Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Reality break

It seems to me, without any evidence of it, that Obama prefers campaigning to Presidenting. So I'm kind of excited for him that hes going to spend a month campaigning with Hillary.

I'm also excited for Hillary - Obama is pretty damn popular now that the GOP hate machine has been redirected.

Freepers though? They're also excited, because they have hilariously convinced themselves Obama is as hated in the rest of America as he is on Free Republic. And if there were any doubts as to Freepers' growing anxieties, they're beginning to pin their hopes on an October surprise.

HamiltonJay has not been checking the polls, I guess:
Good, Obama is TOXIC folks, more he campaigns for her, lower she’ll go.

Obama is just as toxic today as Clinton was in 2000 and Bush was in 2008.. the only difference is, he’s too big of an egomaniac to realize it... and the press are to scared to admit it as well.

More Hillary and Obama are seen, together and separately, the lower she will poll.
HomerBohn is also sure Obama is hated:
This fatuous action on the part of the non-American president is welcome news. He’ll help Hillary all right! He’ll drag her fat ass so far down in the polls that she’ll think she’s in Hell!
mvonfr just goes with Obama being cursed or something:
Given that everything Obama does turns into manure, no objections.
hsmomx3 thinks campaigning is just an excuse for the extravagant lifestyle the right is convinced the Obamas lead:
He and Moochie will spend as much as they can get away with at our expense.
HarleyLady27 is enthusiastic, and insisting that optimism is totally warranted, which is never a good sign:
OH HELL YEAH!!! This way, he’s out of the White House, he’s flying around on Hillary’s broom....and not playing golf....

Trump in the meantime is planning the ‘flames of hell of October’ to land them two into the fires of hell....

Oh Yeah, we can do this!!!
factoryrat is also looking forward to October nastiness:
Come October, Trump is going to unleash a shitstorm on hitlery, especially that close to the election. Obama getting caught up in that shitstorm is a nice bonus.
Never one to be outdone, Honorary Serb is counting on October terrorism:
What’s obama going to do if there is a HUGE terrorist attack in October?

Now that the world’s terrorists know how the POTUS plans to spend October, IMHO this seems likely!!!!
Buckeye McFrog knows what Obama supporting Hillary means...

January 19, 2017


  1. Honorary Serb: "Help us, terrorists; you're our only hope"
    To be fair, Glenn Beck went there back in 2009, insisting that the only hope for American democracy was a Al Qaeda detonating a nuclear weapon on American soil

  2. The last year and half Bush's approval numbers were around 35-30% and only went down.

    Obama has been going up since Jan., he's at 50% right now.

    He's only toxic to Freeper's.

  3. Retired Lt. Col. Gives His Purple Heart to Donald Trump

    "Trump is injured by liberals, globlist and purple Heart had its meaning."

    "Say what you want about Mr Trump, but he always seems incredibly humble and respectful of our Vets. You can trust a President by how he treats our greatest heroes."

    No one so far at Free Republic sees the humor in Donnie's comment to the veteran, “Man, that’s like big stuff,” Mr. Trump said. “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart — this was much easier. But I’ll tell you, it was such an honor.”

    Yes, having someone give you their medal is indeed "easier" than being wounded in combat, Donnie. Honestly, what a strange thing to say. Nobody wants to be wounded, do they? I suspect Donald "5 Deferments" Trump did not know what a Purple Heart is, what it represents. What a buffoon,

    1. Pardon me, it seems there is another thread on the same subject and at the end of it someone finally notices and says,

      "Poorly worded. No one wants to get a Purple Heart."

      "No, but all the media will talk about will be his five draft deferments and his comments about always wanting a Purple Heart. "

    2. Good night... just what is going on with this guy.

      The fact that he will still get between 30-45% of the popular vote is just out of this world.

    3. Heh .. I can't wait for HardlyALady69 to rationalize this one away ;)

    4. Trump got his feeling hurt by the meanie liberals, which is the same as being wounded, therefor he deserves a Purple Heart? That's what they're going with? Oy vey.

  4. Want to see something funny?

    Trump campaign asks Capitol Hill to back him in Khan controversy

    The article reads, "The appeal did not generate any help for Trump." lol

    I suppose it is possible that Donnie might win but I don't know anybody giving even money.

    If Donnie's Party does not have his back, who does?

    1. Why, "we, the people" of course!

    2. Send him some money and...
      ...please clap.

    3. RIP Jeb Bush's campaign

  5. Would some of our Freeper readers please post this to Free Republic?

    Paul Krugman predicts a ‘derp spiral’ when Trump realizes he’s likely to lose

  6. And so it begins,

    "The polls are fake.


    Don’t fall for the same old thing this time. We’ve done that for decades.

    We must stay the course. The only way we can get a different result is to try a different tack."

    Put all your money on Donnie! The polls are fake!

    1. Can't wait for the "Trump"-skewed polls

      They'll be yuge

    2. Yeah. Just like they were skewed for Obama the last two times. Except, now McCain and Romney were always garbage. And that would totally be Freeper's opinions now even if they had won.

