Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Awgie must be sat the conventions ended without blood:
I made a bet with my wife. How many deaths at the RNC? I said 5, she said 10.

People attending the convention who are alive today will be dead by the end of the convention.

Now if I know that, why aren’t “public servants” taking precautions to avoid it?
Freepers like Vaquero are growing a Mormon conspiracy contingent on Freep. Will Romney be the new SOROS?
Mormon’s have changed their method. They just cheat in business and politics with lawyers.

On 9/11 1857 they performed a terrorist attack that killed 120 men women and children who were passing through Utah on their migration to California.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 seems to have been mostly lost to history. We must remember how these people deal with situations. They are ruthless. Don’t turn your back.
spokeshave's rules also apply to just about any dictator:
TrumpRule 1:...Never underestimate the Donald

TrumpRule 2:...Always expect the unexpected from the Donald

TrumpRule 3:...The Donald appreciates loyalty

TrumpRule 4:....The Donald has an excellent memory.

TrumpRule 5:...The Donald takes no prisoners.
EarlT357 gleefully drops some sick Internet burns on Michelle Obama:
Moochelle’s speech was remarkable only when you consider:

How did they train that WOOKIE to even give a speech?

Oh, and they certainly made no effort to hide Moochelle’s considerable caboose, as well!
FrankR works hard to connect Black Lives Matter to Muslims:
It doesn’t much matter about the “tone” of the convention, the BLM knows it’s against the law to plunder, loot, and kill. The tone of the convention speakers, no matter how direct, is - and will never be - justification for law-breaking.

Their Muslim-like rage and self imposed entitlement to play terrorist is demonstrating to America what they’re all about. Anarchy.

Lauer is scared of them. That’s all.

BLM = Behaving Like Muslims.
I've excerpted MadMax, the Grinning Reaper's large list of who to fire in our government for my favorites:
All the heads of the military from the AF academy to West Point, Annapolis, and Affirmative Action promoted people, mainly women.
Expose Cuban agents in the US, esp. among academia or in the government. (Long story).
Jail HILLARY on general principles before charging her with treason. The same for John Kerry. We Vietnam guys never forget or forgive.
Investigate Obama for treason over Benghazi, Iraq and Iran. They should keep many prosecutors and investigators employed for years.
INVESTIGATE AND JAIL GEORGE SOROS AS A TRAITOR. Ah hell. Jail him first and then investigate. He doesn’t deserve any Constitutional Rights for his treason.
Investigate Soros’ fronts, BlackLivesMatter, Dream Defenders, New Black Panthers, and other extremists. Create a really powerful, efficient and well funded/staffed House Internal Security Committee. I want a job with them. Let’s do it right this time.
Jail all illegal criminal immigrants we catch here. Forget about repatriating them. Treat them as national security threats, esp. the gangs/drug smugglers, and house them in GITMO, GITMO II, III and IV, in the middle of the Arizona desert (for life).
Random thread about the DNC. Doogle eagerly runs to add in a petty, off-topic insult:
...hmmmm, I wonder if Webb Hubbell’s daughter is going to speak next week?
CivilWarBrewing is pretty sure the abortive coup in Turkey was Obama's doing:
Those who do NOT think 0dunga had his hands in this purge needs to awaken.

0dunga has LOTS more undermining of our allies and semi-allies to do BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE IN SIX MONTHS, and Turkey was ONE of them. It's no mistake that he endorsed Morsi in Egypt while asking Mubarak (ally to both U.S. AND Israel) TO STEP DOWN. Fortunately a military coup in Egypt resulting in a great man taking leadership (Al-Sisi) was a shock to 0dunga and not what he wanted. But what is happening in Turkey going FULL-ISLAMIST is just one more item 0dunga can cross off his 'things to make happen before I leave office' list.
Whenifhow agrees, Obama did the Turkish coup:
....this coup is Obama’s plot with Erdogan, to get american nukes handed off to his Islamist buddies...

Suspiciously like a nuclear “fast and furious” play
showme_the_Glory's confusing post on Rachel Maddow is 10 lbs. of insults in a 5 lb. box:
Madcow and his war on women. But he hates men more.
CodeToad has been posting this all over the place, but he's no Laz.
Liberals are the most fascist, hate-filled, mean-spirited, envious, resentful, vicious, close-minded, violent, murdering, amoral, stupid, censoring, horse-punching, book-burning, ignorant, uneducated, unskilled, childish, prejudiced, racist, women-hating, man-hating, perverted, thieving, destructive, American-hating, Christian-hating, muslim-loving, communist, vulgar, dirty, smelly, regressive, restrictive, prohibitive, bed-wetting, cop-killing, and scared little lying thumb-sucking idiots God has ever created.
Billthedrill is pretty sure the Melania plagiarism flap will go away now:
Neatly handled. Now we get to mock the media for the ridiculous hysteria. The mockery is going to last a lot longer than the hysteria and be a lot more damaging.
Religion and Politics is working hard to blame the speech writer's secret agenda for the same scandal:
Looked for Meredith McIver, and she has "co-written" five or so of Trump's books. She joined the Trump organization in 9/2001, so probably during 9/11.

I may be wrong, but I think she is African American. That is her (from as far as I can tell) on the left in this picture. But there just isn't a lot out there to source that I can find.
thoughtomator prefers to think of this as another Trump masterstroke:
23 words in exact order were stolen from that speech. THAT IS A FACT.

So many people here tried to deny it like the speechwriter magically came up with that sentence structure all on her own... but now we have confirmed proof from the speechwriter.

It is a fact, sure.

So the question is, what is the meaning of this fact?

Could it have been, in fact, a deliberate trolling of the media - something we have seen from Trump repeatedly to date?
Moonman62 - the plagiarism is a total feather in Trump's cap!
Very classy on each of their parts, Trump, and this woman.

This woman would have been fired by anyone else. Trump realized she made a mistake, and now so does she. She won’t do it again. That’s good enough for me.


Trump the Merciful!
Dick Bachert is a rather peaceful guy, but he wants to lock up and/or kill everyone who votes for Hillary:
I’m a rather peaceful guy, but I keep thinking how I could easily support the new president negotiating with the current owners of what the French owners at the time called “Devil’s Island”, buying the place then PACKING ALL CLINTON VOTERS – EVEN THE DEAD ONES FROM CHICAGO – OFF TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES GAZING AT THEIR (OR THEIR SAME SEX PARTNER’S) NAVELS AND THE SEA. We could air drop them in (parachutes optional).


  1. Dick Bachert: "I'm a peaceful guy, but I often find myself wanting to murder those who disagree with me."

    1. He's the bastard child of the Dos Equis guy and Dick Cheney.

    2. "I don't always find myself plotting genocide, but when I do, I base it on politics"