Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Everybody Hates Ted Cruz

A minor cold interfered with this becoming a Sunday post, but Freepers' reaction to DNC protests have thus far been boring smugness, so I thought this worked out. Then Michelle Obama happened...you'll have to wait till tomorrow for that, I'm afraid!

On to what seems like the far past now: Ted Cruz's smirking and open refusal to endorse Trump managed to be somewhat unexpected. Cruz serves only his own ambition, and it really looks to me like Trump is a symptom of a larger, anti-policy movement in the GOP. Cruz joined with the old party leaders, I guess hoping that Trump is a passing thing. This seems silly to me.

Regardless, Freepers hate does not fade, and now their hate for him equals Obama and Hillary! The only real difference in their vitriol and bitterness is that with Cruz, they also hate his supporters. Who do not exist on Free Republic anymore, but who Freepers still yearn to purge.

WENDLE's hard-on can be seen from space:
This is WAR!!
Mamzelle totally didn't vote Cruz, guys!
Now I understand why the Palins hate him.

I almost voted for him in the primary. At the last moment, I put in for Trump. My gut called it.
Cowgirl of Justice suddenly realizes Cruz is kinda weird:
I saw him interacting with his two girls and it was the weirdest thing I have seen in a loooonnnnng time. It was like there was absolutely no bond between the father and children - almost like he was watching someone else’s kids and they had the same reaction to him.

Just a strange bird.
laconic also seems to just now discover Cruz is really unlikable:
I had read Cruz didn’t have a single friend in the Senate. I could understand not being a friend of Lindsay Graham but there are also good folks there like Jeff Sessions and Jodi Ernst. Tells you something about his character, low.
Perhaps realizing how dumb pretending to have always hated Cruz looks, Iowamerican goes with the conversion/redemption angle:
To think that I caucused for this dick. FUTC! Go Trump! MAGA!
Fungi wonders if he's Christian. Could sekret Muslim be next?
I did too. I am baffled. Thought he was a Reagan conservative, where is he now? I am doubting he is even a Christian. “You shall know them by their works.” Ted, why, why did you do this?
Ken H is sure this was another Trump masterstroke, though he doesn't specify why:
Why did Trump give him prime time?

Possibly because he knew something like this would happen.

It was a great moment!
datura wants to speak to all the Cruz supporters who have been banned, to tell them they're Democrats. Sick burn:
Note to remaining Cruzlims (you know who you are): Time to find the exit door and join Hillary.
To hell with Cruz, mkjessup has found the real villain:
“Seems determined to do a Romney” 

I keep forgetting about that schmuck. He’s a distant memory.

Oh somewhere Mitt-Witt is trying to get steamed up and failing ...

"Trump ... Trump ... Trump ...
it should been MEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!

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gg188 is amazed at the cultish behaviors of the Cruzlims:
It's just amazing----the Cruzlims just can't stop lying. And after humiliating themselves beyond what anyone with an ounce of dignity or self-respect would tolerate---they STILL lie! (Trump said Cruz's dad shot JFK, etc etc etc.)

The frightening part is that a pathological phoney liar like Ted Cruz is able to build a cult around him who are just like him: sociopathic, inveterate liars. Scary. This is that tiny percentage of us capable of becoming serial killers or that back-stabbing co-worker lying his way through life without conscience, oblivious to their own lies.

It's something else that confirms Trump's genius and perception: LYIN' TED. Trump saw it before most of us did. That the one distinguishing, defining and most outstanding characteristic of Ted is his LYING.
Lent is all in on the rumors of Cruz's affair:
The way Amanda Carpenter was vociferously defending her man Ted on CNN tonight and bashing Donald it’s apparent the two shared more than politics.
bushwon is fighting the good fight against Cruz voters like.....
I held some Cruzers to their word today that Cruz would endorse and nailed them for it.

Regarding my post to you, I am just hopefully optimistic that you are correct!! I know Hitlary is going to lie and cheat and Trump will need a landslide to win.
mkjessup found a Freeper who didn't like Trump letting Cruz speak...close enough to  a Cruz supporter!
This was a set-up, pure and simple. You could see it in the surprise in Cruz’ face. Trump acted in a vindictive and destructive manner. This was so important to him that he did this even though it is going to cost him votes in November. That’s not the behavior of a leader. It’s not the behavior of a decent human being either.

