Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nazis, but for Muslims

Freepers live normal lives for the most part. There are some angry loners, but most of them go to work and have families and whatnot.

And yet, their current position with Muslims is currently at Kristallnacht levels, when it's not full Final Solution. The banality of evil.

That's what I get from Freepers' reaction to news that a mob burned down a mosque in northern Myanmar:

real saxophonist is one of many to try and repurpose some jaunty tune:
I heard somebody say
Burn, baby, burn
Mosque-o Inferno
Burn, baby, burn
Burn that Mother down, y'all
Secret Agent Man wants more widespread destruction:
Here's hoping and praying every single one everywhere meets the same fate.
Charles Martel agrees - lets have a worldwide targeting of a religion!
When these folks are finished with all the mosques in Myanmar, perhaps they’ll consider a world tour.
Lurkinanloomin is sure Myanmar was about to die. He also brings up the no Muslims in Japan canard.
Myanmar has a survival instinct as well.
Japan is not alone.

Wonder why so many western countries seem not to?

Islam brings only death and destruction.
Probably Christian Kudsman knows the real problem is too much love, not enough hate:
Wonder why so many western countries seem not to?

Because they are stuck on stupid. Got to try the "love" them method first. Clearly the residents of Myanmar reject loving the Islamist curs.
Iron Munro only cares about one thing: The strawbama in his head.
The Obamatollah is not pleased.
ClearBlueSky is one of the Final Solution types:
I do hope they were full at the time. If not its a good start.
Paladin2 brings up the 'all Mosques are arsenals' myth that's about as true as Jews having tails:
Were there secondary explosions?
Noumenon cheers:
More. Faster.


  1. Buddhists used to be famous for immolating themselves. Who is the the antagonist here?

    1. Hehe, it was just annobject lesson in attachment for the Muslims!

    2. Hope no one got killed.

      It's not the people it's the ideas but in realty we become inseparable from our ideas especially when we come from a place/religion where it's a capital offense to prostelyze, convert or even practice. May the truth prevail.

    3. Ideas and faith can change. You wouldn't have converts, otherwise. Freepers (though certainly not alone in this) seem to especially consider changing one's mind as a fault/weakness.

      While I don't think that there's anything wrong with Islam, it seems to me the more Christian approach is to convert. Not kill.

    4. Changing one's mind is anti-conservative by definition. Conservatism requires ossification of opinion, obsession with historical precedent and original intent and a general inability to evolve and adapt to a changing environment.

      Freepers, hadith obsessives, buggy whip manufacturers ... all the same.

  2. Es ist zeit für rache!
    Wir mussen die Muslim ausrotten!

    Yes, I'm Godwinning, and yes it's appropriate.

  3. Ozy, was there any reaction on FR to Massie and Amash putting the kibosh on the roundly hated Patriot expansion? Or on the Sovereignty Restoration Act?

    1. Freepers aren't talking a lot about actual policy questions - it's all tribal now (to be fair, this is common almost everywhere on the political Internet this close to a Presidential election)

      Couldn't find anything on the Patriot expansion death.
      The SRA has 1 thread, 17 posts long, from July 1. It's largely empty cheerleading about US out of UN woooo! and ends with some off-topic speculation about how Trump can clean up government :-/

  4. Sad. We wouldn't recognize important victories if they slapped us in the face.

    1. To be fair to Freepers, neither of those are a particularly surprising turn of events. With Congressional gridlock, stalling the PATRIOT expansion is not shocking, and US out of the UN is similarly not a realistic scenario at this point.

      As someone who already thinks our national security is going too far, I would have liked to see something, though.
      It's an issue that partisans on the right and left agree on, but the middle tends to go along to get along in times of anxiety.

  5. The Muslim Terrorist Attack in Nice in which
    80 people have been killed and more than 20
    injured critically is despicable & horrific.

    The world is going to Hell in a Handbasket;
    and Freeper Madness seems to hold to the
    opinion that Freepers are the source of all
    that is wrong and bad in the world & if
    the Freepers were all deported, along with
    all those who refuse to vote for Hillary -
    ah, what a grand world it would be.


    1. Nobody ever said that. Does your butthurt hurt?

      Go back to your "safe space."

    2. Freeper Madness seems to hold the opinion that it is a blog about Freepers. The clue is in the name.

    3. Praying for the people of Nice, France and the rest of Europe.

      Maybe they should consider reinstating the dreaded Bastille for anyone observed celebrating this heinous attack upon the peace and dignity of the people of France.

      Matthew 5:44

      But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

      FR needs to stop deporting it's oen natural born citizens. #NeverTrump is not terrorism.

    4. Love ISIS?
      Bless the Iranian Revolutionary Guard?
      Do good to Salafists?
      Pray for Jihadis?

      Those sentiments would get you lynched over on FR rather than just "deported".

    5. It take ideas to defeat ideas. Islam is evil. It oppresses it's own and seeks to oppress all others.

      Those organizations appear to be better than any SuperPAC for Trump.

      The Nazis would never have come to power without WW1 reparations and the Depression.

    6. Catholicism is evil according to various Protestants, Judaism is evil according to various Doctors of the Church (St. Ambrose: "...since it is the burning of a synagogue, a home of unbelief, a house of impiety, a receptacle of folly, which God Himself has condemned").

      Those organisations aren't doing Trump any harm, but I think your Nazi observation is closer to the mark. To quote the unmentionable one, "It's the economy, stupid".

      Trump's real momentum comes from the thwarted economic aspirations of the lower middle class as post war (WWII and Cold) aberrations correct themselves.

      One man on an assembly line in Detroit isn't financing a wife, 2.2 kids, a house and a car again, ever. It was an unsustainable anomaly that it was once possible at all. They want to go back to the 50's, but with or without Trump they're going back to the 30's.

  6. Clinton's Trump card will be the student loan bailout.

    1. Don't think that would be popular enough in the swing states.

      Well, PA....