Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Mr. M.J.B.

Whose in the mood for a bit less rage and bigotry and a bit more crazy conspiracies?

Like a certain subset of Jews in Free Republic, Mr. M.J.B.'s like a Jewish Pentacostal. This time with a LOT of conspiracy stuff mixed in. He talks a lot of Hebrew and Torah esoteria. He doesn't declare a specific faith, but it features a Nature's 4-Day Timecube-type numerology, prophecy and hating Catholicism and Mormons (one the faith, the other the people). And he of course abides by the Freeper credo that all Muslmis are evil. Regardless of his creed, his faith seems pretty idiosyncratic.

When he's not getting into meta-arguments about whether he belongs on the evangelical subforum, he's into conspiracies that boil down to 'the CIA run everything from the Clintons to ISIS to the Orlando shooter.' With some esoteric Biblical stuff on top to make it all kosher.
Needless to say, he's super into Putin's media organ in the West, and roots for Russia and Putin whenever he can. And he's particularly obsessed with Trump being assassinated and it being pinned on ISIS (which is a CIA front. You heard me).

I highly recommend his profile page. It's a journal-style study in confirmation bias re: a wave of worldwide violence this simmer. And it's also got some strong crazy along side: "CIA/Uniparty/Deep State Donald Trump assassination." "Obrennan, Muslim CIA head and Muslim Brother to Obama." "this is the 7/7 anniversary, and it is a new moon." "Another correct prediction: African Jihadi in London mass stabbing attack."

Orlando Shooter (or maybe his dad?) is part of a CIA plot to freak us out:
- Mateen & family were brought into the country by the CIA.

- Mateen’s personalized rally banner includes a quote by ex-CIA Chief Morell.

- Ex CIA Chief Morell *just happens* to be in the news today calling for killing Russians and Syrians by CIA/SOF.

- Yesterday, the NYT *just happens* to have a story about Evan McMullin, a “former” C.I.A. official and a Republican who passionately opposes Donald J. Trump, announcing Monday that he would run for president as an independent candidate.

Mateen’s rally placement and visibility were most deliberate - right behind Hitlery, guaranteed to be in the camera frame and wearing a bright red MB cap.

Mateen is a CIA operative and has been for decades. Nothing is unplanned. Nothing is by accident.

His appears screams CIA & Islam.

Now the signal has been sent to the world, we await the action.
The CIA runs ISIS. And then it gets more crazy...
Spetsnaz vs US Special Forces; This is going to be Epic. No more “fighting” 19th world mouth breathers with a rusty AK who think the world is flat. And with only Russian air cover...


The truth is the USA/CIA/Special Forces have been running muslim terrorists in Syria for years, including ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh. This is OSINT from years back - see reporter Aaron Klein’s article.

Wonder why the US “can’t find” or eliminate ISIS despite them having miles long convoys in their brand new Toyoya SUVs - during the daytime no less?

Wonder why the US spent half a billion dollars of your money to train 4, repeat, 4 “anti” ISIS fighters who instantly handed their weapons to ISIS? Guess where the money went?

Wonder why ISIS also drives USA HUMVEES and HAS AND KNOWS HOW TO FIRE US Optical wire-guided TOWs?

Wonder no more.

The US trains ISIS in ISIL via CIA & Special Forces. They also train them in neighboring countries like Jordan. And yes, they even bring them to CONUS and train them here.

To those fools who besmirch Spetsnaz, go back and look at how the Russian REGULAR army fought in WWII. Know that Spetsnaz EXCELS at counter-jihadi ops - The Israelis are the only comparable counter-jihadi force.
More of the CIA runs ISIS, because wow.
The CIA RUNS ISIS and their multi-year effort to kill Assad and overthrow Syria as part of their Operation Arab Spring is thankfully miserably failing. The very recent introduction of additional Special Farces, including Delta, is also thankfully a major failure and embarrassment.

This ridiculous “leak” is evidence of how badly the CIA’s covert war in Syria is going. See also Kerry and the KSA in Geneva today.

Putin may have to resurface and deliver another spanking.
CIA Operation Arab Spring to take down Israel
Here's the reality:

1) CIA - Special Farces and their Jihadi comrades are still trying to kill Assad and overthrow Syria, part of CIA Operation Arab Spring, which borders Israel

2) Jordan, which borders Israel, is a major CIA - Special Farces base and CIA - SOF - Jihadi training center.

