Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Special: Dallas massacre

Well, another mass shooting, this one seems to be black-on-police, right on the tail of a peaceful Black Lives Matter. Conventional wisdom would be that this would help the right, but the horror has spilled over into what seems a genuine desire for unity. Except for the right, which doesn't do unity, even for lip service.

Freepers' initial reaction has not disappointed in it's self-absorption and misapprehension of the national feeling. It's largely yelling about the race war being on, blaming liberals, and hilariously impotent calls to start an insurrection.

Freepers made so many little threads - I've not seen them this fired up for a very long time. The posts below are from two of my favorites. One is their initial crazy knee-jerk response, and the other is once they calm down and seek ways to blame liberals.

Like whenever something bad happens, chopperman just senses Obama is behind this:
Follow the money.

I’d give 10:1 odds it leads to the White House.
Mr. M.J.B. gets mystical:
You might notice this is the 7/7 anniversary, and it is a new moon.
Morgana knows the important thing is a few anecdotes that confirm her agenda:
There have been reports of looting. What a surprise...NOT.
dp0622's response is the strong urge to kill bad guys:
Bombs? Camaflage? Sniper Rifles?

yeah, this wasn’t pre planned.


Next Trump rally in NYC I am going and I am ready to rock n roll if need be.


But I know that’s wrong.
dp0622 continues to lust for murder, though it tellingly spills over into impotence about elections:
Bro, my Sicilian temper is about to explode!!!

I want action and I want it ####ing yesterday!!!

### the talking and hoping and waiting!!!

We know in our hearts this election is a mother #####ing fraud and it’s in the bag for hillary unless we do something BEFORE the election.

Congress should investigate who and how and what are counting the votes.

Trump should demand it now.

Man, I’m p#####ed!!!
dp0622, still furiously posting about his heritage and violence against blacks:
BLM wants a race war? Thinks they can take over the country?!

They can’t a week without an EBT card.

In the 60’s, my uncle and hs friends were clobbering them in race riots.

In the 80s we Italians used to beat the #### out of them in school race riots.

But this generation of soft white boys, and sympathetic to the BLM cause on top of it!!!!, I hope they can fight.

i’m 48 and can do some damage but I’m not 20.

These kids need to wake the #### up!!!
knarf is also down with the race war, but alas is too infirm:
My body left me ten years ago ... SO frustrated !
mkjessup tells everyone not to do anything rash, and keep your powered dry:
The most powerful weapon you have is your mind, and what you allow to fill that mind, righteous outrage is good, the best advice is what you’ve seen many times here on FR, which is ‘keep your powder dry’.

Like any dictatorship, the federal fascist regime will overreach, just like the British tried to do at Lexington and Concord. And when they do, We The People will be ready.

Believe that.
As if Freepers need any urging to do nothing more than vent their spleen on the Internet.

Califreak's initial impulse wants it to be a false flag but also Muslims. So she just uses paranoia to make it both!
I have been wondering if this is a black ops government deal to advance removal of 2A rights or institute martial law.

Also wonder if this could be a terrorist attack. They are pushing for soft targets. When we hear soft targets we all think of shopping malls and movie theaters and sporting events.

A big protest like this is definitely a soft target. If you decimate the police you can go bolder and bigger faster. People have mentioned that terrorists are trying to divide us and get us to turn on each other.

One thing for sure-nobody saw this coming. Mowing cops down from the rooftops? Not in this lifetime.

My money is on terrorism or our government. Scary thing is it could be both working together at the rate things have been going. There was a time when I never would have thoughts like these. Crazy stuff.
Even when a killing spree serves their narrative, more and more Freepers nevertheless go with the false flag story reflexively. Alex Jones ascending.

SoFloFreeper blames liberals. Also I don't think he really means PERPS here...
Obama, Hillary and Lynch are to blame. The PERPS operate in a culture where these fake leaders give legitimacy to these thugs.

Remember the shooter in Ferguson, sniping into the crowd?
A few like who knows what evil? blame the protesters:
Black Lives Matter = terrorists.
But as the election looms, mere race-bating has gone out of fashion in favor of more utilitarian blaming.

ronnie raygun has another oldie:
Like every other event ever, this makes samtheman is more worried about the election:
Vote 3rd party, get Hillary, get more official support for cop-killers.

Vote 3rd party and you are voting for cop-killers.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America, as usual, shows up late and makes up for it with some strong-ass crazy:
What I'm alleging is that someone planned this attack OTHER than Micha and BLM leaders are linked to it and had advanced knowledge of it.

