Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The problem with Blacks

Another anonymousB find. It will mean a nonstandard mini-spotlight, but one that's well worth deviating from format.

As Freepers fantasize about any kind of black vote for the GOP, you have the GOP base with thinkers like DiogenesLamp. Old DL has been spotlighted before for his desire to kill all the liberals and hatred of women, among other things. His delusional, hateful crazy stands out even among Freepers.

And now he wants to get into race, huzzah!

He read a book:
A few weeks ago I read parts of a book written in 1860. It presented me with ideas and a world view I had never considered. These ideas could never be published today because they are absolutely politically incorrect.

That they may be true does not matter in the slightest. Too much is invested in the current narrative now, and no dissent or correction will be tolerated.

This is an excerpt I thought highly informative. Read what the London Times had to say.

Other parts of that book are also very interesting, including it's treatment of labor and capital. (Early part of the book.)
The 'book' was a pamphlet written in 1856 intended as an argument against secession that became a secessionist manifesto. Way to go, Thomas Kettell!

See, blacks didn't evolve for cities like white people did...
The Liberals of 1860 thought that this group of people, who were the evolutionary product of a very different region of the world, would behave like Swedes or Poles or some other European. This demonstrates that they simply did not understand the larger scientific context regarding why there is diversity on planet earth.

It's because evolved characteristics give people advantages in the environments from which they evolved.

We all came from Africa if you go back far enough. We all just acquired traits that made survival easier in our respective regions. Some of these characteristics are involved in social interaction.

People evolved to live in sparsely populated communities (such as villages in Africa) will not necessarily "play nice" when crammed into heavily populated cities. I think social behavior for densely populated areas was evolved in regions of the world where such things existed, not in African communities where the populations were never so dense.
Yeah, evolution is a big thing over like the 200 generations we've been in cities.

The upshot? Liberals need to have blacks kill and rape them.
Every wealthy liberal should have several fatherless families living as close to them as possible.

The crime needs to go where it can do some good by producing assaulted, raped and/or murdered Liberals.

Liberals *NEED* violent crime inflicted on them, especially if it's is caused by their own policies.

The Nation needs for Liberals to have violent crime inflicted on them so that the survivors among them will stop being stupid and wake the F*** up!

Hollywood, the Hamptons, Silicon Valley, San Fransisco, all these rich white Liberals very badly need poor fatherless families living right next to them.

Of course that's a pipe dream, because the liberals who *want* these policies will build their tall walls and hire their guards and live in peace in their lily white compounds.
But let us not generalize based on race!
I work in downtown Dallas and there are a lot of hard working black folks.

Amen. I've known many in my life. I've also known a lot of lazy white trash, so it's a good idea to look at people as individuals, not as part of a group.
But...but you've been arguing racial genetics this whole...How the fuck?!


  1. I was just reading some of Wardaddy's racists posts and now this.

    I love how they say things like "I'm not P.C." as if political correctness has anything to do with their overt racism.

    "I just love Trump because he's not P.C."

    "Nahh. It's got nothing to do with political correctness...you just want to call people moulinyan to their face without risk of losing your job or getting beaten up. You're just a racist like that asshole Trump who spent the better part of two decades trying to keep blacks from living in his buildings."

    1. Agreed. My coworkers in Indiana loved Archer because it was "un-PC." Which is funny considering how the only people who would complain about the show - religious types- aren't PC

  2. I wonder if DiogenesLamp has ever read up on the history of the Scots, the Picts, and the Celts, among others. I'm also guessing that what he knows about pre-colonial village life in the African continent could fit in a thimble. (African history is "PC nonsense," anyway; who needs to know about it?)

    1. How could Africa have had any history before it was discovered? ;-P

    2. On top of that, the vast, VAST majority Europeans have only been living in anything resembling a "city" since the industrial revolution (ie. something in its infancy when this pamphlet was written). Most people were still living in rural areas and what cities there were, we're at best the size of a large high school today (barring less than a dozen worldwide, like London).