Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Pix

Them libs are dumb, sick, and so damn crazy!
Gay, infantile, big-eared Muslim! The density of schoolyard name calling is impressive.
Et tu, FOX? Why won't you report the race war I believe is happening?
It's impressive how bigotry makes you hate not just your target group, but everyone who isn't as bigoted as you.
This is what Freepers hear when someone says 'Black Lives Matter.' I think the iPhone represents protestant work ethic.
I'm not sure Trump is doomed, but Freepers pinning their hope on Hillary being close to death means in their heart of hearts, they think it's over.
I just posted this because Bill looks pretty stoked to be smited to Hell.
 When all they have left is impotent spite...
Credit where credit is due, I think this is pretty clever.
Pointing out a theoretical catheter. So much effort. Could 'healthers' be becoming the new 'birthers?'
That Obama is so goofy and sinister!


  1. It's NOT funny; unless you THINK you're
    YOUNG and SMART! Never mind. TIME wounds
    all HEELS finally.

  2. Freeper wrinklebags should know what a catheter looks like under clothes, and that's no catheter.

    I wonder why they never mention the Donald's obvious poop filled Depends ... that's why he takes great pains to never be viewed from the rear.

  3. I don't care if Hillary wears a catheter or
    rides in a wheelchair, or sleeps all day.
    You "progressives" have made a goddess out of
    her. She would not spit on YOU if you were on

    FDR was in a wheelchair; so, if Hillary's in
    a wheelchair or on a walker - you won't care.
    She is your goddess & Bill is your god. Poor
    souls! I pity you.

    TRUMP is a mortal man. I know this & have NO
    illusions about him being some sort of a god.

    I'm done agonizing over it. I will, the
    Almighty willing, vote TRUMP. Husband will
    vote TRUMP; although he is mighty envious of
    TRUMP'S gazillions. He is more afraid of
    Hillary Clinton with her wobbly finger on
    the red nuclear button. Wobbly & angry. A
    bad combination.

    No matter WHAT YOU SAY, and NO MATTER what
    I SAY, YAHWEH the Lord sets up and brings
    down kings to accomplish His own will. He
    laughs at our gyrations from Heaven; and also
    at the evil politicians.

    You will look one day, if you are still
    around; and I will look, and we will see the
    place where the Clintons once stood. We
    will see them no more suddenly.

    I think they have had many political enemies
    liquidated. Thou shalt not kill is a
    Commandment of God; and Bill won't be able
    to fast talk his way out of that one. He
    has also spat on "Thou shalt not commit
    adultery," reckoning that it does not apply
    to him.

    Now; I'm not their judge. One greater than
    either me or YOU is their judge.

    . . And mine, and yours.

    I am telling you the truth. Yeshua Ha
    Maschiach IS returning to this earth in
    power & great glory. Soon.


    1. "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" ????
      This is America! Speak English, wrinklebag!

      "He has also spat on "Thou shalt not commit
      adultery," reckoning that it does not apply
      to him." ???
      Is that "He" you're speaking about named Donald Trump, perhaps, wrinklebag?

    2. I recall something about 'you will not know the day or the hour', so...

    3. So God chose a thrice-married millionaire con artist as his mouthpiece. If so, I WISH Yeshua would show up and explain this massive inconsistency to me.

    4. I wouldn't pray to any God who would give us a president like Trump.

      Trump runs contrary to practically everything within the Bible.

    5. ""Thou shalt not commit
      adultery," reckoning that it does not apply
      to him."

      Are you talking about Trump here?

    6. God Almighty uses some VERY flawed
      people to accomplish His will. If
      you set out to judge the Almighty;
      you will come up short and con-

      CLINTON had his day twenty years ago.
      In my opinion. If you're attempting
      to demolish TRUMP to try to pump up
      Bill Clinton; save your breath.

      Yeshua will probably be glad to show
      up and "explain" things to you. IF
      Hillary & Bill don't jar your
      sensitivities, your sensitivities
      can't be jarred.

      We have had to put up with the
      "Kenyan" Obama for 8 yrs. Your turn

      Time about is fair play.


    7. I love wrinklebag logic ...
      "Our cheating dishonest fat fake is God's favorite !!!"
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      So, WRINKLIE TWINKIE, answer me this ...
      what is this Yeshua you speak of?
      Sometimes you say "God", sometimes you say "Yeshua", sometimes you say "OogaBooga" or some other un-American gobbeldy-gook.

