Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

For those of us in the US, enjoy your Independence Day! Freepers are sure to find some way to wallow in the spite they love so much.

Balding_Eagle joins the Freepers saying Trump is beyond Reagan:
but PLEASE don’t compare Trump to Reagan.

Trump is no Reagan, he's entirely different animal.

He's also going to go down in history as the greatest President of modern times, and perhaps since George Washington.

Just watch.
little jeremiah's birther heart is getting ready to hope again:
Pingaroo , here we go again.......the birthers rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of incinerated birth certificate copies and fakes. I am sure that Trump will open it all up. 
Just a conviction in my heart.
ROCKLOBSTER starts with wrong theology and moves on to impossible energy policy:
Muzzies are all closet homos...Not only are they promised 72 virgin girls, ‘martyrs’ are promised 28 young boys...Something seriously messed up with Arabs. Closet queers the lot of them.

Not to mention closet drunks. Allah can't see through steel, so the Moon-god morons party down under tin roofs.

I say we stop degrading our gasoline, and instead flood the goat-raper market with our premium-grade straight ethanol. (weaponizing Iowa corn)
Insisting Muslims are all gay does help Freepers hate be more efficient, though.

Lockbox knows what to call Muslims:
Yeah except this time they’re going to be wearing headscarves instead of swastikas.

That’s just the Southern Nazis Hitler established.
ROCKLOBSTER's nicknames are impenetrable. The Hippie and The Spook?
The RATs are having some "freak time" I saw The Hippie reporting Trump's spending money, renting space from his own companies...."not that this is illegal or anything".

"The Spook" rambling on about Trump's "blatant lies and mistruths"...big danger there if Trump starts throwing down some documented facts.
freepersup thinks a 2003 Freeper's skepticism of birtherism is veeery suspicious:
I’ve been around since 1998 homeboy- you exhibit all the classic markers of a sleeper agent. I don’t remember seeing your name back in the day... 2008/2009 to the present, on the Obama investigative research threads. Your recent presence raises suspicions- to say the least. 
The stalwarts posting here, have golden credentials due to their tireless research. My impression of you, is circumspect. Prove all of us wrong or go find another platform. Your back and forth, smells of fogbow lineage. We don’t hanker to fogbow lineage around these parts. Straighten up and fly right, or get busy with seppuku.
joshua c reaches to pulp movies to get the extreme strawman scenarios he craves:
What if Obama was President in Independence Day?

How about Trump?

Two totally different endings to those movies.
Sequoyah101 is willing to embrace Neo-Nazis if they vote with him:
At your link there’s a pic of a fat nazi girl sitting at her laptop. Big Trump poster on the laptop!

I saw that. I am not proud of all Trump supporters but will accept their vote until they no longer prove to be useful.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America takes terrorism abroad and uses it as evidence of Obama's conspiracies:
The Istanbul bombing will only encourage Team 0blama to ESCALATE the import of refugees from the ME. Oh yes, and watch for more Gitmo releases in the upcoming week.

Treason, anyone?
akalinin - Devil Pope would be a pretty sweet movie or album.
This pope is either a communist plant, or possessed by the devil. He's absolutely lost my confidence.
I guess unclear on the history of political purges, Cboldt laments that without regular purges you turn Commie:
It is impossible to purge anybody from the party. That’s how the commies took over both the DNC and RNC.
Ann Archy has George Will already figured out:
He’s come out as an ATHEIST!!! THAT MAKES HIM A DEMOCRAT!!! I guess his lovely wife will work for Hillary now!!!
Delta 21 has the bet answer to Kansas' troubles:
I think I am the only one in the state that thinks Brownback need to cut more and tell the Feds to PACK SAND!
Bogie mocks politicians for having armed bodyguards by threatening to lynch them.
You will never get shot, if you were born to be hanged.
Working on a post about Kansas, and as a preview here's ozzymandus working super hard to blame Democrats:
RATS at work. Sebelius and the teachers’ union blew up the budget, and Brownback has been trying to fix it and boost the economy. KS is a large oil producer, and the recent drop in oil prices is a setback. Naturally, the RATS blame Brownback for the crisis they created.
Hilariously, SJSAMPLE compares a documentary on the problems of institutionalized poverty to a wildlife documentary:
A few years after Newt Gingrich FORCED Bill Clinton to sign welfare reform, I remember watching a documentary about welfare queens forced to get their first jobs. Most of these “ladies” were in their thirties.

With only a few exceptions, they integrated POORLY. They refused to show up on time. They refused to follow orders and remain on the job. A few of them said the work (fast food, retail, etc.) was “beneath them”. They would frequently storm off the job and had to be coaxed back to work by the film’s producer (which is a direct violation of any wildlife documentary).

It was clear that the American welfare system had “institutionalized” them and releasing them “back into the wild” was a iffy prospect.
This is a legit problem with welfare. But welfare also helps a bunch of people who would otherwise starve that the right prefers to ignore.

Hillary joined a pride parade for only four blocks. ExNewsExSpook reads a whole bunch into this this:
Glad someone answered the question I asked yesterday, during a discussion of HRC’s health. There is evidence that she suffered a stroke at the end of her tenure as Zero’s Secretary of State and is feeling the effects of that episode (and other health problems) to this day.

Four blocks doesn’t even equal a quarter-mile. You’d think that someone running for the most important office in the free world would require a little more endurance and stamina. And, since they were marching in a gay pride parade, I’m sure the pace was extremely slow, probably akin to my basset hound on her nightly walk (with apologies to my hound, who is much better looking and has the excuse of pausing to sniff everything she comes across).

One of the days, we’ll discover the extent of HRC’s illnesses during her run for the White House. I’m sure the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and even the North Koreans already have a good idea, thanks to her wide-open home-brew e-mail server.

If HRC wins the White House (God forbid), you’ll see a dramatic increase in confrontations and provocations by our enemies around the world. They have nothing to fear from HRC; plenty of blackmail material in those e-mails and the strain of constant crises will push her into a crippling stroke or coronary. When she’s incapacitated, we’ll have VP Warren or Castro calling the shots, or if they decide to keep her out of the public view, it will be Huma making the decisions.
Now that England is off Freep's Muslim list, jmacusa tries to figure out where in Europe Freepers can Muslim-shame next:
Migration to Nordic climes has been the "in" thing among the muzzie crowd. Among the male mooselimbs anyway.

Just look at the so-called refugees. Not many women and children in those hustlin', a-rapine hordes.

Oiger, awaken. It is soon to be your time, again.

I thought the Muzzies all went to France. The Frenchies just seem to love the Muzzies, at least the intellectual class anyway. If memory serves me right didn’t Ayatollah Khomeni hide out in France until they Shah left?
Yeah, the French love their Muslims so much they keep them in ghettos.

CMB_polarization's got a sweet cosmology-based screenname, but yearns to feel like a badass without doing anything badass:
The Transnational Progressives are angry. Like the Borg they are, they just keep telling us that resistance is futile.

It feels good - we can start to shake the tree of globalism with real effect. I feel like a revolutionary at this point.


  1. Well, if I recall correctly, a "Spook" is an oldtimey racist term for black people.

    Who you think they're referring to from there...

    1. ... but in British English it would describe James Bond ;)