Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Spotlight: DungeonMaster

It's actually a surprisingly rare combination on Freep - a devout Christian white supremacist. Usually the Christians are too into the social stuff, and the White Supremacists are too focused on posting every story of a black behaving badly across the nation. But DungeonMaster finds time to do both! He'll go on about Jesus, and then post about how blacks are all angry thugs who swear all the time and bring down property values. Though there are a few 'good ones.' One of his many taglines: "(God is very intollerant, why shouldn't I be?)" kinda takes care of that. He also used to be secular, or so he claims. Now he loves to go on about how science is religeon.

He also uses the Bible to explain that women shouldn't vote.

He does some sort of electronics, though he is really hostile to education so I suspect he's more a tradesman. He has children he's been grooming as conservative, one joined the Navy in 2008. and his parents are Democrats so he hates talking to them.

Russia is proud of their skin color!
I almost never mention Russia without saying "Russia, not ashamed of being white".
Even if the cops shot an unarmed black man, making noise about it is bad form!
It may have been a bad arrest but if blacks are going to play the racist card it is going to further divide this country.
And by thugs he means...
It’s getting hard to tell muslims from thugs.
Obama - head thug in charge:
The head thug in charge is a Muslim.
He assumes without checking that Obama gives crappy speeches when whites are killed, compared to when blacks are killed.
I suspect that he uses the exact same words every time it is a black hating white crime and he uses that dead pan voice. That is messaging.

But when it is one of his "sons" you see actual emotion and a new and creative speech intended to cause his rabble to riot.
White flight is great!
"the number of white people living in the city has declined to below where it was in 1890"

"There goes the neighborhood". Not just a cliché.
Football is all black!
Goddamn nigger schoolkids:
I live next to an elementary school with a "diverse" group of kids. I'm noticing that on the playground really foul language is ignored. Said foul language has a very noticeable racial component to it therefore the school either cannot or voluntarily will not discipline it because that would be critical of a culture. A non-white culture!
He's all aboard the Muslim inbreeding thesis.
There was a post where someone pointed out all of the inbreeding in muslim countries and how that diminished intelligence.
The Bible is basically freep.txt.
I notice that liberals are on the wrong side of the bible on EVERY SINGLE issue. Even when they claim to be doing things for the poor it’s a lie. They are buying votes from the lazy when the bible says “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.”.
Jimmy Carter: false prophet.
Jimmy Carter: Jesus would approve gay ‘marriage’ and some abortions

Reminds me of a bible story where a false prophet lies to a real prophet. The real prophet is killed by a lion for believing the false prophet.
No more evolution in schools!
I'm a man of faith, but keeping religion out of school is a good thing. There's no need to teach Bible study in public schools.

Then get rid of evolution, humanism and politics.
equation = truth.
“Scientists” = clerics.
Another equation.
Evolution = religion.
And a third
Atheism = socialism/communism = a world of terror.
He doesn't believe aliens exist.
Why would God waste time creating all this space and everything in it but create life on just this tiny little ball of dirt orbiting a totally unexceptional star

Because He said He did.
What good is science, the electrician asked:
Science can’t even prove God is real.
Used to believe in astronomy:
PS. I used to be into astronomy from an atheist perspective and evolution and Carl Sagan materialism were my religion. After getting saved all of that went away.
His literalism gets kinda silly:
Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers

Noah and his wife and 3 sons and daughters in law.
The $5 dollar bill might change? Mark of the Beast!
It’s the pre-mark of the beast forcing people away from cash.
The end is getting nearer.
His faith is tested by how much he lusts for liberal and Muslim death:
I'm pro life but I feel a bit hypocritical when I consider my feelings about having more godless liberals or muslims around.
Don't call Obama a Christian!
People who call him a Christian really piss me off, though he may just be an atheist or a witch or an evolutionist and not a Muslim.
Can't trust Muslims - deport them all!
How do we deal with taquilla(sp) where they lie for their cause?

Answer: Skip the test and deport them all.
Used to be for Cruz:
I’ve been saying that Cruz is playing a patient chess game and waiting for Trump to put his queen in front of a pawn. I think that may have just happened.
But now he claims to have always loved Trump:
Trump has snapped me out of my "I'm not voting anymore" state. I just defended him yet again saying he is one of very few politicians who will speak the truth about islam, Hillary's crimes, the foolishness of open boarders. All of this while just daring ANYONE to call him a racist. Each time someone calls him that another gaggle of people switch to Trump!
Gary Gygax dies:
America is turning into...Iran? That's a new one:
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘I can’t imagine what the country would be’ under President Trump

It would be a lot less like Iran which is the direction it is currently heading.
The kid who shot up that black church? He knows his politics!
That’s a Democrat haircut.
Not a fan of education.
College and lower education is the dwelling place for liberals and Satan.
In fact, he's created this whole conspiracy to justify lack of education as freedom:
College serves Corporate America as a very important tool for measuring a person. If a person is willing to throw away 50-75 thousand dollars and 4 years of their life to get a degree that person will be willing to do almost anything to keep a “professional” position within a company. This means that Corporate America knows that said people will work tons of OT and will salute and Amen any new initiative the company dreams up. Like...diversity...or Lean electronics. Said person can often be counted on to put their career above their personal life.
To be fair, Lean electronics sounds pretty dumb.