      Seems like you and the other pruned up old wrinklebags of FR just use "Yeshua" as a projection of your own selfish wants and desires.

      The real God wouldn't like that, WRINKLIE.

      See you in hell !

    8. I've never used the name "OogaBooga".
      Yahweh is the name of God the Father,
      Yeshua Ha Maschiach is the name of
      God the Son (Jesus Christ as most
      Americans call Him).

      My "selfish wants and desires" are
      irrelevant in the scheme of things.

      Hillary Clinton's "selfish wants &
      desires"; and also Bill's are the
      topic. . or at least somewhat.

      The "real" God is NOT "Allah".
      Christ is the TOTAL opposite of
      EVERYTHING that Islam pushes. Christ
      did not go into public places with
      a suicide belt strapped on himself &
      detonate in order to kill as many as

      Ya'll pride yourselves on your
      "tolerance". "Tolerance" only for
      those Dhimmicrats with whom you
      agree; and, of course, Muslim
      Jihadists that Hussein Obama has
      brought into "his" government to
      advance "Jihad".

      Nope. We'll remain armed and ready,
      just like the Green Mountain Boys &
      the Minutemen of the American
      Revolution; just like my great-
      great grandfather at Shiloh, like my
      father in WWII at N. Africa, Italy &
      Hitler's Germany. It is the one
      thing that will cause the Jihadists
      to think twice about lifting YOUR
      heads or blowing up YOUR bodies &
      those of YOUR kids as well as mine.

      when HITLER-Y will take my guns
      (like her mentor, Hitler, did in
      Germany). Now look at Germans. Fat
      geese ripe for the plucking.

      It's NOT YOUR PLACE to consign ME
      to "hell". Nor vice-versa.

      Nor do I. Best Wishes,

    9. Gratuitously self Godwinning I see twinkles. That said: Jews and other persecuted classes represented less than 1% of the German population.

      You are suggesting that, had they owned a few pistols they would have been able to resist the military machine that rolled over Poland, Czech Republic and France.

      You are delusional and I'm sure your Father having seen the Nazi war machine first hand would have told you that.

    10. My dad was SO battle fatigued, shell
      shocked all to hell with frequent
      flashbacks that were not just dreams;
      they WERE BEING THERE again, over &

      IF Jews had owned the firepower that
      is retained by many Americans; they
      could have put a world of hurt on
      the damned NAZI'S. - Daddy felt for
      the ordinary German soldier; but he
      had no use whatsoever for the NAZI
      officers who had no regard for their

      My father raised me to stand and
      deliver and charge Hell with a
      bucket of water if that was all I
      had available.

      His kind rammed Hitler's ambitions
      down his NAZI throat until he took
      the coward's way out and committed
      suicide in his bunker; because men
      like my father STOOD & DELIVERED.

      Insult me if you wish. Your words
      mean little or nothing to me. As it
      seems MY words mean little or
      nothing to you.

      I visited Germany many years ago.
      My dad was not happy about me going,
      as the last time he saw that country;
      it was just a total bombed-out wreck
      of a place, with piles of dead
      bodies, Jewish & others, where the
      NAZIS had fled the camps before the
      relentless march of MEN like my

      I don't think I'm "delusional", nor
      did my father think that of me. He
      thought I was a lot better than I
      was or am.

      I accept that I'm a woman. My upper
      body strength is crappy. My aim is
      not as good as FANG'S. He shoots the
      pear-stealing squirrels out here for
      target practice.

      I don't want to kill nothing nor
      nobody. I WILL if I have to do so.


    11. IF Jews had owned the firepower that
      is retained by many Americans; then more of them would have been shot, burned and mortared to death as routinely happened in Belarus and Ukraine which were awash with guns instead of being gassed.

      Civilians with hand guns pose no threat to a professional military executing a mission plan which makes civilian casualties a primary objective.

      I tested NATO small arms for a living. Your pop guns are worthless against anyone prepared to drop mortar bombs through your roof. Even a couple of molotov cocktails would probably get the job done. It worked often enough for the Nazis.

