Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Iraq hindsight weirdness

Between his unpopularity, his lack of post-Presidency utility as a political tool, and the hated Obama adopting much of his foreign policies, Freepers have been moving from their cultish love towards hating Bush for a long time now.

And yet even as they enthusiastically turn from the GOP to Trump's purer nationalism, their reactions to the British Chilcot inquiry finding that Bush and Blair more or less faked-up the war out of nothing was muted. The inertia from previous zealotry is strong; some hated on Bush, but mostly they continued their previous narrative of Obama ruining Bush's perfect war somehow.

dfwgator may wonder what his philosophical analysis means about Free Republic before 2008...
What did we do it for?

The Saudis.

And Trump needs to nail Hillary on her support for the war, and the fact that Hillary is much closer ideologically to Bush, than Trump is.
xp38 knows the key is to never examine the consequences of a war you want to start:
The war was won but the aftermath was botched stupendously.
T-Bone Texan is full-on anti-Bush.
The fact remains that the Bushes are traitors and enemies of America.

The fact also remains that the Bushes served the interests of the House of Saud before the interests of the American people.
T-Bone Texan also hates Laura Bush:
I noticed Laura’s Bush’s book on my shelf this morning.

She sucks too!

If you read Laura Bush’s book you’d see she is not in any way conservative, or even intelligent.

The evidence is in her own words. I read her book.

That is why she sucks. If you require any more clarification on this issue I am here to help.
piasa found some website or something and listed every little bit of bullcrap Bush threw against the wall, kinda missing the linked report that says everything below was propaganda and lies:

  • We did it because Iraq failed to live up to the terms of the 1991 cease fire, which included, among other things, a requirement that Iraq would cooperate fully with inspectors as they confirm the veracity of Iraq’s accounting of its WMD programs;
  • We did it because Iraq was bribing officials all over the world to get sanctions lifted and the economic means of containing Saddam’s ambitions were coming to an end due to the corruption of UN officials and coalition officials and even media;
  • We did it because under the terms Iraq signed it was obligated to return captured prisoners of war from both the Iran/Iraq War and from its invasion of Kuwait;
  • We did it because Iraq was assisting al Qaeda affiliates in the development of poisons including the ricin cream that turned up in London ;
  • We did it because Iraq was harboring several wanted terrorists and was even providing them with pensions;
  • We did it because Iraqi, Iranian and NIF officials had been meeting in Sudan in advance of the 1998 US Embassy bombings;
  • We did it because Iraq was harboring two terrorist cells, one in Baghdad and one in northern Iraq which were involved in the assassination of USAID official Foley;
  • We did it because of Iraqi assistance with the Libyan nuclear program and other offshoring efforts;
  • We did it because of Iraqi diplomatic involvement with Philippine terrorists who had bombed US targets in that country and who had killed a US Army Ranger;
  • We did it to find out what had become of a USN officer;
  • We did it because of an Iraqi attempt to assassinate a former US president, his wife, and a Kuwaiti ally;
  • We did it because Saddam was promoting suicide bombings by providing family support to jihadists carrying out such bombings against a US ally and westerners caught in the bombings...
sparklite2 goes with the liberal traitor position circa 2002:
Because Saddam tried to kill Bush’s daddy.
lepton explains that we needed to look tough, and also doesn't know what sophistry means:
We also did it because Hussein was an example of blowing off agreements to the extent that diplomacy in the Middle East was no longer possible. He served as an Osama Bin Ladin-cited example of why it was not only OK to attack the U.S., but desirable, and we and our allies were being attacked in a big way every year.

To say Iraq wasn’t a threat was and is sophistry.
JohnBrowdie remembers Freepers' once slavish support for the disastrous war:
bullsh*t. it has become fashionable in this forum to dump on GWB and the decision to remove saddam from power, when in fact it had overwhelming support from the public, it was authorized by act of congress, and it had near unanimous support in this forum.

monday morning quarterbacking; don’t do it.
VanDeKoik admits he was wrong, which is something I recall Bush had some trouble with:
Realizing you were wrong =/= being fashionable.

It is realizing that the end result was worse than where you started.
JohnBrowdie then begins the inevitable flame-war over Bush.
I won’t be getting down into the ad hominem mud with you.

I attack liberals and liberal talking points.


  1. The racist thread of the day....

    1. Isn't it funny how the only "protest" they sanction is that dimwit Bundy and his cohorts out in Nevada? Even though a couple of their supporters shot two cops and at least one other guy to death? And how La Voy Finnicum was "assassinated" (even though he did exactly what they bitch about -- broke the law and disobeyed police)?

  2. It's almost like the stages of grief.

    1. Iraq war is a glorious undertaking to spread democracy through enlightenment and kill the towlhead.

    2. The war is being undermined by the left. The Iraqi's really do want us there and the WMD's are missing in the sand or Syria. All these documents one of our freepers is diving through proves it. (There really was a guy who sifted though a bunch of released docs hoping to find the proof they really did find WMD's)

    3. Bush won the war years after the invasion and multiple "this will strategy will win now moments." Obama just threw it all away.

    4. The war may have not been the best idea. But Obama started ISIS.

    5. Bush lied and people died... oh wait, what did I just say.

  3. 1. It is "towElhead" NOT "towl-head".

    AUNT HANNIE (Educated in a one-room

    1. Hannie you keep dodging my question. Are you bitter you never got to slobber Bill's presidential knob when he was in office?

    2. She's not nicknamed "Aunt Handy" for nothing!

    3. ShuT UP!! I was already OLD when
      Billious was being "serviced" with
      LAZY SEX. YUK!!! YUK!!! YUK!!!!!
      PUKE!!! VOMIT!!!! PUKE!!!

      HANNIE - Git bizzy doing work that
      is WORTHWHILE!!! Just for insulting
      Hannie so badly, git in your bathroom

    4. So that's a yes?

  4. Did Re_nortex go away?

    Haven't seen that guy in a while.

    1. And shortly thereafter, T-Bone Texan showed up....

    2. RE_nortex was way more subtle then T-bone.

  5. I was furious at Bush before 9/11 for federal funding of aborted child stem cell research and I boldly stated so on FR.

    I agreed with removing Saddam for all the reasons Bush stated at the UN plus for funding terrorism in Israel plus for trying to assassinate Bush Sr plus for invading Kuwait. However, I admit it's probably because the hand holdin Saudis wanted it. I did predict the ensuing civil war.

    1. "Aborted child stem cell research" -- but you're fine with discarding embryos from in vitro fertilization clinics?

      As far as the Iraq debacle goes, I assume you're also fine with the permanent debt that goes along with cutting taxes while we did it.

    2. Nope and nope. I'm not fine with those things.

      I'm against IVF. There is an embryo adoption movement thank God.

      I think our war costs are pyrrhic and crippling.

    3. So perhaps we should stop launching pre-emptive wars while cutting taxes for the rich (who benefit the most from those wars), and get rid of IVF (hey, there aren't enough women around to forcibly implant all those useless embryos, and you gotta do something with them if you're not going to scrap them).

  6. Thank you for the Chilcot reaction summary.