Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Semantic sorcerer impactplayer argues that the problem with America is too much freedom not enough liberty:
240 years ago our founding fathers did not talk about freedom – what they wanted was liberty. But since the Civil War all we talk about is freedom – we seldom use the word liberty at all. But why – what has changed?

At its root, freedom is a religious term, referring to freedom from sin and deliverance from evil. However, in the mid 19th Century it became associated with the plight of the slaves and took on political overtones and took the place of liberty in our conversation.

But liberty has a totally different connotation, and it is purely political. At its root is the concept of liberty from government intrusion into our daily lives. And this is want Brexit and Trump are all about. Liberty – the foundational word of our birth as a nation. Let it not be lost in the dustbin of history.
Paulie reasons that all Trump's actions are correct, because Trump is always correct:
I think whomever Mr. Trump picks as his Veep, it will be the correct choice. He has specific criteria he’s using and specific goals in mind.

Further, Mr. Trump is privy to information that most, if not all, of us do not have access to.

Therefore the Veep will be the correct choice I’m quite sure.
COBOL2Java creates a dialogue where conservative son owns liberal grandpa:
Dad: "Huh. Wouldja look at that; Obama's campaigning for Hillary."

Son: "He's flying around in Air Force One; that's not right!"

Grandfather: "Whaddya mean? He's the President! He can do whatever he wants! Don't they teach you anything in that Christian School?"

"But, Grandpa, this is a clear conflict of interest! Besides, who's paying for the flights?"

Grandfather: "Bah! The President pays for it! It's in the Constitution - or something."

Son: "Air Force One is in the Constitution??!"
laplata reaches peak Hitlery:
A Hillary POTUS would make her the godfather of the biggest organized crime syndicate in the world.

And everyone knows it.

That’s a fact, And she will unleash the dogs of hell upon her real and perceived enemies. She would rival Stalin and Hitler.
DJ Taylor's house seems hard to get into and out of:
101. Know how to properly secure your perimeter.

1. Cleared and interconnecting fields of fire.

2. Double apron barbed wire, and triple concertina, with tangle-foot encircling entire perimeter.

3. Phu-gas covering likely avenues of approach.
Awesome. Mr. M.J.B. goes from raping Lady Justice to assasinating Trump:
Comey: DIRTY
Clinton Crime Family: DIRTY
Lynch: DIRTY
USGOV gunslingers protecting this filth: DIRTY

As I’ve said: The FBI/DOJ is completely lawless and corrupt.
Raping Lady Justice, then kicking her and urinating on her like the Idaho Muslim invaders USGOV ferries in and than protects.

The FBI-DOJ is ENEMY of Justice, Freedom, the Constitution, the former Republic and everything decent and honest.

Beezelbubba meeting with Lynch mob? Government security forces telling everyone to turn off all devices, no photos? No problem.

America is dead, has been for quite a while. Some people are just beginning to wake up now but it is too late.

Expect CIA/Uniparty/Deep State assassination of Donald Trump, made to look like “ISIS,” next.
Chaguito is gonna vote, but with COLD ANGER:
COLD ANGER is among the electorate here in America, come November 8th we will all be heard.

It is time to become silent, in the most effective sense of the word.
MV=PY is so close to realizing why you have to already be rich to run for office:
Just have a quick look at the net worth of our Senators. How about the Clintons? Do you think these folks were thrifty with their salaries to become so wealthy?
Gaffer always thought Comey was corrupt:
IMO, there is nothing truthful, honest or basically American about this traitor. He heads a corrupt organization under a corrupt administration and nothing he says or does is to be believed.

Putting him before a bunch of VICHY GOP will do nothing but give him (Hillary) and them cover for the election. Anti-American Kabuki.
Cowboy Bob is planning the race wars:
When the race wars begin, the first victims will be the White ruling class.