3) Egypt, which borders Israel, for a short time fell victim to the CIA's Operation Spring & Muslim Brotherhood installation, but Egyptian Army Patriots fixed that.

4) Libya, another casualty of CIA Operation Arab Spring, borders Egypt which borders Israel. CIA - Special Farces are in charge as they are in the many failed states they recently created.

5) Turkey and its recent coup-Jihadification, borders Syria, which borders Israel.

Israel is completely surrounded by the CIA-SOF destabilization, overthrow, assassination, and Jihadi installation efforts.

All to keep the "homeland" safe from "extremists..."

Crazier than late night radio:
Comey: DIRTY
Clinton Crime Family: DIRTY
Lynch: DIRTY
USGOV gunslingers protecting this filth: DIRTY

As I’ve said: The FBI/DOJ is completely lawless and corrupt.
Raping Lady Justice, then kicking her and urinating on her like the Idaho Muslim invaders USGOV ferries in and than protects.

The FBI-DOJ is ENEMY of Justice, Freedom, the Constitution, the former Republic and everything decent and honest.

Beezelbubba meeting with Lynch mob? Government security forces telling everyone to turn off all devices, no photos? No problem.

America is dead, has been for quite a while. Some people are just beginning to wake up now but it is too late.

Expect CIA/Uniparty/Deep State assassination of Donald Trump, made to look like “ISIS,” next.
Wear a hijab? You deserve to be assaulted because of 9-11:
Would he have snatched the wig from the head of an Orthodox Jewish woman? Both are following religious laws to conceal their hair at the behest of a Semitic God.

Conflating Orthodox Judaism and the Satanic Cult of Death via a hair covering custom gives you away.

Like the other poster said, we can revisit the situation when Orthodox Jews fly airliners into skycrapers shouting Hashem hu Akbar as part of making the US Dar al Judaism and after 1400 years of slaughter and conquest around the world.
The Pope is promoting pedophilia:
He was promoting homosexual pedophilia, sodomy, - that's why he delivered the homily to young people at World Youth Day in which he rewrote the story of God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. He didn't visit an old age home for the homily did he? RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT!

In psychology, it is called grooming and normalization.
the people that attempt to steal the souls of dead Jewish Holocaust victims, wear magic underwear, believe there is a “new” Jerusalem (in Independence, Missouri, natch) and attracted Stabby the Clown.
I think Stabby the Clown is Cruz
I fear greatly for Trump’s safety.

There is little or no protection against a suicide vest bomber.

The fact eliminated Cruz is still running is extremely disturbing. Any time the opposition (Uniparty) has a man all ready to go if Trump is assassinated is a time to be very, very cautious.

There’s also the “messianic/end of days” factor - his close association with Stabby the Clown and his preacher father.

Danger, danger, danger.
Tonight is when the Leprechaun Werewolves will roam:
You might notice this is the 7/7 anniversary, and it is a new moon.
White House on lockdown after person shot outside
Hopefully the next bulletin begins with “A squad of Marines, supported by citizen Patriots...”
His imaginary Ruby Tuesdays is the end of America
What the fall of a civilization looks like (and what we can’t see - the illegal aliens working in the kitchen, the “inclusive” bathroom, and the “refugee” Jihadi brought in by USGOV sitting in the corner who passed on detonating his backup because he decided there were better people to kill).
Windows = Naziware
Naziware and more so every day.

They spy on you like you wouldn’t believe.

They remove your Freedom to control your computer.

They trick and force upgrades to whatever they insist.

Counter measures only for those technically sophisticated and willing to invest a bunch of time and those countermeasures are only partially successful.

Linux: free, fast, secure - not Naziware.
Islam and Christianity are both cults - only Judaism is sufficiently humble.
They think it’s a Religion when it’s Really a Cult

In that case Christianity is also a cult because both Islam and Christianity are identical - they are both based on a Perfect *man*, who walked the earth, and must be emulated.

