Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

HomerBohn's sleep is troubled:
I just nightmare about Hillary.

If Americans elect this bitch as their president, I can’t live here any longer.

To be fair, Freeper expats are super smug. Remember AlexW?

HomerBohn also calls on Hillary to repent and stop being the evil person he's made up in his head:
Repent, Hillary! Whatever earthly pleasure you derive from your power-lust and your perversions is simply NOT worth eternal damnation.

Give ALL the money back, Hillary, along with the girls and you’ll end up saved and sanctified. Confess your sins to God and feel like a giant millstone has been removed from your neck.

Sit back on the porch of your retirement home in your rocking chairs with your granddaughters on your lap.
originalbuckeye tries to argue that Obama's bang-up speech plagiarized Reagan:
There are Republicans praising Obama’s speech last night, not even realizing it was a mostly Conservative speech. Seriously, if we looked back at Reagan’s speeches, we could probably find most of the text in Reagan’s speeches.

They lie, they lie, they lie and get the moderates to vote for them. But once the Dem gets into office, it is full on Marx and Alinsky..
Electric Graffiti's hatred of the Khans really gets at the nativist heart of the Freeper:
F..k this muzzie, his whore of a wife and his muzzie demon spawn.

Deport his ass and the cell he calls a family.

Real Americans don’t need to spend another second talking about this 3rd world death cult.
tinamina is already digging Huma conspiracies:
Everyone needs to find out this guy Kahn is a Muslim Brotherhood immigration attorney. He, along with Hillary’s BFF Huma, is also Pakistani who lived I Saudi Arabia. I’m thinking Huma probably planted him on that stage, in fact.
Anti-Hillary was just in Palestine, and is here to set the record straight!
There is NOTHING about “Palestine” that reported in the MSM that is remotely true. I was just there for 2 weeks. The lies are insane! BLM is a terrorist organization PERIOD!
MIA_eccl1212 wants God to smite Hillary with worms or maybe a huge sinkhole, and also a landslide vote for Trump:
the FIX is IN.

In a straight up election, trump would landslide her... but this is not straight up. she KNOWS or thinks she does, that she is going to win, by fraud and vote counting schemes.

What she does NOT know is that the invisible hand, has the tendency to remove what seems immovable.

Herod being eaten alive by cancerous worms on the public stage during a speech comes to mind. It happens in the most spectacular ways! I seem to remember from Biblical history, that a few evil ones were swallowed alive into a giant fizzure in the ground beneath their feet. That would be cool if it were televised live with some of today’s criminally demonic leaders. Blame God... not the Russians.

I hope Donald wins by divine intervention AND a landslide... so their can be no doubt about the people’s intentions, and God’s.

Go Donald!
Go to blazes hillary!
MIA_eccl1212 really takes off the mask, and goes from fighting against being politically correct to advocating for bigoted assholery as the only way to take our country back:
polite = “politically correct”
polite = “non offensive to muslims, and special interest groups”
polite = “words spoken so as NOT to offend others”

Do some still fail to realize that polite and “politically” correct, are from the same root word?
Donald told us that the day of political correctness is over with. No more “mr nice american”!!!

If we don’t get IMPOLITE, we are going to be speaking arabic by the end of Hillary’s first term. Get over your personal sensitivities, and go on the offensive.
BE General “GD” Patton... its the only thing the snowflakes get. Full frontal... assault to their snowflake political correctness.
WENDLE tries to swear on Free Republic, because he's a rebel:
Mind your language, please; there are ladies present.

Politically correct is dead.
cloudmountain's husband totally had Bill Clinton pegged:
My hubby spotted Billy's lies IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner.

He had videotaped his "I didn't have sex..." remarks and rewound it to show me the expression on his face as he turned to leave the podium. It was THERE...the smug, "I fooled'em" look.
I'll never forget that.
rktman is already spinning conspiracies about Chelsea Clinton's husband.
Are we certain that he lost money? More likely the investors he bilked. But then again, I couldn’t really give a damn for any of them.
haircutter continues to be unbelievably petty, and also accuse Hillary of hiding some illness:
Has she shampooed her hair since she had the love fest with B.Hussein O.?

just wondering...

maybe she did shampoo and Huma was the stylist...very crummy job, Huma,

She is not groomed like she was when having debates with Bernie Sanders and having new clothes, hair styled, and theatrical make up jobs...

again she needed a chair...seems to be pretty standard for her now...THERE IS SOMETHING MEDICALLY WRONG WITH HER...
haircutter again. Good lord:
Hillary on in Nebraska...



Her head is bobbing. Is she healthy I wonder...

Secret Agent Man is also ginning up weird Hillary illnesses:
More seizures. Hers are trigerred by loud noises and bright lights.
FreedomStar3028 is a political genius, and Trump should take his advice always:
If he apologizes, he’s done. That’s it. Trump train comes to a complete halt.

Double down. Trump had absolutely nothing to do with this guy’s son. In fact he wants to stop that from happening to other parents. Don’t apologize to these Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators, expose them.
rdcbn is sure the Khans will be shown to be super evil any day now:
This Khan nimrod is a Jihadi plant who has an axe to grind and who loves the lime light which is too bad for him because the last thing this wants or needs is the light turned on to what ever rock he has been hiding under.

No way is this guy's background going to stand up to even a half hearted attempt at investigative journalism.

He and is wife are going to jump the shark if they keep it up.

