Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

The terrorism in France has really set some Freepers into the deep end. I may have to squeeze a post on it during the RNC Convention, but for now here are some highlights:

Democratic-Republican's first reaction to a Muslim-perpetrated mass killing in France is to hate American Democrats even more, and to collect torture-porn to stimulate this hatred even more:
Truck crashes into Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France

The immediate first step is clear, we must destroy Hillary and DingleBarry. The (D)emocratic-Socialist party has managed to avoid being tied to an incredibly long laundry list of sins. They own this. They own much more from the earliest days of Communism, not to mention slavery and Jim Crow. Thanks to the media they have somehow managed to duck the carnage they created and supported while simultaneously painting their pantie-wearing opposition as "Right-Wing" Nazi Fascists ( some leftist limey on CNN was just fretting over this latest attack helping Le Pen ). The devil himself could not have done a more amazing job of public relations of hiding his true identity and agenda.

When you come across an actually horrific graphic tied to the leftists it might just be one of mine ( the above one is tame but effective ). Other folks are already doing this with Benghazi and Chris Stevens for example. Kudos to those patriots making those images. Hillary and Barry are co-founders of ISIS and must be tied to it mercilessly.

Twitter and a handful of patriotic forums are really the only media outlet we have any semblance of control over and this must be leveraged. It is now or never because letting that witch Hillary into the White House and getting two to five Supreme Court justices means the end of America for real, and forever.
First thing Secret Agent Man thought of was how happy he imagined Obama was:
Imagine the muslim celebration in the White House yesterday.
I wonder if the Nazis casually called all Jews gay like Mariner does with Muslims:
ALL Muslims are homo.

They don't call themselves homo because they don't believe screwing boys is homo.

But they're homo nevertheless.
T-Bone Texan finds no reason not to be prejudiced:
It is not my responsibility to see every person as a cherished individual who must be judged uniquely.

Rather, it is my responsibility to keep my family safe and alive.

So no honey (not you; my wife), we will not be attending the Caribbean festival this weekend, or any weekend, ever.

Conversely, we WILL be attending the Greek Festival the week after, because that event will stastically much, much safer.
Paradox thinks it's okay that whites are racist, and he's kinda Hispanic, so it's okay:
White have no love for white people who are criminals either, its just that the rate of criminality in the AA community is so much higher.

And I say that as an American of hispanic descent, who is short and dark, and has gotten profiled too many times to count, and has gotten beaten for being different, but I dont hold that against anybody. So I feel I have no dog in this hunt, just the truth.
The_Republic_Of_Maine jokes about killing all of them:
There are so many things liberals should not be allowed to do.

Like breathe? Reproduce? Live in Maine?
RinaseaofDs has this odd journey from thinking 9/11 was war to realizing every bad thing in the world has been plotted by Al Queda or something.
The recent police shootings - felt like 9/11. My wife was watching the news on the first day of my vacation from work. I was sleeping in.

She’s watching the tower burn, and then a second plane hit other tower. That’s when she woke me.

She looked at me after I had a chance to wake up and take in what was going on, and said, “This can’t be a coincidence.”

When the plane hit the Pentagon, I turned to her and said, “We’re at war. Go fill up the bathtubs. I’m going to the store to buy what we can while we can.”

I’ve often thought since then, when nothing else really happened, that the plan was stupid on their part - that they had no other campaign planned that capitalized on the chaos, the paralysis, and the economic damage.

However, lately, they did have a plan for a follow up. 9/11 was the ‘Apple Super Bowl 1984 Commercial’, and the plan was BLM, police shootings, Orlando, The raping and capitulation of Europe, and the tacit approval bestowed by the DOJ of pretty much all of it.
Robert A. Cook, PE has gotten so nihilist, he's rooting for a nuke in some city:
Well, when the next Muslim nuclear bomb is exploded, it will be killing her voters.
As fogeys have said since Ancient Greece, WilliamCooper1 finds kids these days are totally girly:
I was recently at a birthday party for a 15 year old sophomore boy. I was puzzled by the overt feminine traits that all of these boys that were at the party. They all talked, carried, and dressed in feminine ways. But, I looked around and noticed that four of the boys were being raised by single moms and the other one’s dad was locked up.

