Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Perhaps we do not surround them...

Freepers' understanding of the electorate changes with what they are feeling. So when they lose, they are the sole noble truth tellers in a sea of greedy sheep. When they talk about the Trump landslide, they are the vanguard of a triumphant silent majority at last fed up with America.

But something has changed, I think, when Freepers suddenly stop talking about giving the speech that convinces America Freepers are right, and start talking about using guile to slip their policies in under the door via seemingly innocuous laws or the courts.

This is what has happened with abortion. Not one year ago Freepers were convinced this surveillance video would awaken America's disgust with abortion and sweep it from our Constitution.

Yet now, when Trump's veep Pence says Trump's SCOTUS will overturn Roe v. Wade, Freepers almost unanimously freak the fuck out that abortion policy isn't being made in secret. No one else noticed, from what I can see, but Freepers no longer seem to think abortion will drive people to the polls like it used to:

BobL thinks this is another Trump masterstroke:
...and guess who get the headlines tomorrow?

Tenacious 1, though, knows you need to ban abortion secretly!
Why would they say that? Are they trying to motivate the liberals? It’s not necessary. Great to plan for it. Stupid to announce it.

hinckley buzzard hates conservatives that are super extreme:
Dumb to announce this. Why?

Because Pence is the worst kind of conservative politician, one who just can't wait to say something that will taint the campaign with ill-considered extremism. We had several of these idiots in the last couple elections-- and they all lost winnable races.
supremedoctrine knows the left gets overwrought about abortion:
Dumb to announce it. It will be quoted every day somewhere in the media every day until election day. And it feeds right into the overwrought scenario of returning to the days of wire coat hangers.
magna carta thinks this is a great idea - lets start a national baby-having initiative!
we need to up our tribes-he can link it back to Islam
comebacknewt also thinks mentioning abortion only helps liberals:
“talking” about stopping it does nothing but fire up the other side.
Randy Larsen is panicking:
WHY say this now? WHY not wait until Trump has been elected? Why now damn it why???
Randy Larsen is not happy with Pence:
This pisses me off so bad I’m starting to think Pence was a major mistake. GD I’m pissed off!
Randy Larsen remembers when Free Republic focused only on elections, not on principles:
Why don’t you and your idiot friends not understand that he HAS NOT BEEN ELECTED YET!!! Get it through your thick skulls that anything he might say he would do doesn’t mean squat if he’s not elected in the first damn place. I always though that most FReepers were pretty smart but tonight has been a real game changer.

My heart breaks for

We used to understand the nemesis.
Nifster thinks Pence is working for the enemy:
Pence is trying to sink Trump. He keeps making statements that aren’t necessary and in fact hurt

It’s the economy stupid and radical Islamic terrorism. Stick to those and you win
ZULU also straps on the Pence-tin foil. Could Sekret Muslim be far behind?
Pence may be an establishment plant. Remember he supports TPP. Watch him Trump. Don’t trust anyone. The Clintons, thanks to scamming their foundation, are billionaires. They buy people. Probably bought McConnell and Ryan and Boehner. Go see :Hillary’s America.
sagar, though, thinks America yearns for a war on abortion, and the women that get them!
Double down! Call for imprisonment and first degree sentencing for murdering “doctors” and accomplice “mothers”. Meet somewhere in the middle — “doctors” get 20 years with the possibility for parole after 10 years and “mothers” get life with the possibility of parole after menopause.
right way right is another who thinks every time Trump does something super dumb, it's exposure which makes Trump a genius:
As far as I am concerned, this is timed by the Trump campaign. Tomorrow Trump sucks up the weekend news cycle. He is an expert. I believe he can handle this to his advantage.

Instead of panicking I’m going to watch what Trump does with it.
Secret Agent Man is another paranoid Pence hater:
check dnc email leaks for any going to pence.
There are really only a very few who don't think you should hide your pro-Life under a bushel. They're overrepresented here, because they're so crazy. huldah1776 starts with a little mild delusion:
America is more pro-life than the truthful/s media portrays.
huldah1776 then adds this odd view of our system of checks and balances:
It can be done by passing a law making it illegal and having the President sign it. The SCOTUS has to follow the law. Roe V Wade is unconstitutional.

