Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

zzwhale explains that Hillary Clinton isn't a Presidential candidate - she's a Bond Villain!
Hillary takes her marching orders from the CFR regarding totally screwing up the world...
she armed ISIS
she murdered an ally in Khadaffy
she deposed Mubarak
she destabilized the ukraine
she takes money from and is owned by saudi arabia
she revealed the identity of an Iranian spy who was executed
she sold 20% of USA uranium to uranium one.... supplying Iran with nuke tech and material via Russia..
TRUMP is a sound executive able to listen to experts in Foreign matters...
Hillary is brain damaged, dishonest and an unindicted felon...
BradyLS projects like WOW:
Most of what I know about Alinsky is through Dinesh D’Souza’s films.

What I find funny about radicals is that when they finally have the upper-hand, are winning, and enacting their crazy programs, they continue to wage war on their dwindling opponents as if they are still some colossal force.

Once they’ve fully established their abusive autocracy, you can be sure that there will be plenty of bogus, powerless “enemies” that they will capture, parade before the people, and ultimately liquadate. It won’t be to maintain “order” but to maintain a state of paralyzingly fear among the populace.
fr_freak yearns for a time when vigilanteism was expected. Soooo like caveman times?
How far we have fallen as a culture. You got an armed group of thugs hanging around the neighborhood but it's not any man's "job" to make the place secure. You're supposed to cower in your house, waiting for that government organization to come and "save" you - you know, that organization that has no legal obligation to protect you and, in this case, hadn't responded in well over 7 minutes to the 911 call.
adorno and his African American here would like to remind you who the real racists are:
Psst! Hey, FReepers!

You’re conservatives, and, according to the media and democrats, we are racists, and we hate Blacks. So, what the heck are you/we doing focusing on a Black girl, praising her, and even calling her ‘cute’?

This might be very confusing to Blacks and democrats and the media, and the real racists in the country.
kearnyirish2 thinks black empowerment reflects Obama disempowering blacks:
I think the blacktivists kicking it up a notch with their protests is an indication of how little they benefited from Obama’s presidency; if they can’t do better under him, what can they expect from at least four years of the Ice Queen?
Ethan Clive Osgoode blames Muslims for everything!
Major airline grounds all flights due to 'system outage' [Delta]

System outage = Muslims.
laplata is on Hillary CIA assassination watch:
I don’t think Hitlery thinks some in the intelligence community might want to take her out because she’s too power hungry and arrogant.
Old Yeller knows what Obama was thinking when we unfroze those Iranian assets:
I surprised he didn’t just say, “Allah willing, it will be used for terrorism”.
Balding_Eagle associates the penis with Bold Leadership:
But for you a penis is a serious qualification?

I can't answer for STB, but the presence of a penis indicates that a different development has occurred in the individual since conception.

Not to go into a lot of detail, but generally it indicates the individual is more likely to have bold leadership qualities and decision making abilities than someone born without a penis.
ExTexasRedhead is diving deep into denial:
The polls are bogus; pure BS, manufactured by the MSM, Liberal RATs and treasonous RINOs to demoralize us. If you doubt that, do your Google search on bogus polls 2016.

How many Freepers have to repeat in the forum that these are bogus polls? OMG
Enlightened1 is just lying, I guess:
It’s not even close. The internal polls run by both campaigns show Trump up by 17 a to 23%. Hence, the all out attack on Trump by the media.

Remember just as they protect and lie about Hillary and Obama. They are lying to the public about these polls.
jonrick46 - Capital-S-Smart Americans know Hillary is Satan:
Smart Americans also know that Democrats use Identity Politics as a devise; like one uses a hostage to hide behind: another deflection tactic. The little secret is Democrats no more believe their sanctimonious B.S. than the man in the moon. It is their little game plan that says the ends justifies the means. Just like what all totalitarians do when they control the press and the speech.

Smart American know that der Hildebeast is The Beast.
Wait, Publius, where's the magic railroads and all the disappeared industrialists?
Atlas ping. Venezuela has entered Part 3 (the last ten chapters) of Atlas Shrugged.
Rome2000 gets a mini spotlight here, where I discover he's super into repeating Putin's journalist-killing policies:
That homosexual Matthews should take a lesson from what happened to Politkovskaya.
Rome2000 again citing Putin's policy of assassinating dissenting media:
Faggot propgandist Healy should look how Goebbels and Politkovskaya turned out.

When the SHTF, these types will be on top of the list.
Rome2000 next has an odd boast:

The KLINTOONS will not occupy the WH again, no matter what happens on Election Day.

Yeah....someone should watch Rome2000 come November...
This is why American communists need to be neutralized with extreme prejudice, before they get so strong that they cannot be rooted out.

This election will be the last peaceful attempt to destroy these MF’s.

Trump or all bets are off.

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  1. Reading ExTexasRedhead's post in a valley girl accent almost makes it palatable. "Like, OH MAH GOD, Becky! Those polls are like, SO BOGUS!"