The time for making excuses and apologizing for that Cuban-Canadian turncoat is OVER!

It's time for you to GTFO!
bert has decided Cruz was whoring. Also totally gonna vote Hillary:
Cruz turns out to be a small, small man. He was already ruined as a result of his whoring that was exposed.

He certainly turned down a deal that would have provided a future that is now gone.

One wonders if he will now focus his anger on the party and vote with the Democrats? One onders if his life is of value any more?
Psalm 144 makes an obscure Biblical reference that even Google can't connect to the Devil. But he manages to!
You Cruzlims are the new sons of Korah. How does that feel, to have aligned with the father of lies and the author of confusion, servantboy777?


  1. Folks, it's all over for Hillary:

    I have been looking at the Facebook pages of Trump and Hillary and have this assesment:

    First, Trump has twice as many “likes” as Hillary” (9.9 million to 4.7 million)

    Second, Most of the comments posted on Trumps page are positive towards him (I’d say 19 out of every 20 are positive).

    Third, most of the comments of Hillarys page are negative towards her (I’d say 7 out every 10 are negative towards her).

    If Facebook is any indication, yeah, she is losing very badly

    13 posted on 7/26/2016, 11:37:48 AM by Angels27

    1. but but but ... Facebook is a liberal commie tool of SATAN!!!!

      Actually, Trump has paid for fake "Likes".

    2. Don't forget the link.

      Angels27 sounds a lot like Peggy Noonan in the 2012 election where she was sure Romney would win because she counted more lawn signs than for Obama. Lawn signs and Facebook likes mean nothing. Especially since, as ay-nony-nony has pointed out, you can pay for fake likes.

  2. I've got lots to say about this and I wish I could say it on FR but I'm zotted.

    Let me start by saying that Cruz's speech was a great delight. How such a speech could be simultaneously self-serving of ambition and also political suicide, I can't comprehend.

    If I had been Cruz I would have ended with: "I'm not endorsing Donald J Trump for President because, after being called 'Lyin Ted' for months, nobody would believe me."

    1. Cruz did give a good speech.

      But stopped short of keeping his
      PLEDGE to support the nominee. Keeping
      your word is vital to us on FR. In
      fact, a lie is a lie; and I do not
      respect a person who LIES (even when
      telling the TRUTH is to their own
      hurt). No excuses.

      IF Trump is elected President of the
      United States, it will ONLY be because
      it is God's will that he be.

      IF Hillary is elected President of the
      United States, it will be that it is
      in the will of Almighty God that she

      I hope that we are, after all these
      years, shed of the damned Clintons
      & all their cronies from the swamp
      bog that is Arkansas.

      I voted Cruz in our early primary; but
      now I regret it! - I will, Almighty
      God willing, walk barefoot over rough
      gravel to get to the polls on election
      day and vote for:

      DONALD JOHN TRUMP for President of
      the United States


    2. Why bother voting if God is just going to pick who He wants anyway?

      No need for STINKIE PINKIE to hurt her poor feet on rough gravel.

    3. Twinkie,

      I believe, as my old tag line says: "...God wins every election" so I believe I agree with you about God's will.

      I believe it was wrong for Cruz take a loyalty oath in the first place and it was right of Trump not to take it.

      I believe that Trump is a danger to himself, to America and to the world because he does not fear God. It woild have been a sin to endorse him. Clinton has the same flaw, is not at all vote worthy, but at least she is weaker. I can't say which is worse.

      I'm voting my conscience. If everyone voted their conscience, neither would win. FReegards.

    4. A-nony,

      You can't negate God's will by not acting. That kind of faithless passivity is typical of the Islamic saying: "in shaa' allaah".

      By acting with determination, a believer in God's sovereignty can faithfully and defiantly testify to God's almighty power by girding his loins and crossing the Red Sea or blowing a trumpet while marching around Jericho. Man proposes, God disposes.

