Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Yawn Called Pence

Trump's Veep pick may be a rabidly anti-abortion, tax cutting tea-party type, but he does not pass the Freeper purity test. More importantly, he doesn't seem big on the red meat Freepers now require in massive quantities to remain engaged.

Still, they take this fresh disappointment Trump has fed them just like any other, with cursory explanations and moving on to something where their hatred can give them clarity.

BobL is pretty excited that Pence is a nothing, not a clown like some people:
From what I see here is what Pence would bring:...

EXACTLY, that’s what is SO BRILLIANT about the pick. The last think Trump needs is another clown (like Newt) on the ticket.
chajin typifies the main Freeper argument, that Veep doesn't matter anyhow.
I have been voting since 1972, and only once in 11 Presidential elections have I ever voted because of a VP candidate (Palin, of course).

It is difficult to imagine anyone thinking, "I wasn't going to vote for that Trump guy, but I really like Mike Pence, so I'll vote for Trump now." Insert any other name for "Mike Pence" and the effect does not change. This election is all about Trump: people who want him will vote for him, people who don't will vote against him. (No one is actually voting for that other candidate.)
It will be interesting to see if Freepers manage to completely forget Pence before November.

catnipman says with a s straight face that the main danger is Trump being overshadowed:
Pence is a “safe” pick because he’s essentially a non-entity, and I suspect a non-entity is who Trump wants because a firebrand like Newt or Christie would draw substantial media attention away from Trump and Trump’s message, and Trump and his message IS Trump’s brand, nothing more and nothing less. With Pence, there’s not a lot the media can say that matters other than that he’s a “safe” pick and a non-entity.
Theodore R. remembers when Pence passed an anti-gay bill and then flip-flopped when the entire country turned against him:
Still he caved on religious freedom and will do so again.
novemberslady is horrified Pence thinks Muslims have rights!
It's worse than that....

From Twitter:

Governor Mike Pence ‏@GovPenceIN · 8 Dec 2015 Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.

he's concerned about their rights
lakecumberlandvet is also not a fan:
Pence’s 8 Dec 2015 tweet should have disqualified him from veep consideration.
pburgh01 is pretty sure any disatisfaction is the work of a secret Freep fifth-collumn:
I suspect this thread is full of CruzBots, feigning concern over Trumps pick. Pence has a solid CU rating, pro-life, pro-growth, pro-energy, pro-defense. It's a great pick. Let's do some aversion therapy to get tyou Cruzbots to GET OVER your guy not getting the nod...repeat after me

Cruz Lost, he could not get enough votes
Cruz Lost, he could not get enough votes
Cruz Lost, he could not get enough votes
False flags are so popular, they're using them on themselves...

Biggirl speaks of those odd characters no Freeper will admit ever having been...
Gov. Pence brings in the conservative voters.
Freaking conservatives, am I right Gene Eric?
Whatever makes the posing “conservatives” happy. Just make them STFU.

Now, onwards to victory!
Pre-realignment politics gets really weird.


  1. clearly the cherry on top of it all ...

    Electric Graffiti: "If it’s not obvious to everyone by now, the left will stop at NOTHING to finish the destruction of this country."

    "WATCH: Stephen Colbert Hijacks RNC Mic Dressed as ‘Hunger Games’ Character to Mock Trump"

    1. Isn't Colbert a registered Republican?

      I guess even RINOs are the "left" now.

    2. Colberet's hunger game character fit right in at the convention.

      The word fascist gets bantered around a lot these days. I don't think Trump is a traditional fascist (he's more a nationalist/populist), but I think there are overlaps.

      Watching what I could stand of the convention though was like watching the birth of the U.S. version of a fascist party.

      A black marble stage with stark white steps. Nearly speaker to me gave of a sense of fear and impotence and the changes in the world around them.

      There were two different political adds using the lines "Strength and Security" and "Strength and Safety."
      Why not go full Chancellor Palpatine and quote Star Wars. "For a safe and secure society."

      Maybe it's just the American in me, but I've never liked large gatherings of people all riled up over a political figure. I didn't like Obama's packed stadium speeches early in his campaigns either. To use that word again they come off as fascist like.

      But this years RNC... man it was so uncanny to me.

    3. Colbert a registered Republican? That would surprise me, given how far left he is. He was a Bernie supporter in the primaries. Unless he did it as a goof.

    4. Maybe RomneyGuy is thinking of the cwazy conservative that SC played on the Colbert Report?

    5. He's a Democrat, according to himself in this interview:

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I watched Fallon for the first time ever last night. He played portions of the Trump/Pence interview/intertrumption and it was comedy gold.

  3. I hope all of the candidates try to escape an alien invasion on a space ship but it gets destroyed because some one decided saving earth was more important than saving them.

  4. Tuesday racism!

    On Melania Trump’s plagiarism:

    To: Cubs Fan

    Frankly, I don’t care about this Melania Plagiarism thing. To me it is a difference between a Silverback and a Gazelle, or a Gazelle and an Orangutan.

    2 posted on 7/19/2016, 10:57:24 AM by Gaffer


    1. He isn't specifying who is the intelligent higher primate and who is the dumb deer of course.

    2. That campaign is a collosal joke. If it wins we will have officially entered the idiocrasy.

    3. I imagine Gingrich and Christie are both seething being passed over for Pence.
      I predict that before November, both of them are going to lose it and make some major anti-Trump statements.

    4. I don't mean to descend to Freeper levels of playground insults, but because of what I do, "Melania" always scans as "Megalania" to me.

    5. It always looks like "Melanoma" to me.

  5. They're all gunnin for prestigious jobs in Ham-a-lot.

  6. from the land of "heads, you lose -- tails, we're full of winning" ...

    gspurlock: "My guess would be that Melania wrote her speech from her own life, while Michelle’s speech was written by professionals who know what people wanted to hear. If it was the same story, it’s because Michelle was pretending to be what Melania actually is. We’re tired of phonies. We’re ready for the real deal and we can tell the difference."

    Seeing More Clearly Now: "It’s pretty funny, actually. The Democrats can’t very well criticize the contents of Melania’s speech, if it sounds like Michelle’s Obama’s! By putting the one sentence in that’s the same, they assure that everyone will go back and listen to Michelle Obama’s speech for reinforcement of its words and content and will sound foolish in the extreme if they consider criticizing the very same platitude-filled speech from Melania."

    1. A tempest in a teapot. I noticed after
      Melania's speech that the talking
      heads on PBS had turned chalk white,
      were just blathering and foaming at
      the mouth. Jealous, I guess, that
      their little First Laddie Bill would
      not compete all that well for "First
      Lady" with Melania. (They WERE
      clearly attacking AND blathering!)

      Some radio guy (not Rush) used to
      speculate that in order to get the
      Dhimmicrat sympathy vote, Hitler-y
      henchmen would off Bill. Surely not.
      I think that was a bit over the top.

      Hitler-y wants that title POTUS real
      bad; but that is beyond the pale.


    2. ANNIE

      There. I finished your signature for you.

    3. Yeah, Hammie, because President William Clintonhas never been known for his ability to give a speech. Melanoma Drumpf, with her Green Acres (Lisa Douglas) delivery is much more eloquent.