Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

For some reason, now is when Crimson Elephant has decided to buy into the martial law paranoia:
Reports Of Shots Fired At JFK Airport

I really don’t want to go all tin foil...but the “create a domestic disruption bad enough to suspend the elections” theory just doesn’t seem all that crazy anymore. Especially IF Hillary really is that bad off health wise...which I still wonder if it is Dem rope a dope for her debate performance.
Mozilla is basking in some sample bias:
These incidents happened Friday, yesterday and today but the television news media ignored mostly. It was on the internet.

1. Joplin shootings:

2. Vehicle shootings in Missouri:

3. Georgia policeman shot, killed:

4. 24 Hurt on ‘Rocky’ JetBlue Flight:
I was curious how Freepers reacted to Sulu being (kinda tokenishly imo) gay in the latest Star Trek. freedumb2003 was sure no youth would see Star Trek with a disgusting gay in it!
The producers obviously believe their PC crapola.

Their target audience: young male adolescent to mid-20s. They can say all they want about Millenials being all “we are the World” but young straight males are HARD-WIRED to be revolted by homosexual activity.

And they will NOT voluntarily pay to see it nor even any intimation that it is occurring with their favorite characters.

YUGE mistake.
Also pretty great is BillyBoy's Freepish nerd rage:
Why not have Spock as queer instead, the new actor is.

That would be an even bigger slap in the face to fans. Not only is Spock explicitly shown to be straight in the TV series and ALL previous films (Star Trek goes into great detail about "Pon Farr", the Vulcan male mating urge to reproduce with females, and that Spock was betrothed to T'Pring since childhood)... but Gene Roddenberry HIMSELF also PERSONALLY debunked the Kirk/Spock gay sex fantasy fan fiction in his novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, by having Admiral James T. Kirk state that homosexuality does not exist on Vulcan and IF it did, Kirk is straight as an arrow and would hardly want to take a "mate" that only has sex every seven years anyway.
Vic S thinks Hollywood is dag nasty evil, but also has some advice about their evil show Star Trek:
They should have had a cameo with Takai as his father. Seriously though, movies are nothing more than propaganda and psyops.
The best part of Freepers' reaction to The Gay is when they prove way too much. Jonty30 comes out against romance of any kind in media:
I don’t want to see gay. I don’t want to see heterosexuality. I just want to see adventure and what people do in their personal rooms, I don’t care. I don’t want to know what goes on behind closed doors.
Talisker is really unskewing all the way:
Someone explain to me again how this felon is running neck and neck with Trump......

She's not, of course.
knarf has similarly completely forgotten 2012:
The cankled one was never ahead ... not ever.
I'm actually a bit worried about Trump's new campaign staff, though. More on that tomorrow.

Surprised it didn't happen sooner. SaraJohnson is mixing in voter fraud paranoia with polling denial:
They are weighting the polls for illegals to vote for Hillary. Special sauce.
SamAdams76 has decided paying attention to the polls is defeatist:
Why are you being a defeatist and claiming that MSM has destroyed Trump?

They have not.

What Trump should do is stream this speech on his website and ping it to his millions of social media followers. Then pay Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., to stream it on their services.

MSM is irrelevant. They can be easily bypassed.
Hehe, lets us enjoy WENDLE's numbers:
Trump is up to a whopping 32% with Hispanic and 16 % with Blacks ( up 10% in 7 days!!) . Women have dropped below 50% on criminal Hillary. This is going to be a ROUT!! Go TRUMP!! The funny thing to watch is the Rino narrative that Trump is Spiraling down and they will pick up the pieces. The People say otherwise. And it is OUR party now and you will never get it back.
Talisker is pretty sure accepting e-mails from Soros is a hangin' offense:
Clinton E-Mails Show George Soros Gave Sec Of State Foreign Policy March Orders

This SHOULD put an end to the Bitch AND Soros once and for all - it’s DIRECT evidence of treason.

Dear God.
Soros is back in the news, and Falcon4.0 jumps onto the hyperbole train:
George Soros is “The last NAZI”.
The_Republic_Of_Maine responds to a removed post where a Freeper hopes the feral blacks kill lots of whitey, and he quotes it:
I hope they hurt MANY innocent middle-class whites (and others) and I hope it ALL gets on TV:

They are HELPING us.


What are you talking about? Are you, like obama trying to start a war?
So rooting for American death gets ya removed. OK.