Expect someone in the Clinton Campaign to figure this out soon and tell these guys to put a sock in it.
Umm...does MUDDOG remember how all the last crusades went?
Instead of making excuses for Islam, he should be proclaiming a crusade against it.
SoFloFreeper is really unhappy with the latest batch of Hillary supporters:
Hey, VFW: vote for Hitlery, your lemmings. See how many more troops will get abandoned on the battlefield....because that is what she does.

Just mythoughts does not take kindly to anyone thinking anything Trump has done was ever a mistake:
Trump walked right into this trap. Expect the MSM to ride this out as long as they can.

A trap you claim? So you fly a white flag of surrender. This Muslim has become the mouthpiece of the unity-party and Christians are suppose to fly white flags?
AnthonySoprano wonders how Hillary has any influence, when he hates her so much:
It is kinda weird how she has so much unnatural sway over "journalists" and Talking heads.

She pretty much looks like Beezle-bub to me.

She wears all-white like those TV evangelists asking for mo money as often as the Clinton foundation,and you know they're raising hell as soon as the program is off.

The sores in her mouth don't help her, and she speaks in tongues when she's in no way too tard. She has no conscience. She lies like she's leaving town in the morning and never coming back.

Even his friends in the past said Bill is a Sex Addict. What kinda woman stays with a sex addict?
eyeamok explains how inflation is a conspiracy:
Pay Attention folks, This Started with the Coinage Act of 1965, since then “Consumer Prices” have gone up by a Factor of 30!!! (3000 Percent) We have an average of 5%-8% of VALUE of EVERY Federal Reserve Note or Credit Annually STOLEN by Government and Bankers. All of this is a Direct Result of our Credit Money System. And you aint seen nothing yet, this is just the beginning of BAD
MayflowerMadam doesn't care about polls, Trump has huge rallies!
I don’t see that “most Americans dislike” Trump, judging by attendance at his rallies and his historic primary victory against all odds, including the MSM defaming him at every turn. He didn’t accomplish getting the nomination because he’s disliked.

But your statement is the narrative being dispensed by the PTB, and some people are buying it. If Americans hadn’t been dumbed-down for the last 30 years, they might actually compare ideologies. If they can’t look at the Welfare Queen and the Capitalist King and figure out what’s right and wrong, we’re in a sorry state.
piytar is also sure rallies are the real metric:
Lol. Look at Trump’s rallies vs. Hitlary’s. There is a ground game gap - Hitlary is WAY behind.
GrandJediMasterYoda is not a fan of Warren Buffett and his clearly greed-based liberalism:
Billionaire Warren Buffett Pledges to Drive Voters to the Polls in Nov.

What a piece of rat filth this guy is, as if he doesn’t have enough money, now he is stabbing his country in the back to ensure he gets more. “The Oracle of Omaha” Yes, it’s called “Insider information”.
I limited my Khan stuff to one per thread. Freepers are clearly panicking. mkjessup tries for some damage control by calling Khan a whore:
What this subversive Khan proves is that the typical Muslim is up for sale to the highest bidder. Yes, his son was killed in Iraq. But instead of expressing outrage at Hillary Clinton for VOTING FOR THE IRAQ WAR, a WAR TRUMP OPPOSED, Khan allowed the Clintons to buy him off with all kinds of financial goodies through their law firms, through their various political entities, and when they scripted him to wave his little $1 Constitution at the 'RAT convention attacking Trump, he did exactly what he was told.

Any REAL father, any father with integrity and a shred of dignity would have refused to have anything to do with the Clintons, who were instrumental in getting his son killed.

Khan and his wife are whores. And they're using their son's death to score cheap political points on behalf of the Clintons, they've become 'Dhimmis in Reverse'.
Does ecomcon use Arabic numerals?
In no conceivable way do Muslims enrich my life. Not in any manner, way, shape or norm. They are a never ending source of violence, oppression, and backwardness.
Rapscallion trusts no one!
There are no journalists. The once-real journalists were driven out by democrat pressure. Pseudo-journalists have taken over supported financially by Soros through his front companies..
Sarah Barracuda is super proud of her bubble, and kinda envies the clarity of North Korea:
I get all of my news from FR..I dont even watch Fox News anymore, other than Sean Hannity and sometimes Greta, I have known for the longest time the media in the United States is dead, even North Korean news is more reliable, at least they are honest about their agenda


  1. "Polite" and "Political" from the same root word? Errr ...No. Not even the same root language - unless you're counting reconstructed Proto Indo-european.

    Polite -> Politus (Latin) -> Polished
    Political - Politikos (Greek) -> Civic

    1. Assuming that they did both come from "politikos," the sentiment is fantastic
      "I'm through with the goddamned polis! Trump will finally ban ordered society and return us to the bronze age!"

  2. I really wish that I could believe these Freepers who claim they'll accept whatever the election results are as God's will - even if they think it's a period of trials and tribulations that's been ordained.

    But I'd bet good money on them crying "rigged election" and how Clinton isn't their president for the next 4 years, and endless calls for impeachment.

  3. Arabic Numbers come from India.

    Just saying.

  4. Regarding the Coinage Act, should any of you have to knock down this talking point, here's a graph:

    Basically, yeah, the late 60's and the 70's experienced abnormal inflation, but that's not a direct result of the Coinage Act. If it were, rates would have continued to stay high, right?