Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Pix pt. II

An odd mix of Brexit, campus protestors, Trump, and 80s pop culture. 
Lets use child soldiers to take petty political shots! It'll be hilarious!
Abortion back in the news means feminists are slutty, ugly, lesbians again!
Cleverly, this complaint lets us avoid mentioning the contents!
The Devil's wrinkles.
Obama killed America AND was lazy doing it!
The tantrums are getting more and more juvenile...


  1. I can't hold out to look up all the stuff
    people put on FR. You'uns are wasting
    time on that fol-de-rol!

    Go clean your toilet! You'uns will get a
    lot more out of it!

    HITLER-Y is a "Thunderbutt" & Lizzie
    Warren is "Chief Lightfoot". TWINKIE is
    the Injun around here & goes on the
    warpath a lot. Genealogy is a waste of
    time! Just assume there's a hoss thief
    back there somewhere & try to do better.


    ANSWER ME BEFORE TWINKIE finds me out here
    on this pooty tooter! SHE HATES ME!!

    FANG is the ONLY one around here who
    but Fang, Jr. left years ago to start his
    own rat killing. TWINKIE drove him round
    the bend!!

    I gotta run before TWINKIE finds me here at
    this computer!!! - I ate BOJANGLES chicken,
    mashed potatoes & gravy, cole slaw and
    biskits & strawberries FOR LUNCH & SUPPER.

    Sometimes I think TWINKIE begrudges what
    HANNIE eats; but I don't care what she
    thinks! PORE OLD FANG!!!!


    1. HANNIE is RISKING HER LIFE trying
      to talk to you'uns here on FREEPER
      INSANITY! . . and you'uns don't give
      a flying poop! You'uns are probably
      over at the Pizza Hut gobbling up
      pizzas & drinking beer out of big old
      beer pitchers! Ooooh! HANNIE does not
      like beer. It tastes like HOG SWILL!!

      TWINKIE was correct about that Jewish
      star bizness! HITLER-Y ain't Jewish
      and that ain't a Jewish star any more
      than Little Orphan Annie had irises in
      her eyeballs!

      You'uns are hurting AUNT HANNIE'S
      feelings & here she is - risking her
      very life to try to help ya'll see
      the light - at the end of the TUNNEL
      of LIFE!

      I've lost muh place!


  3. Has HANNIE been aggravating ya'll? I
    cannot keep up with that old crone! I
    think she's asleep & lie down a while

    Then, AUNT HANNIE wakes up and slithers
    in and gets on my computer, hooks up to the
    internet & types a bunch of stuff about
    TWINKIE! Avilifying TWINKIE! TWINKIE has
    been a saint to HANNIE!

    FANG treats her like dirt just like he does
    with EVERYBODY. TWINKIE treats her like a

    I try to read what HANNIE writes on here;
    but she writes so much I cannot hold out to
    read all her drivel!

    She IS; however, telling ya'll the truth
    about HITLER-Y!

    Lemme see.

    President Donald John Trump, POTUS
    First Lady Melania Trump

    Yep. Ya'll's worst fears are gonna be

    President Hitler-y Rottingham Clintoon
    First Laddie Billious Jeffie Clintoon

    NOOP! It ain't right!


  4. Ya'll won't speak to TWINKIE.
    TWINKIE means well for ya'll.
    Calling a blue six-pointed STAR, a
    JEWISH Star is RACIST!

    HITLER-Y ain't Jewish. That Blue Star
    is nothing but a GRAPHIC that is used
    quite often for artwork.

    Even IF Hitler-y were somehow by some
    trick of nature a JEW; the STAR would
    be a YELLOW STAR OF DAVID with the
    name "Juden" written in the center!

    It was not! Twinkie is just trying to
    help ya'll not look ignorant! Don't
    pout at Twinkie for that!

    FANG wouldn't have given a crap if ya'll
    did look foolish. TWINKIE did care.

    OK. I'll drop it if ya'll will drop it!

    Butt, if ya'll do bring it up again with
    the LIE attached, I WILL GO FURTHER because
    ya'll ought to know better!