For all- the Biblical consequence for a nation that legalizes Child Sacrifice is invasion and conquest. It is also unforgivable on that level (not the personal level).
Conservative Gato is full-on 'we surround them.'
The truth is we have to defeat this leftist culture if we are to get this country back on track.

Most of all, we have to quit giving this leftist culture all this power over us, that they have established over many decades through many ways like, news media, entertainment industry, education, etc. It’s time we learn to ignore them because of their failed ideology and it is a failed ideology in so many ways that conservatives here understand.

You will also have to understand, only about 20% of Americans identify themselves with this failed ideology. They are a small minority but they control much of the influences (see paragraph above) in this country to make themselves look like a bigger presence than they really are. This is right out of the Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals” playbook to make themselves look like a bigger movement that what it really is.

The great thing is we’ve been blessed with a leader like Trump that understands who the opposition really is and is smashing right through their evil playbook. He is taking them head on and he needs all of our support in order to defeat them.

I hope you come to understand, it’s a brand new day and a brand new fight. Together, if we all stand up to them, we can defeat the evil that has tried to take our country down. Donald Trump is showing us the way so please, do not get discouraged.

Randy Larsen thinks he's on reality TV or something:
I didn’t join to make friends. I’m here to try to save my country.

Get off my back! You don’t Know me and you sure as heck don’t have any right what so ever to tell me how I should express my opinion
jersey117 wants to double down:
I don’t think we should run from this. I think there is a powerful case to be made to paint hillary as the ultimate cold, evil, heartless person who supports the late term dismemberment of viable babies. Put it out there in stark graphic terms to the average person who may not know what an awful horrific act of violence it is.
scooby321 is not so optimistic:
Mike Pence we had the winning Issue and you just changed the subject

How did they shut Palin up and not him

Todd Akin could have won if he never gave an interview

Health Reasons bring in Newt
Kickass Conservative - the battle is lost:
Even if Conservative Justices are appointed, Roe v Wade will never be undone.

Those same Conservative Justices would rule for restrictions on Abortion (late term, viability, requiring Doctors to have Hospital Privileges, etc.) that the Liberals always oppose, but Abortion supported by Federal Law is here to stay.

The question was a setup and Mike Pence fell for it. He just gave the Rats a BIG HANGING CURVEBALL to use against Trump. Back Alleys and Wire Hangers here we come.

I am so sick of waiting for the other Shoe to drop with our Candidates. The Press protects Democrats and always looks to derail Republicans.
anton wants to get these religious nuts out of his GOP!
Trump leads a nationalist movement with an emphasis on God given American greatness. Not a religious movement. Or a life saving movement for the unborn. The Constitution is what it is. And, if followed would not have mandated abortion rights and taken those rights to deny abortions from to the states. But that does not translate into a Constitutional mandate for the Pro Life credo.

It is the religious zealots who demand that an Article be found in the Constitution that supports their position. Sorry Charlie. There isn’t one. Your candidates have gotten their asses kicked while the country has gone to Hell. For my part, I oppose abortion, but am not willing to have another 30 years of bad government to keep a political position that is a loser.


  1. I'm reading rumors that the RNC may offer "financial incentives" for Trump to drop out of the race and let the Republicans replace him.

    What would the Freepers say if this came about?

    1. Pretty much what they say now.

    2. Amazingly, a quick look says this is totally legal. It's not bribery under 18 USC s 201 because a candidate's not yet a public official. It's not vote buying under 18 USC s 597 because it's about who's running, not who's voting. If he's promised anything made possible by an Act of Congress you trip 18 USC s 600 graft, but I imagine all the dough would come straight out of Koch pocket

  2. To Freepers, Trump doesn't make mistakes.

    Apparently everything he does is some kind of brilliant maneuvering where even slightly questioning his judgment results in your being called a GOPe.