    5. Deut. 30:19

      God wills people to choose, he does not will the choice (unless you're diving into some extreme predestination heresy).

    6. That is illogical. To choose is itself a choice. Our will is part of God's creation. To believe our will is outside of creation, like denying one's conscience, is to worship and serve the creature more than the Creator who is blessed forever Amen?

    7. If free will is part of creation (no argument) then it is illogical to presume that an outcome is predetermined. Colt create guns: they don't decide when they fire or who they are pointed at.

      Suggesting that God will determine the result is tantamount to accusing him of fraud. The fact that power exists says nothing about whether it will be habitually exercised. Scripture says quite clearly that it generally won't.

  3. Just to be clear twinkles, if the coronation of HRH Clinton II goes ahead it will be God's will (OK) and in such an eventuality, given that second guessing THE LORD would be a collosal act of arrogance, you will quit complaining and wholeheartedly support the decisions and policies of THE LORD's chosen candidate irrespective of the diktats of the Chairman and the rest of the FR Politburo?

    We don't want any sophistry here. If the candidate selected by THE LORD to win wants to:

    * Repeal the 2nd Amendment.

    * Institute fully socialist healthcare (e.g. Britain).

    * Establish abortion as a specific constitutional right.

    * Legalize all extant illegal immigrants.

    You are going to be 100% behind those policies because they are demonstrably manifestations of the will of THE LORD?

    1. It has been the will of the Lord to raise up tyrants. It has also always been the will of the Lord to resist the same tyrants in-so-far has they are treasonous against the God who empowered them and can remove them in an instant.

      John 19:11

      Jesus answered, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”

    2. That doesn't address the point. If the elected candidate tries to act in sympathy with Isa. 2:3 (by repealing the 2nd Amendment), are you on board with that?

    3. Our security does not derive from the 2nd Amendment. We have the unalienable right, given by God, to keep and bear arms (defend life and property). Our security comes from tha5 same God. If you think the 2nd will ever be repealed you're just whistlin Dixie.

      Genesis 9:6

      Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

      Psalm 20

      7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.

      8 They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright.

      "Let tyrants shake their iron rod,
      And Slav'ry clank her galling chains,
      We fear them not, we trust in God,
      New England's God forever reigns." - 1st verse of Chester

  4. But back to the subject at hand ...

    I would have liked to see a Cruz vs. Sanders match-up.
    That would have been a real ideological battle, REAL conservtism vs. REAL progressivism.

    Freepers can't (or won't) see it now, but the villification of Cruz will have lasting ill-effects, not only on FR but on the Republican Party as a whole.

    The biggest surprise for me is seeing DJ MacWoW, the biggest kiss-ass boot-licker on FR, showing some actual scruples and bowing out as soon as she realized JimRob (and therefore, FR) went full-in for Trump.

    1. I've heard is said the Sanders was the most ideological candidate in the race. It think it's true. Though I'd never vote for him, I'd prefer him to Clinton or Trump. At least you know where he stands.

    2. Two more long time Freepers got the zot today, centurion316 and good with a gun.

    3. Looks like "centurion316" had quite a few deleted posts prior to his zotting (sassing on a grift-a-thon thread, ha ha),
      but I can see no indication as to why "good with a gun" got the boot.

    4. She (goodwithagun) posted a joke thread referencing "dontations". It was clearly a dig at the Clinton Foundation but a parasite with a guilty conscience might have taken it to be a griftathon satire.

      The thread was rapidly pulled. We all know what a delicate little snowflake the Chairman is.

  5. Directly over the target and taking flak!

    Ya'll raise many interesting, some tiresome,
    some naughty, some erudite, doubtful

    Twinkie King

    1. Well, with a woman of your girth and mass, I was worried about the damage that rough gravel would do to your tiny unshod hooves.

    2. Dear me twinkles! A satanist in the Vatican would be "over the target" and likely "taking flak". According to your logic that makes Satan "correct".

  6. Weren't the Sons of Korah a group of Klingons from Star Trek?

    I thought Captain Kirk killed them.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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