    Tonight on PBS, I watched a show where a
    beautiful tiger had to be shot in order to
    save lives. - Out here on the river, we
    have bobcats, coyotes and other things.
    I hope never to have to kill any of the
    animals on the river! I hope never to have
    to shoot anything on the river; but if any
    of the Jihadists come out here crawling
    around in their military garb and their
    "eyeholes" headgear; if our snakes don't
    strike 'em & Dub don't chew their butts,
    & FANG don't shoot them with his crossbow,
    I'll be forced to neutralize them. They
    will find out what a rifle behind every
    blade of grass in America means!

    Sorry if this offends. Better offended that
    dead! - My aim is still crappy. I try; but
    it's the darned arthritis in my wrists.

    HANNIE will go off half-cocked; but her aim
    IS better than mine!

    President Donald John Trump, POTUS

    Just getting in practice!


    P.S. I dread this "pick out the grass" and
    "check the salads" puzzles on here. The
    photos are so tiny I can hardly see them.

  5. I have a feeling that "Twinkie" is Jim Robinson himself and not a gross old boring woman. Jim is frustrated that people are discussing him and the other FR snowflakes outside of their "safe space." I sure hope he doesn't get so depressed that he starts cutting.

    1. Nah, this doesn't seem like JimRob's style. More likely it's some teen troll having a good laugh.

    2. I'm sure you're right. But it's worn pretty thin.

    3. Just ignore them and they'll go away eventually.

    4. No. Don't bother to ignore me. THIS
      is YOUR liberal forum & it is not
      right that I post contrary stuff on
      here about Hillary or Bill or any
      other of your icons.

      It is only right that this become
      more of an ECHO CHAMBER than Free
      Republic could ever be in its
      wildest dreams.

      "Twinkie" is NOT Jim Robinson. She
      is NOT "some teen troll having a
      good laugh".

      "Twinkie" is NOT some cream filled
      Hostess snack cake. "Twinkie" is my
      junkyard doggie found at a dumpster
      where she had been dumped years ago.

      I named her "Twinkie" because her
      eyes "twinkled". She had the mange &
      no hair left on her body to speak of.
      I took her straight to the vet in
      town & told them, "Fix her. I'll pay
      for it. I don't know IF she's a dog
      or what, but fix her."

      So, I left her & they treated her.
      She lived well over 16 or 17 years.
      I don't know how old she was when I
      picked her up.

      She was a good girl; better than
      some humans I've seen in this
      Mortal Coil.

      I've had animals who loved me a
      lot more than ya'll have. Years ago,
      I was walking on our farm & sat down
      on a tree stump. Suddenly, I felt
      Velvet caressing the top of my head,
      like I was a little girl. It was one
      of our horses who came & went as they
      pleased on the farm; just like we did.

      Yes. That's right. Just ignore us
      "TRUTH TELLERS". Or as some guy
      said long ago, "What IS truth?"

      I know what TRUTH ain't. It ain't
      the Clintons or most of them, in
      fact. The huge pile of MONEY in
      Washington eventually corrupts most
      of them. - Never boast about being
      so incorruptible. Most any of us
      human beings are subject to being
      corrupted. ("Let him who thinketh he
      stand take heed lest he fall.") Yes;
      that's from the Bible.

      Me and Jim Rob may not be so very
      sophisticated. Sarah Palin may not
      be so very sophisticated. In YOUR

      Ya'll and Hitler-y Clinton &
      Billious Clinton deserve each other.
      I certainly HOPE she is NOT elected;
      and I believe that without massive
      voter fraud & illegals turning out
      she won't be.

      IF she IS elected; FLUSH! This
      country for which many have GIVEN
      their lives is IN THE CRAPPER!


      P.S. I'm officially GONE. I'll try
      to keep AUNT HANNIE off here. FANG
      is no problem to keep off here; he
      is the type of man who, when he is
      threatened with being beat up by
      some drunk, says, "Oh, you gonna beat
      me up? YOU & WHO ELSE!" He's too busy
      on ebay to fool with time wasters.

  6. It's not JimRob. He's not that "clever".

  7. JimRob's signature is the hysteric double exclamation point.

    Regardless, I used to be able to come here and read fun comments. Now they're overshadowed by this threadbare routine.

    It's gotten really old, and it wasn't even funny to begin with.

    1. I tried to tell people to not feed the troll. It kinds seems like maybe some people are getting it because "she's" getting desperate for attention.

      If we all want to see this particular person go away, I suggest we ignore them.