Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Now that the Olympics are over, there seems to be something like a likely story coming out of the American swimmers who were held by Rio authorities on suspicion of filing a fake robbery report. As expected, nobody covered themselves in glory.

There are competing narratives, but in my opinion what happened were these three US swimmers were out late and broke into a restroom to go to the bathroom. Property damage ensued and a guard held them at gunpoint until they paid $50 for the damage. After some hemming and hawing, the swimmers did so, and then promptly filed a police report. The police, once they realized things were not what they seemed, got hurt national pride and held the two non-Lochte swimmers who remained in the country until they apologized for lying to make Rio look bad.

Tl; dr: nothing makes petty things blow up like adding some nationalism to the mix. Freepers, who see the world as one big bunch of tools to serve their domestic agenda, see Rio as a proxy for Mexico or something and go full on truther on the thing. As is often the case with Freeper truther fiestas, later posts became dumb minutia and petty squabbling. But early on, Freepers really got their teeth into some Rio bashing.

dfwgator ramps up the drama to a level waaaay beyond what this could support:
America Held Hostage : Day One.
stars & stripes forever hates the Olympics now:
The Olympics have turned into a cesspool of political correctness, global warming, and anti-Americanism. Its time is over.
There was drama in the leadup, but I thought the Rio Olympics went pretty smoothly, all things considered. I'll bet BinaryBoy will remember an unmitigated disaster:
It was a mistake to allow them to host the Olympics. They should never be allowed to have any international event there again.
Sirius Lee has also concluded that Brazil sucks, and the reason is because Brazilians are so lazy they got colonized:
Ah, remember how all the economic and financial geniuses were flapping their mouths on about how the U.S. was doomed and the BRICs were the future?

You''d have to be an idiot to have anything to do with Brazil. You can plop a people on the richest resources on the planet, but if the people are useless the resources will just sit there either being walked upon or utilized to catch turds. That's Brazil.
Speaking of denying sovereignty, EinNYC - Brazil is too far below America for us to respect their laws:
Brazil, especially Rio, has proven to be such a lawless, disease-and-crime-ridden cesspool, it’s really a chutzpah to demand any legal procedures from the U.S. team. Is Brazil just trying to get something over on the U.S.?
IllumiNaughtyByNature tells a story I hadn't heard, which is proof of a coverup:
Don’t forget the Olympic official who was shot in the head when he made a wrong turn while using a navigator app. Didn’t hear about it? They hushed it up pretty fast.
Something tells me Bullish isn't talking about Iran-Contra...
Well, since now we have a potus that pays ransoms anything can happen.
TChad is also into using this to bash Obama:
It’s time for Obama to visit Brazil and demonstrate just how low he can bow.
Hey, it's dalereed! And he has as story that I wouldn't believe from most Freepers, but from him...
In every other country in the world, all participants in anything contraversatly in an accident or illegal is guilty until proved innocent.

When I crashed my airplane in Mexico I was held under house arrest for three weeks and all my passengers for a little over a week.


  1. IBTW (In Before The WRINKLIE) ...

    see you in Hell, WRINKLIE !!!

    Now for the matter at hand:

    Freepers just can't stand seeing anyone south of the Rio Grande having a more successful life than they could ever eke out in their 70+ years of constant failures and stupid choices.

    1. Twinkie is a very angry person.

      He/she oozes contempt for anyone else who has established themselves because Twinkie is simply jealous.

      I'm also convinced that Twinkie has some serious mental issues that likely include multiple personality disorder.

  2. As for dalereed ...

    In Mexico, flying drunk is as illegal as driving drunk, even for Americans.

  3. Wait! Did the Freepers enthusiastically celebrate Rio beating out Chicago as Olympic host?

    1. http://vikingkitties.blogspot.com/2009/10/knee-jerk-opposition.html

    2. Why, yes, they did celebrate Rio back when they thought it made President Obama look bad for Chicago losing the bid. Hell, they post the shooting deaths in Chicago daily, like President Obama is somehow to blame for Chicago's crime. I guess if there was a bad pineapple harvest in Hawaii some year, that would be his fault, as well for being born there...oh, wait a minute, they don't think he was born there.

    3. The bad harvest was clearly a false flag to cover up the death of someone involved with the false birth certificate. I need to check my self for heavy metal poisoning brb.