Gideon300's post about Milwaukee is not removed however.
Awwwwww Babu ........ gonna go watch my favorite old movie tonight with sorts like you in mind..

Me, too! Planet of the Apes.
Ima start gathering some removed posts to make a post about them, I think.

BatGuano was likely chuckling to himself about how witty his racist satire was:
In other news, older brother Shitrelle Smith was quoted as saying, “I din’ do nuffin! And my other sister, Stinkville, din’ see nuffin either.”

The total IQ of the siblings is said to be less then the number of players on a football team.
Yes, 2banana, you'd better start shooting now. Oy.
EXCLUSIVE – New Black Panther Leader on Milwaukee: This Is A War

Game on?
Ann Archy knows all the bad guys are in lockstep:
I don’t understand why the threat of Sharic Islam’s invasion of the US government is not sufficient to unite black and white for the common good.

You’re joking, right? The blacks are on the Islamic side!
As the didactic continues, Ann Archy's narrative gets a bit confused:
Then they want to be slaves.

Yes, NON WORKING SLAVES kept on the Democrat Plantation....getting just enough, free housing, free food, free Obamaphone, free health care, NO FATHERS in the household....and best of all NO WORK!!!
Blacks are for Sharia Law because they love Obamaphones and slavery? Palin makes more sense. Haha, not really.

I do love it when Freepers make hate heir muse, like b9:
i liked that Secret Service whistleblower thread and your ILLary comment.

It inspired this from Herman’s Hermits:

I’m ILLary the CROOK I am
Illary the CROOK I am I am

I’ll get buried by the Donald next fall
He. Can. Do. It. and he’ll BUILD THE WALL

And everyone knows that ILLary ILLARY
Will never shake the latest email scam NO SCAM

I’m a rich, sick witch I’m ILLary. ILLary the CROOK I am I am -
ILLary the CROOK I am


  1. That guy's idea that Netflix and Hulu etc. should stream Trump's speeches is pretty sad... He has no idea how toxic the world considers Trump. Netflix and Hulu would not touch him with a ten foot pole.

    1. They still think Trump is the more popular choice and that polls are all skewed. So, yeah, he would think that. And he and most freepers will think the election was rigged when he loses. And then they'll cry foul when their predicted uprising doesn’t happen.

  2. But it's still Sunday...conspiracy???

  3. I know this observation has been made before by others,
    but I still get a chuckle out of right-wingers' enthrallment with "future society science fiction" where those future societies are all pretty much the idealized communist societies described by Marx and Engels.

  4. Hey BillyBoy hey BillyBoy

  5. Har har, old women are sometimes heavy. I'm guessing some of the people jeering the loudest are the biggest porkers on Free Republic, especially the women.

    1. Sometime back, years and years ago, freepers had their last get together at some run-down hotel in D.C.

      Amidst the complaints on the "after action thread" about how much drinks cost at the hotel bar, and how far (and uphill !) the walk was to the nearest liquor store, some pics of the pathetic attendees was posted.

      I doubt even one of the heifers there weighed in at under 250, and any guy tipped in at under 300+. WRINKLIE STINKIE TWINKIE was there, ha ha.

    2. TWINKIE don't go to stuff like that.
      I'm more comfortable at HOME these

      Also, there is no need to be impolite
      and insulting. I am sure you're only
      poking fun at TWINKIE.

      HITLER-Y would just slap your jaws!
      Ha! Your own wife would slap your
      jowley jowls.

      I've told you. To stay realistic; I
      get in front of my full-length
      mirror butt nekkid, before I brush
      my teeth or comb my hair. I then ask
      myself, "Self? WHO is going to give
      you ANYTHING today?" - Silence.

      Then I get up and get bizzy.

      Oh, and HITLER-Y'S TOAST!!!!!!

      Just ask - President Donald J. Trump
      President of the United States

      So, behave! - TWINKIE KING

  6. I want to first make clear I don't think any of these people should have been shot and killed -- it was a tragedy. That being said, I wonder why Freepers don't say Randy Weaver wouldn't have got shot if he would have just complied with the law. I guess only white separatists are "set up" by the cops.

    1. The idiot was killed by his own guns. Those he illegally fenced and those that the idiot amateur pointed at trained professionals. If he'd been armed appropriately for his intelligence and skill levels (which would be a spoon) he would still be alive.

    2. As they're fond of saying: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.