Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump versus Khan

Donald Trump's inability to not punch back has lead him into a fight with a Muslim convention speaker - Khizr Khan - who had lost his son fighting in Iraq. Calling out Trump's Muslim ban as one that would have kept out clear patriots like him, Khan held up a pocket Constitution and asked if Trump had read it.

By the end of the weekend, the right had abandoned all pretense of respecting the Khans' sacrifice, and had descended into full 'he's a secret terrorist' mode. It's shocking, but not terribly novel rhetoric on Freep. That will be for my next post later this afternoon. First I'm gonna concentrate on when they still thought maybe they might not go full bigot on this one. So here are Freepers, Muslim haters and Constitution cargo-culters trying to be nice:

lu shissler is pretty sure smugness and bile is the way to deal with 'these Muslims.'
The more these Muslims complain about our America, the more it helps Trump. Sharia law was quite obvious in that the mother kept her mouth shut! Just go home to your own rotten laws. 
HE the one who needs to read our Constitution!
Despite a son who died defending America, Lent cannot believe anyone, much less this guy, can to manage to be Muslim and American:
Now Khan can preach to us how to resolve the Koran and the Constitution. Once he firmly makes the case for the separation of mosque and state and disavows Sharia law then he can become an imam and tell all his fellow Muslims how it’s supposed to be.
soycd also meets a patriotic appeal with bigotry:
The islamic POS couldn’t care less about our Constitution. His retarded faith in islam and DNC money is all the sand flea needs.
Bogie thinks that the Iraq War should be blamed on Hillary now:
If Trump had his way there would never have been an Iraq War, and the son would still be alive.

Now the father wants to serve a new generation of neocons?
mkjessup does the usual straw-Muslim argument that Islam means you must conquer, so all Muslims should be deported. No mention of why a Muslim son would die for his secular country, though:
Considering that any Muslim who believes the teachings of Islam is automatically anti-Constitution, because Islam teaches that all social and political systems must be conquered and made subservient to the 'Religion of Peace', means that ANY Muslims seeking entry to our Nation should have the f--king door slammed in their faces, and unless we can determine that the Muslims already here do not pose a threat to our national security, their asses should be thrown out too.

See the McCarran Act (1952), it's already on the books.
kiryandil argues the Constitution is from her faith, and thus Muslims must hate it:
Muslim Khizr Khan doesn't believe in the foundation of the US Constitution - the Natural Rights of Man.

So he can just shut his effing musloid moon-rock worshipping mouth.
Tennessee Nana goes with Trump's initial attempt - argue that the wife looks oppressed, so Khan's argument is invalid:
His wife was a prop also...

and if after TWELVE YEARS she still cant face her sons death or talk about it, then she has psychological problems...and is UNSTABLE...and cannot be believed...
Lurkinanloomin's Constitution is only birther stuff:
$1 pocket US Constitution becomes Amazon bestseller after Khizr Khan, whose soldier son was killed

Good, I hope people read it.

It’s easy to understand.

Except for Kenyanesians and Cubanadians.
norwaypinesavage thinks reading the Constitution makes you conservative:
This has been a major backfire for the dRats. The last thing they ever want is for citizens to actually read and understand the constitution, especially after most have spent 12 years in school learning how to undermine it.
disndat has a smug rejoinder to that:
Most of her supporters can’t read.
GoldenPup pivots directly to calling Khan a whore:
Too bad about his son, but he shouldn’t become a Democrat whore and sully the kid’s memory for money. Wonder how much the rats paid him?
Dilbert San Diego seems to have missed Trump's entire Muslim immigrants ban, and also equal protection:
I thought that man was pathetic.

I am sorry for his son dying, and thank his son for his service to our country.

But I thought he went overboard. He said that if Donald Trump had his way, that his family and son would never have been allowed into America in the first place.

THIS IS A LIE. Assuming that he and his family immigrated here legally, and followed all legal requirements for citizenship, THEN DONALD TRUMP WOULD NOT HAVE BANNED THEM FROM THIS COUNTRY.

And what’s up with the constitution as a prop????


The liberals act as if immigration restrictions are somehow unconstitutional. They aren’t . We have every right to determine who, and under what circumstances, people from other countries are allowed into this country.

I would like to ask this dude, what clause in the constitution does he accuse Donald Trump of violating or misunderstanding???
Today's loathsome false flag brought to you by al baby:
His was brand knew too theater plain and simple did he really have a son killed while serving? or is it lie ? or was he a mole and sacrificed ?
Hey, Georgia Girl 2, why do you think the 14th Amendment says, "nor deny to ANY PERSON within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws?" Typo?
If Khan ever read the Constitution he should know it does not cover non citizens. Rapefugees have no rights under the Constitution.


  1. Mkjessup is Mr Guilty until proven guilty. He'd fit right in as the Chief Justice of the Sharia court.

  2. It bugs me when people don't get what's specifically so wrong about this situation
    It's not that Gold Star parents or veterans cannot be criticized, that they have some inherent extra right to control national policy, or even that they deserve respect for their service
    It's that Camp Trump's specific response of suggesting that the Khans are inherently untrustworthy because they are Muslim makes this an object demonstration that there is no way for a Muslim to crawl out from under the general cloud of suspicion Trump would have on them, other than, I guess, total submission to Trump

    1. On the bright side, I don't think it's physically possible to stick one's dick in a hornet's nest any deeper than Trump has managed to do with the Khan response.

      Even for people who don't really get the issue at hand, most of them still get the gut intuition that says "parents of dead soldier- time to respectfully disagree, honor the kid's service, and move the hell on to the next talking point."

    2. Oh I don't know. He hasn't yet suggested that the son was probably planting the IED that killed him. Freepers are bound to wake up to that angle soon enough though.