This term "PEACEFUL" has been all over the news and Internet as the description of last night's protest PRIOR TO the attack. I thought this was odd, given that so many BLM'ers were saying it, BUT NOT PRIOR TO THIS PARTICULAR PROTEST had I heard it.

I think use of this term was PsyOps designed to make the cop killings even MORE shocking and surprising than it already would have been. The term 'peaceful' lulled people into calm only to be more emotionally stunned when the shooting started. THIS WAS BY DESIGN AND PART OF THE MEDIA NARRATIVE FALSE FLAG.

We are being PLAYED, not to mention the EMBARRASSING Comey/Clinton hearing was completely WIPED from the news cycle!!!
What does MEDIA NARRATIVE FALSE FLAG even mean? Like so many other terms on Free Republic, False Flag now just means 'thing I don't like'
On to the later thread. Bushbacker1 wants to give the police guns.
Time to arm and protect the police! They need our help! Mostly speaking to the choir here...but, not all will buy this.
Oldeconomybuyer brings out the usual melodramatic rhetoric:
War has been declared on our Republic. From within.
GilGil seems to think the shooter is blameless:
Obama is 100% at fault for causing this!!!
Logical me allows Obama mere partial responsibility, and then starts calling Obama all the names that makes no one listen to him:
King Obams is partially responsible for this killing of cops. He has always sided with the black killers. King Obams is a communists black Muslim terrorists. His hatred is at everything American that was good.

Trump must be President.
DCBryan1 is all ready to blame angry black protestors:
We need to stop calling them BLM

We need to call them BLT:

Paulie also with the anti-Obama race-bating:
Correction: war has been declared on WHITE cops.

And, yes, obama/jarrett had their noses in it from the beginning, make no mistake.
P-Marlowe is trying to convince himself that white people will wake up now:
I don’t think Hillary is going to benefit from this event. These terrorists were her people. These are liberal white hating Black Lives Matter fanatics. They are the soldiers of Obama’s fundamental transformation. 
This is a wake up call to all law abiding citizens that our system is under attack by forces aligned with the Clinton crime machine.
RoseofTexas has her own boogeyman and call for violence, but no one else seems to be going along:
WAR ON THE MEDIA!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!
xzins is still false flagging, with the increasingly popular postulate that the timing suspiciously takes Hillary's e-mails out of the picture:
This and the shooting of the black men by cops take Hillary Clinton’s treason involving classified information off the front page and out of the headlines. She was losing horribly. Independents had strongly turned to Trump. Rasmussen showed Trump surging into the lead. It was a horrible turn of events for Clinton.
grobdriver is pushing the 'persecuted whitey' narrative well beyond it's limits:
He and Eric Holder and his whole administration have been examples of being above the law. Holder even said at one time, "We won't be arresting any black people here".

Obama and his pals have given negros a pass on everything they do just because they're negros, so why should they be civilized now?
Outta nowhere silverleaf heard Obama was in Warsaw and spins some kinda neo-Cold War thing:
Poland has been way too uppity about not caving to Merkels agenda on caving to muslim migrant invaders, and on social issues.

Obama is provably meeting CIA people to discuss how to foment a Warsaw spring uprising
GrandJediMasterYoda is well into crazytown, and I think he just saw Robocop.
Damn right he did. What have we been saying here on Freep for the past few years? Obamas LAST year in office he is going to unleash hell, anarchy, so he can declare Martial law.

The guy is as predictable as the sun rising, just the day before I was saying something bad is going to happen to knock Hillary off the headlines and lo and behold it happened!

I fully expect more cops to be killed in the coming month, and you know what’s going to happen? Cops are going to refuse to work and then the riots will break out, it will be like that movie Robocop when the cops went on strike.

And then guess what? We got martial law, no election.

I’ve been saying since day one: Literally since 2009: Obama-is-an-Islamic-enemy-agent, and I’ve been proven right a 1000 times over. He’s done absolutely nothing these past 7.5 years but empower, defend and help spread radical Islam while kicking the legs out from the USA and it’s allies on every single level, and democrats put him in the nations highest office not once but TWICE, and Republicans have refused to do anything about it.

Matter of fact two democrat operatives posing as Republicans: Mutt Romney and Paul Ryan helped him win a 2nd term by holding a faux campaign and then sabotaging it right before the election. This government is so effed up now it’s unbelievable and I really think we are headed towards Civil war 2.
Freepers have a surprising influence on the GOP. This kind of manic delusional crazy is why they do not have more.

