Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Blacks love Trump

Very few people seem to believe that Trump's speeches about how awful life is for blacks is actually for black people, especially given Trump's poll numbers with them.

Most think Trump's making a try for moderate Republicans who want some reassurance Trump isn't all that radical.

We will see how that rebranding works, but Freepers are responding really well. And they are very enthusiastic. Like many of the ridiculous excuses they use for why liberals succeed despite being so obviously evil, Freepers have come to envy the concept of a 'black plantation' that reliably votes they way you want.

And so, unconstrained by any legitimate polls, Freepers have begun encouraging eachother with talks of Trump winning over blacks:

Ignoring Trump's entire campaign, polymuser argues 'it's the economy, stupid.'
The relevant question, I think: Will blacks benefit from Trump’s immigration and American workforce policies?

Seems very simply YES to me.
IVAXMAN is hoping everyone sees Hillary secretly hates blacks:
I am hoping that Black America sees Hillary’s KKK comments as proof that she is only using Black America for their votes. She will forget them after the election.
IVAXMAN adds some numbers to hope for:
If he gets 40% Hispanic and 20% Black, Hillary is toast, no way she wins.
TexasFreeper2009's enthusiasm proves he's not racist, so lets hate Muslims together!
Welcome home Black Americans!

The Republican Party that bleed to free you, has missed you!

Now unite with US, and help us stop these liberal, globalists America hating, Islamic coddling, global warming huckster pedaling, traitors from destroying the worlds economy.
Generously, AmusedBystander once knew some good blacks, and will forgive them Obama:
I lived in Florida for many years and the blacks that I knew there were good people who wanted to raise their families like everyone else. Many were ex-military and as patriotic as anyone else.

Their dalliance with Obama is regrettable but understandable. They will have no such allegiance to Hillary.
reasonisfaith thinks blacks will be offended by Hillary calling out Trump's associations with white supremacists, because that's super untrue:
I believe black people understand Hillary’s lies about Trump are just another insult to them. She thinks they’re stupid. But now they’re seeing her for what she is.
Helpfully, LostPassword calls all minorities 'Oppressed-Americans.'
Trump will get almost all of the “American” votes. The outcome depends on if more voters consider themselves “Black-American”, “Mexican-American”, “Other-oppressed-American”, than consider themselves “American”. Oppressed-Americans want someone to punish their oppressors so they will vote D since Rs don’t divide people into mostly imaginary oppressed/oppressor groups and when there is a real problem they will help the oppressed, not punish the oppressors.

This sounds like Trump’s been making that conversion in voters from “Oppressed-American” to “American” in FL. Hopefully it will continue across the US and he’ll win a landslide.
353FMG is impatient, but wants to offer Freeper truth to minorities:
Minorities finally seeing the light of truth? It’s about time that they leave the democrap plantation for a better life and freedom.
TakebackGOP thinks the reason blacks love Trump now is because Trump was so brave making that speech in some white suburbs telling blacks how bad they have it:
Would this have happened if Trump didn’t make his speech in Milwaukee the night of the killing? Trump is great on taking on these issues.
jokemoke is pretty sure Hillary is only calling Trump a racist because she's so worried about him winning blacks:
Well, this explains Hillary’s panic and the new “Trump is a racist” ad.
Sir Napsalot agrees, and blacks aren't into caring about Trump's associations!
Hence the multiple "If you support a bigot, you are also a bigot" thing. Apparently this racist or bigotry labeling doesn't work well with these black voters any more. 
And I hope more than just blacks, but Trump's message also work on other minority groups that are traditional Dem voting blocks, too.
Typical_Whitey also understands the heart of minorities loves Trump's manliness:
This is exactly why HIllary is playing racist card, which at this point will fail because Trump unlike weak GOP candidates actually stood up for himself and his supporters, and lets face it folks, minorities don’t have anything to lose at all voting for Trump unlike Pandering HIllary who will do nothing to create jobs and in fact ship all the existing jobs overseas putting everyone on govt dependency for the coming dictatorship.
upchuck loves Trump's message to blacks, how could blacks not agree?
Trump’s, “What do you have to lose?” question is reverberating nicely.
Apropos of nothing Maverick68 goes on a digression about how Hillary will oppress the nativists, but Trump will oppress the anti-nativists!
And if we get a President Hillary, people will be PROSECUTED and PERSECUTED for even SUGGESTING that we do something about illegal immigration.

Electing Trump is more important than anything he will do as President, electing Trump will be the DEATH of Political Correctness as well as the MSMedia...

There is a LOT more at stake than the issues and THAT is exactly why the Left is panicking.
Aand that's it. Freepers forget about the black vote. LostPassword has some paranoid fantasy about American Muslims:
Let’s hope Hillary’s Muslim supporters don’t start exploding. But if she wins suicide bombers are almost guaranteed to reach the US over the next 4 years.
stanne wants to hate Obama some more:
It’s been strange to me that a guy named Barrak Hussein Obama could win POTUS after 911.

It was a surrender.
MayflowerMadam wishes there were more bigotry about Obama in the campaigns:
You wonder if he would’ve won if the MSM had been allowed to mention his middle name. Even McCain scolded people who pointed out the “Hussein” part. We on FR knew it ‘cause we’re tuned in politically. 
But I have friends who had no clue until he took the Oath of Office — in 2013!
In one of the more telling quotes every on this site, MayflowerMadam blames Obama's elections on Americans not getting engaged and understanding Obama's Muslim middle name:
This same woman who didn’t know Obama’s middle name until he started his second term could tell you, and did, the name of every contestant on “Dancing With The Stars”, who they danced with, and every winner.

I have no use for these people; they’re the problem.
This afternoon, stay tuned for a bit of black outreach anonymousB found.


  1. Joe Freeper says, "If black people would just us make all their decisions for them, they would be much happier !"

    1. Why not? If it's good enough for Freeper women, it should be good enough for The Blacks.

  2. I find it very amusing that George "Fucking" Wallace polled about three times higher with black voters than Donald Trump.

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    2. If only black voters been more engaged and known how vulgar his middle name was, those poll numbers would have been way lower.

  3. Just another example of why we need to repeal the 15th amendment #trump2016

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