He hates talking to his parents:
I can no longer talk peaceable with any Democrats. Maybe my parents but I don’t like doing it.
His sons love facile right-wing talking points dressed up with big words:
My sons who are into politics are big fans of Sowell, and that makes me proud.
His daughter reports Red Lobster is full of Commies!
13ish years ago my daughter got her first job at Red Lobster. She was really surprised at how many people identified themselves as socialists and communists. So was I actually. There were also a lot of Sodomites.
His daughter lost a bunch of weight, possibly Red Lobster related.
I’ve seen women who have lost a lot of weight, but the skin stays the same.

My poor daughter, for example.
His daughter seems to be straying:
I think my daughter is into new age if not earth worship.
He thinks witches have to be hot for some reason?
She’s too ugly to be a witch.
He mentions witches a lot actually:
“Gay Christian” is like saying “Christian witch”.
But he seems to be a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
One of the truths from Buffy, they associated wicca with homosexuality.
Women, always trouble.
Most females are gullible and don't want to think beyond a candidate's facade. Critical thinking is not something MOST females are capable of. Yes, I'm serious and it IS true. It's all about the pretty package and their EMOTIONAL response to it, not the contents! Females are led by their EMOTIONS. REAL men, not so much.

Satan, Eve.
Yeah, women shouldn't vote.
I know I'll get flame blasted for saying this, but she is just one of hundreds of examples of why women should have never gotten the vote. We would be a right-of-conservative country now if they hadn't.

Way ahead of you there!
Dude, you have a daughter, what the hell?


  1. "I used to be into astronomy from an atheist perspective and evolution and Carl Sagan materialism were my religion. After getting saved all of that went away."

    living proof that even when one makes good choices, if they were made for bad reasons, good choices will be abandoned when one's bad reasoning collapses.

  2. oops ... did the last few years of freep messaging just get shot in the ass?

    "Black therapist with hands up shot by cops while helping patient"

    1. That's okay because- according to TigerClaws- "he'll get paid" because the cops made a mistake.

      So what's the problem?

  3. "Atheism = socialism/communism = a world of terror."

    I don't think Atheism is what you get when you divide socialism by communism.

    Okay, let's think for a Freeper for a minute: A world of terror? I would think Terrorism = Islam and Atheism =/= Islam because f{Terrorism} = Theism + Political Islam^x + y ; [where y = everthing we hate about Islam]

    1. Hey Romneyguy, what's your take on the rnc?

    2. I told my girlfriend that I was I was at this one instead of the 2012 one in Tampa. She was disgusted.

      I said "are you kidding?! Ours was boring. We had tons of cops in riot protection and nothing happened! (The damn Tampa PD actually gave fucking sandwiches and water to hungry Anarchists who didn't pack enough food and didn't know how hot it gets in summertime Florida)"

      I said "I would have LOVED to be at this one! It's an absolute shit show! Burning flags, old white people dancing to My Sharona (read the backstory on the song), plagiarism, booing Ted Cruz? That sounds like a great time to me!"

      Seriously though, I'm sticking with my Hillary by a mile. It's still early, but I don't even see that much of a bump for Trump from the RNC...but he just spoke last night, so we'll have to see.

      I like Obama's favorability numbers and think that'll have an impact; even with all the shit that's going on these days, he's relatively unscathed. But you'd think the sky is falling for the Left if you were to listen to Conservatives.

  4. The d&d games this guy runs must be an interesting time, he probably stereotypes orks as black, elves as queers, dwarfs as Mexican's.....

    1. house rules: dual classing paladin/barbarian is allowed

    2. his dark elves must be the best

    3. He probably gets on Skyrim and plays a Nord...attacks Red Guards and Kajits.

  5. Just thought I'd share this:

    What a non-American has learned about the USA in the last four days

    1. The United States of America is a decrepit post-apocalyptic wasteland where roving gangs of marauders target innocent white civilians.
    2. Crime is out of control, people are being mowed down in the streets, the police are outgunned by ravening hordes, but it’s important you don’t take guns away from the hordes.
    3. America welcomes all immigrants as long as they are white Eastern European models who marry rich guys.
    4. The world outside the borders of the United States is a deathworld.
    5. Gay people are okay as long as they are white billionaires.
    6. Americans stand up against oppressive government.
    7. Americans must do everything the police say.
    8. Local sheriffs have more elaborate Bling of War uniforms than a banana republic generalissimo.
    9. Trial are conducted onstage during political events.
    10. Scott Baio does, in fact, still exist.

  6. Billionaire urges republicans to back off from culture wars, Freepers have never met a culture war they didn't like.....

  7. David Duke running for Senate and citing Donal Trump:

    1. Dem plant! False flag!
    2. What's wrong with racism...?

    1. The cries of false flag are one of the things about Freeper's I don't find amusing, it's just bullies "saying he started it."

      If they think anything will backfire on them, it's a false flag.

      If the SHTF like a lot of them preach and just one Freeper took up arms, like that group at the bird sanctuary, shouting slogans straight off of the Free Republic these guys would scream false flag instead of falling in line they say the will in their chest pounding threads.

  8. Replies
    1. Yeah, he admires him because, in his mind, a thug that gets an education and doesn't want whitey dead, is rare and admirable. Dungeon Master is a racist prick.

    2. Sounds like a Southern Baptist who never got the memo repudiating the "Mark of Cain" sophistry.

  9. Ozymandias, you must have LOTS of free time.

    I looked for any kind of "About Me" on your blogsite here but, didn't find it.

    So, let me guess... You're sponging off the taxpayers, right?

    1. Probably lives in his mom's basement, too.

      (Hey, Ozy, can your Obamaphone do Pokemon Go? Looks like you need to get out more!)

    2. Sorry, gainfully employed white millennial here.

      I just have an odd hobby that's a bit embarrassing were it to get out to my professional peers.