Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hillary's secret illness

Conspiracies on the right aren't quite organic. Because the right doesn't trust most of the media, there are only a few places with any gravitas and sufficient delusion to be Gatekeepers of the Grazy - Drudge, conservativetreehouse...erm...that's it. Maybe Alex Jones soon. And often these serve as sources to Hannity, and thence to the world at large!

These are the worthies that pick conspiracy theories from the primordial ooze of Freeper-type's obsessive speculation. Rather than anything like credibility or political efficacy, the real key for a theory to bubble up to this second level of right wing fever seems to be a picture - the right are a visual people.

So it has been with Hillary having some kind of neurological disorder. Close readers of this blog will have seen the organic component constantly bubbling every few weeks or so, like Mr. Apple and her weight or haircutter and Secret Agent Man this past Monday.

But now Drudge has posted a picture from a year ago when Hillary stumbled on the stairs. And theconservativetreehouse is all in on a Hillary body man carrying an autoinjector. And I can't tell if it's born of desperation, spite, or plain delusion, but Freepers are, of course, on the case.

Moonman62 may want to check who the Vice President is:
Crazy senile old bitc* bed ridden or locked in closet while Slick runs the show.

I think Slick is just as feeble as she is.
JLAGRAYFOX mixes enthusiasm with phrases like 'high on reefer:'
If there is any American that votes for this bad health farce of a woman, Hillary Clinton......they have to be high on reefer, stoned drunk. Or just plain insane!!! Go figure!!!
tired&retired has the speculation that I thought would catch on:
MayflowerMadam found another example of Hillary tripping!
And I guess “she lost her balance” in that video of her walking onto the plane — and fell flat on her drunk face.
Dr. Pritchett knows the symptoms:
She was probably just goofing around!! You know, like with the facial seizures. Ha ha ha. What a maroon!
rlmorel over-analyzes this picture and finds proof of weirdness:
What I found fascinating about this video is the look on the reporter's faces...

We can't see her face, but this tells you they are seeing something completely unexpected and bizarre when Hillary's head and face begin bobbing around.

The woman on the left is obvious, she is bugged out by what she sees. As the recording progresses, it is clear this screenshot isn't just a frozen frame at the "wrong" time for the person. She goes from recording mode to "WTF" mode as she recoils from Clinton.
It is remarkable footage. As you watch the woman in the middle and the man on the right, they progress from being in the "recording our candidate" mode, to puzzlement, then back to "recording our candidate: mode.

The one on the left though is completely weirded out. Wonder what she saw. (maybe the forked tongue accidentally slipped out past her lips?"
PJammers tells everyone what's really going on. No one cares:
The picture is from a Mirror article from February. In the article they claim she lost her balance.
djstex thinks this unskews the polls:
HILLARY CONQUERS THE STAIRS per Drudge Report Headlines.

Wow! She’s struggling to get up some steps but supposedly up in the polls. HA!
Go Trump!!
GrandJediMasterYoda may even be serious:
Life is not easy when you are possessed by a demon.
sport thinks Hillary planted this on Drudge:
There is not a damn thing wrong with Hillary’s health. This is just bull shit propaganda being put out so that pepole will feel sorry for her.
sport then explains that he's so crazy he loops back to sane - he won't believe Hillary is ill because Benghazi:
She is still breathing isn’t she? If she is, there is nothing wrong with her. She is in a hell of alot better condition than Ambassador Stevens, the four guts at Ben Gazhi, and Vince Foster.
lafroste's future conspiracy theory cites 'Patterns of Force.' Fun, but not really deep.
Through hillary, the globalists will try to pull a Weekend at Bernie’s on us.

It reminds me of that Star Trek TOS episode where the evil nazis kept their leader heavily drugged and trotted him out from time to time to give orders to go to war.
Thank You Rush found another liberal who tripped once!!!
That reminds me of a picture of Teresa Heinz Kerry doing exactly that must be when Kerry ran with Edwards...she needed both hands on the railing to get up the steps. I have looked for the picture since and haven’t been able to find it. I think it was assumed at the time in her case, she was pretty well looped!!!

I’m sure Hillary is a lot of the time also but in these pictures, can’t guess as to the cause!
Texan5 gets with the diagnosis - drugs and booze and fatness!
She acts like other people who take a of cocktail psychotropic drugs for anxiety, depression, etc-I’ll bet real money that is what is going on with her, too-look at her bizarre mood swings and zoned out behavior-hell, maybe she is bi-polar...

That extra 50 or so lbs she is carrying around isn’t doing her joints any good, either, so she may be taking heavy-duty pain meds, too-she has obviously not been eating healthy for a long, long time or getting any execise-and I suspect she drinks more than most of us do-no way does that loon need to be within 100 miles of the WH again-her husband would just be running things again anyway ...
reformedliberal diagnoses anti-schizophrenia drugs! Now we're talkin'!!
Looks like a mild or drug-mediated version of Tardive Dystonia. Repetitive facial tics, insecure balance, inappropriate use of words. Can be caused by various psych meds.The internet articles all point to anti-schizophrenic meds, but I know someone who has TD from standard anti-anxiety drugs and GI meds subsequent to cancer treatment/chemo. Can be tamped down with other meds, but otherwise incurable.

Bright, motivated people can play off the symptoms and they become less easy to spot while the patient is actively trying to control themselves.