Of course, when these people are gone, the war will probably suddenly stop...since all the agitators will be dead.
MinuteGal is fine with FOX being sexual harassment central - it's super liberal!
Bear in mind...Fox is still controlled by leftist Rupert Murdoch and to some extent by his two lefty forty-something sons who run the day-to-day operations. These are the creeps that hold the fate of all Fox employees in their hands...including Ailes, Gretchen, Doocey and whoever else is involved in this real-life soap opera.
For mkjessup, Lynch has at least reached Holder levels of hate. With extra fatness, because she's a woman.
So if Queen Cankles keeping Princess Black Canklette is a bribe, what do we call James Comey’s craven surrender?
luv2ndamend doesn't get why no one in the FBI revealed the truth about Hillary Freepers know to be true!
What bothers me more is to this point in time that not 1 American has stepped forward from the FBI or anywhere else to drop the dime. Is the whole of the Government that corrupt?
Mr Apple is pretty there's a Muslim conspiracy for voter turnout.
I'm sure Muslims all across America are already in contact with each other and are preparing for the General.
trebb gives the fact that the Dallas Massacre had nothing to do with the peaceful BLM protest about as much attention as any Freeper bothers to:
That wasn't a riot. The protest itself was pretty orderly.

Always an exception or two to the rule - not that long ago they were chanting "What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!"

And now they decided to shut down a road in Atlanta. BLM is a terrorist organization that will soon be working hand-in-hand with other terrorists....they just happen to have a bunch of supporters who haven't figured it out yet.
"It's the exception. Now let me pretend BLM shot all those cops and move on from there." This is why the right pissed away any law-and-order benefit the shooting might have created.

lee martell explains why this black guy who was open carrying wasn't wise to exercise that right:
It was his right to walk around with that gun displayed, but I think he was foolish to do so. We see, now what BLM gatherings are prone to do, which is riot. So why make a conspicuous target out of yourself?

A pistol discreetly held in the holster, fine, but this full sized gun here? It would be intimidating to the average person to pass someone carrying that. I know many people here don’t want to hear that and want no limits on carry whatsoever. I disagree in certain circumstances.
Already beyond Obama in 2008, hondact200 is calling Hillary a terrorist:
Comey and Clinton are both in collusion against the USA. he is supporting her willful disregard, she has committed treason and both should be implicated.

Seems like the terrorist Hillary, is being sheltered by the Government itself. Seems to be the standard Modus Operanda of the entire Obama Administration - elites, terrorists, new Black Panthers, thugs, half wits and et al can get away with muder. Yet.
Windflier explains how the Fed destroyed America, it was just a delayed destruction...until Obama:
I get your point but the country did very well between 1900 and 1969.

It took that long for progressive policies to seriously erode our nation’s foundational strength. Until the Obama era, leftists used great restraint and slow incremental steps, to fundamentally alter America.

Once he was elected, all the restaints came off, and they’re now in a mad dash to overthrow our founding charter once and for all. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.
You gotta be really committed to the cause to post on Free Republic as a black man in these days of open calling for a race war:

Da Coyote is still rocking the Obama doodoo thing:
US Sanctions North Korea for Human Rights Violations

So Dorkbama the Muslim Dick farted in their general direction?
And Gaffer remains really excited about an American version of the French Revolution:
In my fondest dream, the Grand Court of the Guillotine, millions upon millions strong would surround the White House, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA and NSA with a yellow crime scene tape so large it could be read from 5000 ft. above.

Every employee would then be hauled off to appropriate incarceration to await trial. Punishment would be meted out on the Mall in DC.
Lurkinanloomin is amazed at how many people are covering up Obama's true birth and citizenship:
Who would have thought that Justice Scalia would sit back and let a man he knew was not a natural born citizen take the oath of office?
Not just him, either. All of them. Dick Cheney knew, you can see it in his eyes in that famous picture on Usurpation Day. None of them said anything.
They all took an oath to defend the Constitution and none of them did.
Some of them actively colluded with the Democrats to obscure Obama’s ineligibilty.
The Republic was lost on that day.

Trump is our only hope of a restoration.


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  2. Lee Martel's "certain circumstances" are when minorities try to carry a gun.