LS is so clearly rooting for the terrorists:
Oh, one more thing: if you ever saw “The Kingdom,” where a pair of Saudi shooters cut loose in an American oil-worker compound, and when people run for cover, another Saudi “policeman” urges them to come to him, the HE detonates himself, . . . THEN, 12 hours later as all the emergency workers arrive on scene, a bomb in an ambulance blows up, so it was a “three-fer.”

I thought about the Nice truck assassin using this tactic.
sagar brings out the White Supremacist theory of black slaves being bred to be too dumb to properly participate in society:
Native Americans were deemed a martial race, so unsuitable for slavery — they had to be exterminated. At least kept away. They, at least those that survived for the most part, kept their independence.

Blacks, however, were seen as a docile race and ready to be owned. They were kept close, which itself was a curse not just during slavery, but after it. They were bred for manual field labor and were completely dependent on their massahs. Now, they are dependent on the gubmint. Since they were bred for manual labor and (unless they are athletes), they just cannot participate in the manual labor due to a number of circumstances — most notably actual loss of manual labor jobs. Unfortunate but that is the truth.
I'm surprised by how many Freepers agree with Talisker on Clinton's veepstakes:

Yep. If nothing else, Hillary won't be able to resist the sheer arrogance of it.
Diogenesis is in the vanguard of the very amusing trend of replacing Soros with Romney as the new omnipresent Republican supervillain boogeyman:
Soros is the partner of Romney.

Not spiritually only. Financially.
SaveFerris keeps the appropriate perspective on the abortive Turkish coup:
Christiane Amanpour on CNN is in a state of panic.

Finally, something I can smile about.
Jesus, Freepers are petty.

HarleyLady27 joins LeoWindhorse on the military coup train:
United States Armed Forces - take note

Other countries seem to be willing to take strong measures to rid themselves of their Islamist leaders . How about us ?

I agree, I want our Military to take Hillary, Bill, Barky, and all the rest and lock them up in Git-Mo...that’s where they need to be...
EinNYC uses the coup in Turkey to call for the killing of Obama, who is also poop.
Obama: All parties in Turkey should support Erdogan gov't

If THIS statement by Odungo, that reeking puddle streamed forth by someone’s loose bowels,is not the clearest possible statement that he is a complete TRAITOR to the United States of America, nothing could be. 
Line him up and cut him down. He is a clear and present danger to us all. Even if the brain damaged low information blacks and white libtards can’t even process the thought that there might be something amiss with this fecal pile.
Luircin explains that Pence will bring in voters for my dad, but it's that last sentence that is why I included this post:
Pence would more likely bring in voters like my dad.

My father loathes Hillary, but he’s bought into the MSM propaganda about Trump, and told me that they’re both terrible and that Trump is a moron. He liked Jeb! of all people in the primary. Yuck!

Of course, I attempted to argue Trump’s positives, but he just does NOT want to hear, cutting me off with, “You’re not going to change my mind.” I suppose he either doesn’t want to change his mind, or it’s just because he changed my diapers 30 years ago and can’t get over that.

I love and respect my dad, but we got into a rather intense fight when he said that about me. Drives me nuts sometimes. But at least he’s not as bad as the rest of my immediate family who have been known to try to publicly shame me for my politics.
Hard out there for a Freeper.

grania gets a bit dramatic about the fate of Western Civilization:
With this latest attack in France, it is obvious that it's going to take superior military thinking if the end of Western civilization is to be prevented (I'm not exaggerating).
Arthur McGowan summarizes Ann Coulter's latest book for us:
¡Adios America! makes the case that the entire planet, except N. America, Europe, Australia, and Japan, is a vast sea of rape—gang rape, girl-rape, boy-rape, and rape rape. 
Arthur McGowan really reads a lot into Obama's speeches:
I think Obmama is signaling that he hopes his creation, ISIS, invades Israel and kills all the Jews. He has barely hidden his glee as ISIS has slaughtered Christians.

It shows just how spiritually blind and dead tens of millions of Americans are that they don’t see a mass murderer when he’s right in front of them.


  1. I can't help but wonder what William Cooper is doing at 15yo boys' birthday parties.
    Normally if it was a party for a family member (a nephew or grandson, etc.), a person would mention that.

  2. Coulter is deliberately burying Japan's monster-on-schoolgirl rape epidemic!

  3. RinaseaofDs knows what every freeper knows -- that with not too much editing you can always be right in hindsight.