Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Not sure what show he watched, but Timpanagos1 is sure Michelle Obama's speech was a disaster, and thinks she was booed:
Michelle’s speech was not well received and we know that she probably did not write the speech. Voters will look back on her speech and simply based on that, vote for Trump. They booed her.

Cory Booker was a non factor as all he is concerned about is his run for the presidency in 2020. They booed him.

Bernie could not bring himself to endorse Trump. The Bernie Brats and pisssed and will Turn to Trump on Election Day.
goldstategop is also convinced the Democratic convention was just awful:
Hillary will get no convention bounce.

I don’t think any sane person is watching the freak show.

If they had held a Democratic convention and no one cared, what about the rest of the race?

Hillary is gonna leave Philadelphia weighed down by baggage and more damaging email dumps yet to come.

Plus, we’re entering the dead zone of August when people are looking to the Olympics and she’s gonna struggle to be seen.

Love it!
JLAGRAYFOX is spending all day desperately posting that everyone in America hates Democrats like he does:
The DNC is a “never-never” land fantasy. I rate it a “D-”!!! It is naught but, filled with nutcases living in the past supposed, glory & total failure of their liberal, socialist credo!!! Their beloved Obama/Clinton, media cannot save them this time. The American people have caught on to their scam, from A-Z. And....that egomaniac, Obama, that deadbeat Tim Kaine, the idiot of the universe, Joe Biden...think they done good....they are dreaming in their self-created fantasy bubble. Little or, no bounce for Clinton from this fantasy convention of low life democrats, America haters and bigots!!!
EnglishOnly also insists the DNC was a universally acknowledged disaster. These posts are all from different threads, BTW.
The DNC and MSM are going into full blown panic mode.

The Desperation is so very obvious, The DNC is out of control and they have been caught in a trap is so, so, very TRUE!


OH YES, Trump laid the Bait, and the DEMS are good as in the NET!
I still think Trump could win, but Freepers' badly-hidden anxiety is very encouraging. Billthedrill is already unskewing.
I wouldn’t worry about it at all, not at this point at least. We have the nominees and it will be less and less possible to hide their real numbers as time goes on. For a time the MSM will be declaring victory. Ignore it.
You go first, Boogieman:
If you know the civil war is inevitable, it would be prudent to start shooting first...
BeauBo is seriously hoping for a crusade:
I hope that this wakes up the Pope, and starts the mobilization of the Catholic Church.
faithhopecharity - massive terrorism, any day now!
If they’re not all sent home soon, USA will be doomed. At the very least, mass Moslem terrorist gangster attacks in our cities and schools and neighborhoods. Eventually, they’ll take over just like they already have in 56 other countries around the world
semantic has this familiar-sounding theory about Europe's genes being wimpified by World War I so it's elites are selling their country to brown people?
Europe died in 1914. Millions upon millions upon millions of the best stock was eliminated in their 20s. Who survived, who remained? Why, the non-fighters who were either in the back lines or simply avoided the war.

This is why Euros are so passive, and why it's practically inconceivable to understand why they don't fight back.

If you were a political leader who understood history and was completely aware of the situation, then why wouldn't you go for the brass ring? That is, a lot of money is being made facilitating immigration - real estate (housing) for one. If you knew there was no risk of push-back from the people, then why not maximize your take?

That is what is occurring - it's simply one group of people in politics/finance/industry at war with their citizens ... and the citizens are pushovers. And the new muslim citizens are no threat either - the MENA was/has been run by dictators for centuries. They are very very easy to manage & control.

So it's win-win for the elite. Once you understand what's occurring, you can either play the game yourself to make some coin, be depressed, or risk opposing the state.
TheNext totally has a tech degree and is here to tell you, as an expert, horseless carriages self-driving cars cannot work:
200 YEARS AWAY from reliable self driving cars.

And I have all relevant University Tech degrees and experience. I counted 50 defects in a minor self driving gadget. Unless the stakeholder has the relevant background, people do not know how to count defects.

Govt loves robot cars because they can track your every move. So they let big corporations hide the defects.

Tell your insurance company those 3 accidents on your motor record are really zero.

What will your insurance company tell you??
Pontiac has found the last True Democrat:
there hasn’t been any Democrats in the US for 50 years at least. Ronald Reagan may have been one of the last before he switched to Republican.

Democrats are Socialist or Communist so why not come out of the closet as you are so fond of saying. Admit the truth and suffer the consequences.
Not really understanding it, nopardons tries to invoke white privilege:
Kaine brings what to the ticket exactly? More whiteness?

More white PRIVILEGE, more corruption, more DIRTY MONEY & GIFTS, more pay to play, and someone who is even more boring to listen to than Hillary.
nopardons also has this addled theory about Obama's personal life being controlled by Valerie Jarrett:
Screwy Louis has his OWN place of "worship" and he NEVER went to Rev. Wright's "church", except to "talk"!

Valerie Jarret made him go there and also made hi marry the MOOCHIE, because the Blacks would NEVER have voted for wee barry for ANYTHING, had he not been married and not gone to a church!

Biggirl with this old chestnut:
I think that Bernie was threatened by the Clintons.
Mariner knows what's happening with Democrats:
These Democrats can't seem to see even ONE step ahead of their estrogen filled frenzy.
factoryrat has a great plan for how to deal with our nukes in Turkey. I think you can guess what it is:
If turkey refuses to let us pull them out, or tries to take them, I say detonate them in place. Not destroy them, DETONATE them, all at once. Oh, and dial them up to max yield before we do.
There's another slow moving thread on the Civil War. DiogenesLamp argues that the war was about slavery, but not for the side you think!
The point here is that the Northerners DOMINATED the slave Trade, and thereafter DOMINATED the cotton (produce of slaves) trade. They were up to their eyeballs in profit from slavery, and their main objection was that their profits would stop.
kearnyirish2 really thinks Democrats do not feed their kids:
Don’t Democrats feed their kids?

No, Democrats look to Republican taxpayers to feed their kids (and house them, pay for their schooling, etc.); at this point in NYC they even keep the free lunch program going in some schools over the summer...

Tilted Irish Kilt has a lot of contempt for Bernie Sanders being so OCD as to try to continue to fight for his ideals!
As I heard it , Bernie only wanted a plane,.. and paid staff to continue his one man revolution.
Obviously, the wife doesn't want him home and underfoot !!

He already got Hitlary to move her political issues to the left; now he wants to continue the "revolution".
I believe that this OCD behavior is what got him thrown out of the Israeli kibbutz in his younger years.

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  1. Sorry, Timpanagos1, but when the booing is only coming from you, at your tv, it doesn't count.

    Sometimes these Freepers make me wonder if I'm deluding myself like they are when I perceive the RNC as being badly coordinated. Thankfully, people outside my echo chamber also agree, so the feeling passes quickly.