Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NASA: Last month was Earth’s hottest in recorded history

Freepers love to scoff at global warming whenever there's a hint of snow on the ground. But it's been a really hot summer. Record-breaking apparently.
This leads Freepers to have to reach a bit more to discount claims of global warming. And the fallacies they reach for are really quite a testament to motivated reasoning.

dasboot goes with the usual imputing an agenda and refusing to engage:

Trying to stay relevant.

Want more dollars.

Their product is fear.

They must needs to debauch our virgins and throw them into the volcano.

We gots trouble! Right here in River City!
Another of those anti-human environmentalists, Bryanw92 wonders if maybe the temperature we evolved in might be suboptimal for 'the planet'
Statistical obfuscations and outright lies.

The big question is always “what is the perfect temperature for the planet?”
blam is sure the data was skewed somehow! Doesn't bother to look into how:
"NASA: Last month was Earth’s hottest in recorded history"

How many standards did they have to change to reach this conclusion?
MichaelCorleone hates NASA now, which reminds him he also hates Cruz now:
I remember when NASA was a respectable organization.

BTW, isn’t Ted Cruz on some committee or sub-committee for Space or NASA? I don’t hear much from him. Too busy trying to trash Trump I guess.
556x45 is also sure NASA has changed and is probably full of minorities now:
I remember when NASA was a respectable organization.

Was just thinking the same. There was a time when real scientists and engineers worked there. It seems anymore its a parking lot for ‘diversity’ and PC. Sad really given its legacy.
Actually, NASA has a problem with their staff staying on much longer than other agencies and not moving on.

Innocently, I'm sure, The Great RJ mixes up the hottest year in the US with the hottest year in the world:
Has NASA conveniently forgotten 1934?
pfflier explains that you can't break a record twice!
They have said that for a year or two now. Repeat a lie often enough...
BlueYonder proves humans collecting data on anything is useless:
The thermometer was invented 400 years ago (plus or minus a couple of decades).

The Earth is 5,000,000,000 years old.

The thermometer has been around for .00001% of the earth’s history . Temperature records haven’t been kept for all that time - but let’s ignore that for the time being.

The question is, at what point do temperature records even become relevant, scientifically speaking?
mountn man prefers speculation to any sort of data:
I wonder if they took into account May, June, or July of 1956?

When 5,7 and 5 nuclear devices were detonated above ground, by the United States.

6 of which were hydrogen bombs.

Those would skew your temperature readings.
Talk about man made global warming.

in 1961, the USSR had a total of 57 devices tested in Sept, Oct and Nov.

Something tells me the heat from these blasts would tilt all the other readings combined.
Moonman62 starts with hyperbole and then declares it was strawman NASA's hyperbole all along!
According to NASA every month is the hottest on record. The temperature shouldn’t be dipping below 100 by now.
sarge83 blames sequestration on 'king of science' Obama:
NASA’s attempt to be relevant and get funding for anything since they voted their king of science in obama. Then he promptly gutted their agency. You made your bed NASA.
AllAmericanGirl44 - trust no one!
I’m more convinced then ever that ALL the agencies have been co-opted. 
minnesota_bound - SOROS! *mic drop*
George Soros gave Al Gore $30 million over 3 years to lie.
How much has he given those that run NASA?


  1. Allow me to explain the pathology of the wrinklebags ...

    They actually believe in Global Warming, and welcome it.
    It is very common among the bitter right-wing elderly to fantasize about the entire world ending with their imminent deaths.
    They see their own mortality suddenly coming on strong, and can't stand knowing their imagined "enemies" will be happily living on.

  2. "mountn man" segues from bad spelling to bad math.

    The most powerful nuclear device ever detonated (50 megatons) released about 2x10^16 joules of energy, which is equivalent to roughly 1.3 seconds of sunlight on a global scale.