Monday, August 1, 2016

Clinton justifies the means

Freeper Vendome argues that mocking Bill Clinton for seeming to nod off during Hillary's speech isn't fair game: Not really fair game. He is obviously not doing well and it was clearly visible as he read a computer screen during the speech.

Freepers, having been fed the idea that conservatives must meet liberals' ends-justifies-the-means evil with needless ruthlessness of their own, take issue with the idea that anything isn't fair game:

katana knows all's fair in politics under the Democrats' black flag:
Sorry, but “fair game is for sports. And even then it doesn’t work if only one side’s playing “fair”. The Democrats have raised the black flag over every campaign since Johnson in ‘64 and I for one do not intend to give them any quarter in this one.
Chgogal confuses Bill being fair game with all attacks on Bill being fair game:
It is to fair game. Hillary is going to put Bill in charge the economy.
Scott from the Left Coast also thinks the Clintons are so evil anything is permissible:
Everything thrown at the Clintons is fair game...nothing is out of bounds used against these two lifelong criminals.
uncitizen knows liberals think everything is fair game!
The other side wouldn’t give us a break. Why should we give them one? Especially that predator rapist Bill Clinton. He’s the last guy who deserves our sympathy. Hopefully he’s suffering every day!
over3Owithabrain knows if you can't prove the strawman you've made up, you can at least use him to justify stuff!
Fair game? Bill Clinton s a perjuring rapist.
Perhaps not seeing where this leads, Syncro lists a bunch of Clinton conspiracies as an excuse to make up other conspiracies:
Bill Clinton is fair game 24/7

He and his wife consider American Patriotic Citizens fair game.

And also Navy SEALs and ambassadors.

They are responsible for over 30 deaths during their careers.

Bill and Hillary deserve to be shamed over anything.
longfellow - bank robberies, terrorism, murder, nothing compared to insufficient reverence for Reagan!
He’s plenty fair game. Look what they said about Reagan. These are the biggest enemies to this country.
9422WMR is sure Bill is next on Hillary's kill list:
When it comes to the Clintons, nothing is off the table.
Are you unaware of the damage these bastards have done to our country?
Get real here, we are fighting for the survival of this nation. 
And old Bill? Hill is setting him up to die as the October surprise for the sympathy vote from the idiots.
NFHale is at the point where he's justified assassination, blackmail, false flag terrorism...
RE “...Not really fair game...”

Au contraire.

All’s fair when the Country is at stake.

Whatever it takes to win, do it.
MaxistheBest thinks any sense of propriety means you're a Liberal:
“Not really fair game.”

It usually takes awhile, but it always comes votes for the perp, twice I’m guessing.

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  1. All heterosexual intercourse is rape, according to ultra-hardcore militant feminists... and Freepers.