Candor7 wants 'Committees of Safety' which come from the American Revolution but sound more Soviet or French Reign of Terror to me...
Its the “Arab Spring” organized by Obama and Clinton and Obama for Libya, Egypt etc., now brought home here by Obama and Clinton.

We have armed black radicals who want to shoot white folf and cops. These are likely all across the nation. And it is only a matter of time uintil radical black lives matter militants link up with Muslim terrorists who will supply weapons, explosives and other ordnance to them.

America is NOW in a very bad fix, with no leadership, an “overwhelmed” FBI, AND a dysfunctional Homeland Security run by Muslims.

Its time to establish Committees of Safety in every county in the country. And the NRA should organize them.
I like to end with a pithy zinger. So Neoliberalnot with this missive from Stormfront:
Especially white women. Race traitors.


  1. Yikes. It looks like Lazmacaine has been mainlining again...

    1. Nah, he's been doing this for months now.

    2. to be followed by eight solid years of "crooked lying fat lesbo etc etc etc ... hillary"

    3. Nope. "Crooked lying fat etc.,etc.,
      etc. . . . Hillary" will be put out
      to pasture, either by Hussein Obama's
      Third Term OR by President Donald
      John Trump, POTUS election.

      Hitler-y Clinton will be either put
      out to pasture OR tapped by Illegal
      Obama for another IMPORTANT POSITION
      where she can SHOW US BUMPKINS what
      she's got.

      You'uns don't think Hussein Obama
      has spent the last 8 yrs. ginning up
      the race riots? (First BLACK POTUS,

      You'uns are absolutely obsessed with
      "Freepers" being this & that, blah,
      blah, blah, blah . . . . .

      I think you'uns are making up most
      of these people's names. I never
      heard of most of them.


    4. Well Hannie, I'm still convinced your still bitter about not being able to slobber Bill's dong while he was in office.

    5. It's "you're", NOT "your".


  2. Donald Trump is kinda proof that the conspiracy theory addled thinking has become dominant in the GOP.
    Back in the nineties there were conspiracy crazy republicans, but there were also sane republicans. You say that freepers aren't more influential, but freepers arn't that far from the thinking that made Trump the nominee.

  3. this is the mirror universe to the moonbat crazy i remember contending with during dubya's last year. that year i was eyerolling claims of imminent strikes on iran, domestic false flags sparking martial law and cancelled elections making the bush industrial complex takeover complete. looking at the gop's electoral prospects for the indefinite future, it may be a while before moonbats get their turn to bounce around the ultra-paranoid ward again ...

    1. That is why they call them "reactionaries".
      Right wing loonies (which are quickly becoming the right wing mainstream) are just copying the left wing loonies from years back ... this is nothing new.

    2. actually neither wing needs copy the other; each has their own long history of anti-government sentiment out on the fringe. it's just amusing how eerily similar they sound, something neither would ever admit. after all, one wing is clearly wrong and the other is obviously right.

  4. It's interesting that while actual liberals are lamenting the fact that the Dallas attack would overshadow the 3 murders by the police, but Freepers think we're celebrating Dallas because it overshadows Hillary's political problems.

    I don't like to overanalyze or overgeneralize, so I'll simply say that it seems like another case of certain Freepers projecting again. In this case, reveling in the misfortune of others because it "helps" their small political concerns.

  5. "black-on-police"

    Let's put away the broad brush. One sinner goes on a rampage giving bushels of political ammo to haters and tyrants of all stripes. Another sinner on duty panics at the presence a gun as if it were some kind of talisman of hate, murderously pumping rounds into its rightful owner.

    John 15:13

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    1. There's too much broad brushing from people on all sides, and there are good people from all racial, political, occupational and religious groups.

    2. "Put away the broad brush"??!! No wonder you got evicted. Carry on like this and before you know it you will be critically evaluating alternate viewpoints instead of parroting politburo approved dogma.

      Exodus 34:14: and remember who the LORD of FR is.

  6. It's interesting that while actual liberals are lamenting the fact that the Dallas attack would overshadow the 3 murders by the police, but Freepers think we're celebrating Dallas because it overshadows Hillary's political problems.

    I don't like to overanalyze or overgeneralize, so I'll simply say that it seems like another case of certain Freepers projecting again. In this case, reveling in the misfortune of others because it "helps" their small political concerns.