    I noticed there's been nothing about his screaming about a crying infant.

    Maybe that's a mistake and they just don't bring that up?

    1. I gotta be honest, RomneyGuy: that is the least crazy thing he has done in 48 hours
      EVERYBODY hates screaming babies
      In the world of criminal law, whenever a baby is murdered: what's the motive?
      "He just wouldn't stop crying"

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Right?!

      I love Gawker during campaign season and this season it's especially good!

      They posted (but I couldn't find the link to) a series of "Donald Trump 'Fuck Ups'" in the last 24 hours and it was a beautiful menagerie of crazy including the complaint against the baby and another one about an apparently-Democrat fire chief!

      Then there's his media spox claiming Kahn was killed because during Obama?

      This is perfect!

  3. To: Tenacious 1

    Why can’t Republicans be like Democrats and lie about what they will do once they are elected??? That is ALWAYS how Democrats get elected! Republican Party=Stupid Party. Period.

    15 posted on 07/28/2016 6:43:31 PM PDT by originalbuckeye ("In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell)

    Lie about what they'd do in office.

    Press calls them on their inconsistencies.

    Press is a bunch of Democrats.

    Mind you, check out the guy's tagline.

  4. Donnie has dropped to 30 cents on PredictIt after having been in the 33 to 34 cent range for quite some time.

  5. FANG just brought in some MURANO GLASS EGGS
    that he picked up yesterday to sell on

    I see ya'll are still a-vilifying TRUMP!
    . . and "FREEPERS"! What would ya'll do
    without "FREEPERS" to vilify? - Ugh! Spell-
    check is an overbearing BUTT. I had
    "vilify" spelled like I wanted it. V-I-L-L-I-
    F-Y-I-N-G; BUTT SPELLCHECK would not have

    AUNT HANNIE is still napping. Like Hitler-y,
    I guess. I'll bet she votes Hitler-y just to
    get back at me! :o(

    Old Pooter! HITLER-Y & HANNIE!!


    1. Reviling and denouncing Freepers is our raison d'etre twinkles. Without them we would be like you (Freepers) without ILLEGALS and MUSLIMS.

  6. Donnie is down to 29 cents on PredictIt. lol

  7. Donnie is down to 28 cents. lol

  8. Abortion is an unnatural, unmericiful recursive curse. It's cultural bulimia. It cannot sustain itself. We who know better and yet refuse to stop it and even engage in it with abortifacients, deserve to lose until nothing is left.

    Proverbs 8:36
    But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

    Isaiah 3:9
    The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

    Micah 6:8
    He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

    1. That and $4 will get you a cup of joe at Starbucks. Enjoy!

    2. That's a religious belief. You're free to believe it if you want, but it has no business determining laws and public policy. We are not a theocracy.

    3. War is an unnatural, unmericiful recursive curse. It's cultural bulimia. It cannot sustain itself.
      See how easy that is? I can say anything I want and say it's against God, and you have to go along with me or else explain why you're against God.

  9. But we are a Theocracy.

    Psalm 2:2-3
    The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

    Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

    1. You can't prove we're run on the Bible because the Bible says we're run on the Bible.

      Feel free to think abortion is morally wrong. I think America allows all sorts of morally wrong things, and vote and debate to end them; feel free to do the same.

      I'm a Unitarian, but sufficiently humble that I do not I believe I can discern the perfect morality from the Bible. Thus, I leave it to choice in places where I do not feel equipped.

    2. What Ozy said. You may as well "prove" that we're under Shariah law by quoting the Koran. But the U.S. is and always has been a secular country.

    3. Thanks Ozy. You are a gracious host.

      The Word of God is God.

      John 1
      In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

      May God reveal Himself to us all. Thanks for letting me post it here.

  10. Republicans (and conservatives) don't want an end to abortion ...

    they just want a return to the time when any upper middle class or rich white girl could go to any one of a number of doctors in any mid-sized city across America and "have a cyst removed", and everyone knew just to shut up about it.