Neither Christianity nor Islam would exist without their respective man-on-earth cult leaders.
New York Imam Assassinated In Broad Daylight
Clinton Body Count + 1
On the Hillary is about to die train:
I noticed the eye track failure right away too. That would certainly cause loss of balance and stair climbing difficulty. has the important scoops
Just in via - knife & shooting attack in Cologne.

At least one person has been injured in a stabbing and shooting attack in the German city of Cologne, local media report, adding that two suspects are currently on the loose.
For a change, Jewish apocalyptic ranting
...explains the ongoing methodical cultural destruction plans underway in Europe. It would explain Merkel's open invitation for the invasion of Germany and Europe. It explains why Pope Benedict was abruptly replaced by the likes of the man, Beroglio- Pope Francis.

And how about Hussein Obama's cultural destruction of the US? And how about the US-engineered Operation Arab Spring, still in progress?

And how about all of the above simultaneously?

The answer is simply the End-of-Years Esau-Ishmael alliance
Jewish Time Cube:
God created TWO luminaries - which define the Jewish calendar. The secular/Gregorian calendar (one luminary, the sun) is meaningless. That’s why the tetrad “blood moons” fall on Jewish observances (not feasts)!

September 13,15,17,25,27,28,29 mean absolutely nothing.
But there’s tremendous significance in Selichot, Rosh Hashanah, Fast of Gedalyah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah, eclipses, etc.

Others try to use the energies of these Jewish Holy days for their own purposes. For example it is no accident the Pope arrives exactly on Yom Kippur and departs exactly at Sukkot & the 4th “blood moon.”


  1. "The Government works in mysterious ways,
    its BLUNDERS to peform."

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

  2. Oz, I'm sorry yet again for hijacking your posts, but there's some good FReeper crazy coming in about the Manafort resignation/firing.

    Apparently Manafort was GOPe all along!

    Trump is either really stupid for picking these guys or he's extremely gullible and doesn't look too deeply into their background. Not someone I'd want being Commander in Chief anyway.

    I can't imagine this is good for the Trump campaign but don't really know from any past experiences because no one has ever won with this many executive changes so close to Election Day.

    In every single successful campaign the staff at Manafort's level has already been set in place by now and Trump is still making changes.

    He's either having serious issues or he's a campaigning mastermind lacking any kind of political experience. What's the chances?

    1. Steve Bannon is really going to extract the full crazy from Trump and display it to the world.

    2. Given the flurry of information that's been coming out on Manafort over the last day or so, he could end up as anything from "major international political embarrassment" to "federal penitentiary inmate." Assuming he didn't phone in his resignation on his way out of the country...

      The Ukranian allegations alone could mean no-joke for-real jail time, if they pan out.

    3. Ahh, so business mastermind Trump failed at practicing due diligence in hiring Manafort.


  3. I wonder how many copies of "Catcher in the Rye" he has on his bookshelf.

    Even from this brief excerpt of his postings, I can tell you for sure he is not and never has been Jewish.
    More likely he bought some New Age kabballah book in a used bookstore (along with another copy of Catcher in the Rye) at the beginning of his descent into kookery.

  4. Obama paid Iran a $400M ransom for American prisoners.

    Except typically a ransom is paid and THEN the prisoners are least in every movie I've ever seen with that scenario.

    FReepers have seen different movies I guess.

    1. Except ... we didn't "pay" them anything, we just gave them (some of) their own money back, with strings attached.

  5. For some reason they're now truther-ing the Ryan Lochte story. You'd think the Manafort thing would keep them busy enough as it is!

    1. Yeah I also find it a bit bewildering. Maybe a holdover from Cold War nationalist chest-thumping?
      At any rate, I have that slated for Tuesday already.

    2. The double standard between how they are treating the antics of the US men's swim team and their contempt for Gabby Douglas is simply breathtaking.

    3. I suspect there's a good chunk of sublimated ILLEGALS!! In there.

      A white, anglophone citizen being subject to the authority of brown, portuguese speaking foreigners is uncomfortable for Freepers on general principle; context is secondary.

    4. They take any perceived mistreatment of Ryan Lochte very personally because he is one of them... He has no brain.

  6. This whole love and adoration of Mother Russia is truly a bizarre new trend in the American far right. They are all creaming their pants for Russia and holding Russia up as the absolute ideal. You would never have seen right wingers praising Russia even 20 years ago.