      We've always been at war with Eastasia. And skewed polls are why we lost the last to elections - people thought they were gonna lose, so they didn't show up. It had nothing to do with not liking the candidates that we currently always hated.

    3. "More Hillary and Obama are seen, together and separately, the lower she will poll."

      i can feel the dissonance through my keyboard.

      one minute, the polls are rigged; next minute, the polls will move in our favor; minute after that, the polls are rigged ... rinse and repeat.

    4. Just wait just wait! Trump's playing six dimensional chess and he's about to conjure up a Niagara of disaffected Sanders voters for the win! Oh yeah he also about to depant the MSM.

  7. Bellflower, a Freeper since 2000, writes a little vanity post.

    "Bill's Ladies"

    "Get this out to those who can run with it. A movie needs to be made fast and well called "Bill's Ladies". It needs to start way back in Arkansas or sooner. It should show the deputies going out to pick up women for him. It doesn't need to actually show them murdering women to cover up his tracks, but just show his relationship with them and then that they are dead and it is labeled suicide, they are cremated and all with a gun shot to the back of the head. Show all the stories in order. Make sure that people's hearts go out to the women, which shouldn't be hard. Make it suspenseful. Emphasize Hillary as enabler. Make the movie play people's heart strings. Make it very emotional. The dems falsely play people's emotions. We can truthfully make them cry. A movie like this WILL decimate the Clintons."

    This is where the chickens come home to roost. For decades the Republicans have been telling tall tales about the Clintons. Now that they need people to believe that Hillary is a super villain, nobody does.

    Those old Arkancide stories do not get any traction, do they? Who is buying this bullshit now, Bellflower? Who?

  8. Hillary Retweets Palin's Son-in-Law Calling for Trump Apology on Muslim Remarks

    2banana writes of Dakota Meyer a Medal of Honor winner,

    "I guess he appreciated man boy love Thursday nights..."


    Free Republic has always been crazy but this is it, I am calling it, this is peak crazy.

    1. well he speaks ill of the anointed one. I'm pretty sure if Regan himself climbed out of his grave and denounced Trump the Freepers would get a rather stiff hate boner for the gripper rather quick.

    2. I weep for my FRiends. I posted a congratulatory pic of Bristol and Dakota, now happily married, with lovely daughter Sailor, and the post got pulled!?!?
      I guess that joyfully righted new family of a CMoH recipient and a Palin grandaughter was just too damn offensive.

  9. Where IS Queen Hillary? Ya'll SURE she's up
    to the job? First Laddie in Waiting Bill
    looked awful peaked and pale the other night.
    He's Twinkie's age & I can attest to the
    naptime lag every afternoon.

    Donald Trump gave a really good speech at the
    Republican convention.

    Until Yeshua HaMaschiach (Christ) returns to
    this earth to govern the Universe; man's
    efforts are lacking. - Women's efforts weaker
    at best. A society where the men have bowed
    to the rule of women is a PANTYWAIST
    PROLETARIAT with a male population of mostly
    PAJAMA BOYS nursing at baby bottles filled
    with pasteurized milk.

    By hook or by crook, Hillary *may* win this
    election; but we all better pray we will
    soon see the ample backsides of the
    Clintons scurrying out of the city back to
    Arkansas to run their double-wide Clinton

    Twinkie King

    1. So what are you going to do if she wins?

    2. Not feelin too confident tonight twink?

    3. God willing, IF "she" & Bill win, I
      will get up the next morning, fix
      breakfast & all that stuff. Pour some
      more bullets for my old Smith &
      Wesson, feed & water DUB & BOO-BOO,
      get AUNT HANNIE a bath IF I can get
      her to cooperate, take my "free"
      meds (I PAY for my own meds.), and
      keep on keeping on, get FANG straight
      on his plans for the day, cook meals
      for the day, wash clothes down at the
      river if it's not too hot which it
      will be so I will wash them in the
      automatic washer, dry what I can on
      the clothesline, too hot to run the
      electric dryer; then etc. . . . .
      then take an afternoon nap secure in
      the knowledge that our President &
      her First Laddie will be taking their
      afternoon snoozefests, then etc.,

      If Christ returns that night, I'll
      go to meet him in the air & hope that
      the changes in physical structure
      will render me no longer getting
      altitude nausea & hoping that I will
      still be able to ride the horse
      that will be provided for me for
      the glorious return of Messiah


  10. Www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3455829/posts

    No love for CMoH recipient Dakota Meyer.

  11. Speaking of a reality break, or a break with reality: look how they're bitching about paying money to Iran but forget that Reagan sold weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages. Yet St. Ronald Reagan is still The Greatest.

    1. Well, see, that's because Iran paid *us* in that transaction. And we gave them guns, which as we all know, bring peace a d stability wherever they are distributed.

    2. Did we even get the hostages?

    3. Some. Only 1 released shortly after the arms deal in 1986. Some died, one escaped. It officially ended in '92.


  12. Replies
    1. An unemployed coke addict with a murky past? What's Laz got to do with this?!

    2. Or Dubya, for that matter...wait, we never seen Lazamataz or Dubya in the same place....