Not a doctor and I don’t play one on the Internet, but I’ve seen this sort of syndrome before.
Sioux-san never trips. Also she's another Freeper woman who doesn't want women in office:
Hillary and I are both about the same age, yet I don’t need assistance getting up the steps, and I sure don’t wave my head around uncontrollably with my eyes bugged out as a “joke” in front of strangers - Never voluntarily give ammo to Enemy.

This is not anti-woman... although as a woman, I am 100% against a woman as POTUS. As long as women have to point out that one of their serious qualifications is because of their vagina/race/ethnicity, count me out.
Vermont Lt trusts his animal instincts:
Isn’t it interesting how we can look at little things and sense something is not “right.” And based on individual experiences, we dig into our past to “give it a name.”

I am not making fun of your answer, nor am I questioning it.

I guess it’s an animal instinct, not wanting to be around someone that is “weak.”

The Dems will say we should be more evolved. Ha ha. Jokes on them.
tet68 also with the instincts:
I guess it’s an animal instinct, not wanting to be around someone that is “weak.”

A strong horse or a burned out nag, tough choice.
Besides she’s liable to bite you.
nascarnation is already writing the fan fiction:
Kaine would likely resign for health reasons or be Arkancided.

And be replaced by Speaker Pelosi.
SaveFerris may have missed that Drudge was the guy who started this:
Bet that won’t be seen on NBC/CBS/CNN/ABC/Yahoo/New York Times.

Let’s get that pic to Drudge, everyone.
Bobalu tries to turn this back to hating Hillary for her policies:
She seems extremely frail to me :-/

I could accept someone as POTUS who needed help ascending a small flight of stairs.

I CANNOT however accept someone as POTUS who needs help making the correct moral decisions of the office!

If it were Trump needing a bit of physical assistance I would cut him the slack because I know in my heart he is the right man for the presidency in 2016.

Hillary gets no pass from me in regard to her lack of morality.

Hillary is broken.
Windflier really gets down to why this speculation has such appeal to Freepers:
Just f’n die already.

Post of the thread!


  1. "Post of the thread!"

    i gotta admit -- posts of pure exasperated despair are my favorites too. november cannot come soon enough.

  2. Sigh... Snopes has an article on the head bobbing, along with the entire video. Three people shove mics in her face and start talk loudly all at once. There's nothing out of the ordinary about that, Freepers.

  3. I knew it wouldn't take long for Freepers to find some way to hate the black members of the US women's gymnastics team, and they didn't disappoint.

    They like the girl with the rosary who used her religiosity to overcome her sad ghetto orphan past. The uppity one, not so much.

  4. What happened to Twinkie? I guess with Trump tanking in the polls and displaying massive incompetence in regards to campaigning, it's difficult to get the bile going. It must be hard to accept that reality that Romney's performance in 2012 will be regarded as the final halcyon days for the party.

    1. I don't believe that was ever the real FP Twinkie, anyway. Look back at the highlight of "her" on this blog. The writing in the comments here is exaggerated with the "you'uns", etc.

      Suspecting this, I *may* have run a few comments text through a gender guessing program, and it came up "male with feminine traits". AKA a troll pretending to be an old lady.

      No. I'm not obsessed! *You're* obsessed! It was a slow day and I was bored, ok?

    2. The FR twinkie also claims to be a 70+ married woman, has similar "speech" patterns and has been there since 2003. If it is a troll it is a persistent and dilugent one; right down to mimicking the exact same epithets for HRH Hilary I.

    3. No, I didn't mean to imply the FP Twinkie is fake. I believe that one. I mean the one that posts here, claiming to be 2 different people who hate each other, yet have weirdly distinctive, identical language and typing styles.

  5. "It reminds me of that Star Trek TOS episode where the evil nazis kept their leader heavily drugged and trotted him out from time to time to give orders to go to war."

    So, in this strained metaphor, Hillary actually has the best of intentions but is being drugged and mislead by the DNC, who want to impose repressive laws and exterminate the more enlightened... true conservatives?

    Yeah, Freeper thinks he's a repressed minority just moments away from death camps. Sounds about right. But I do love the innocent Hillary he's accidentally created.

    1. I always love Freepers that love Star Trek, especially considering late Roddenberry's life that he took positions that Freepers haaaate.

    2. Yeah, that's weirded me out for a whike, considering the Federation is a socialist paradise, which has literally eliminated money within its borders.

      But then, they *are* great at double-think. I like to picture them screaming to the heavens when Khan spike at the DNC.


  6. Hillary actually dying (or being so ill as to force her withdrawal) would be the worst possible thing that could happen. Trump only has a chance cause she's also very unpopular. Kaine or probably even old drunk uncle Joe would probably win in a walk.

    1. An unexpected take.

      To me, the chaos it would cause in the Democratic Party would seem to counteract any boost the replacement might get for not being Hillary.
      The election is just too close to make such a change without significant loss due to voter anxiety about said change, IMO.

      I feel your frustration about Free Republic lately, but it's never been the place for principled conservativism and debate; Trump's just making the dominance of tribalism stand out more than it did.
      Being a weird contrarian moderate/liberal, I comment on principled conservative forums. Wouldn't dream of commenting on Freep.

      Maybe Trump will be a crucible upon which the GOP becomes a principled small government party. I could get behind that.