    12. Well, then, KNOW-IT-ALL. At least
      the Jews & many Christians would have
      gone down SWINGING and without the
      knowledge that they had been VICTIMS
      loaded on cattle cars. When any
      "government" is ready to pull that
      kind of shit; then it is ready for
      a revolution. When "neighbors" are
      willing to rat out their neighbors;
      then they become the enemy.

      Why are YOU so stoked with the idea
      of me and FANG having mortar bombs
      dropped though our roofs or Molotov
      cocktails lobbed at us.

      By the way, where ARE the NAZIS


      The SS didn't have real good bullet
      proof vests like in modern times.
      FANG has said that, by God, they
      MIGHT kill us but, by God, WE will
      take a few of them with us IF we go.

      A "government" ready to drop mortar
      bombs through my roof (and to have
      the "personnel" ready to do that) is
      a "government" just begging to be
      rebelled against.

      BEHIND EVERY TREE in those "forests"
      that the Jihadists are so SCARED of -
      AND they had better be VERY SCARED.

      Our guns may be pop guns, as you
      call them; but the modern day NAZIS
      can just decide which one of them
      wants to die today. Eeny-meeny-minie

    13. I like how being a "good American" for Twinkie has been reduced to the notion of being ready to die and killing everything in sight, including political opponents, because there's nothing left to hope for. It sounds sort of . . . jihadi.

    14. If modern day Nazis start rousting neighbourhoods they'll be looking for ILLEGALS! and Muslims.

      Presumably you are strongly in favor of Mosques stockpiling weapons to defend against such an eventuality? Minorities need to be armed to resist the tyranny of the majority? That's the position you're arguing for re. Jews and Nazis after all.

      (Before you blow off on a 9/11 canard: there was plenty of Jewish terrorism in the 1930's under both Zionist and Communist flags. Irgun, for example)

  4. why wouldn't christians flock behind trump? there's plenty in the bible that endorses him; god himself is narcissistic, wanton, short-tempered, cruel and incompetent, and approves of polygamy and slavery.

    it's as if he'd been made in trump's image ...

    1. I suspect that the Almighty just might
      describe you in the same words you
      just used to accuse Him.

      Narcissistic, wanton, short-tempered,
      cruel and incompetent, and approves of
      polygamy and slavery (like a good
      little non-judgmental liberal).


    2. "Narcissistic, wanton, short-tempered,
      cruel and incompetent"

      That just about covers your whole life story (and all the other FR wrinklebags), doesn't it, WRINKLIE ?

      See you in hell !

    3. It certainly sums up the orange muskrat balancer.

    4. Hitler-y's hair is as ORANGE as
      TRUMP'S. Only his is natural, while
      Hitler-y's is hair dye.

      Talk about OLD. Hitler-y is about
      same age as TWINKIE; and just as
      infirm & incontinent.

      BUBBA nodded off to sleep during
      her big ACCEPTANCE speech that he
      has had to pay the pound of flesh
      to buy to shut her up.

      Some guy (big shot in Dhimmi
      Party) sat and "guarded" BUBBA
      while he snoozed.

      Those two are not going to be able
      to make it through 4 years of the
      rigors of that office.

      Meantime, BAMMYBUTT is all set to
      go to Louisiana in a day or two -
      five dollars late and five days

      Check your mirrors - wrinkles go
      with your HATE Territory.

      I predict that FREEPER MADNESS is
      also destined for the ASH HEAP OF
      HISTORY. FREE REPUBLIC, otoh will
      just keep rolling along, oblivious
      to your failed insults and snobby


    5. Yeah, this blog ain't historic, it's a humble hobby, not some grand statement.

      Even if age catches up to Hillary, Kaine may be bland but he is arguable better - fewer Middle East bombings than Hillary or Trump, I'd wager!

    6. Hey Twink, why don't you get a job? Might spend less time here if you worked for a living instead of freeloading like all the right wing welfare queens who insist their welfare is a "special case" and they deserve it (not like all the blacks).

    7. Hey Twink, why don't you get a job? Might spend less time here if you worked for a living instead of freeloading like all the right wing welfare queens who insist their welfare is a "special case" and they deserve it (not like all the blacks).

    8. Twinkles helps run an ebay trading empire! No way would she accept SS, Medicare or any other Socialist government hand out. It would be a betrayal of everything she stands for!!