all of you.

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  1. All credit to the Chairman, when there's hard grifting to be done you can rely on him to ride to the sound of other people's social security checks.