Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

JLAGRAYFOX takes the Dallas shootings and makes them all Obama's fault, with some extra spite.
Folks....until Obama, Clinton, the entire Democrat Party is totally destroyed, politically, this mayhem, murder and terrorism will continue, unabated!!! Obama, Clinton, etc,. have chained the African-American community into permanent poverty and slave plantation mentality, for the sole purpose to destroy the American Republic. 
How’s that Kenyan, POTUS, Obama “Hope & Change” working out for you America? GO DONALD J. TRUMP.....Make America Great, Once Again!!! Onward to complete POTUS victory in November, 2016.
DCBryan1 is full on fear the nubian devils:
.....and there are THOUSANDS of more like him out there. ACTIVE MARXIST ANTI AMERICAN, BLACK, RACIST, SEPARATISTS.
mountn man has a Calvinist view of why voting for Hillary means you're hellbound:
I believe any person who willingly votes for Hillary could be in danger of Hell Fire judgement!

I agree completely.

NOT because their act of voting for Hillary is a condemning offense, BUT BECAUSE it's indicative of the heart of the person. It shows a person whose world view is shaped by the world and not shaped by God and his scriptures.
RckyRaCoCo concern trolls Sanders supporters:
Sanders to endorse Clinton next week

...see kiddies, just another rat hypocrite blowing smoke up your brainwashed you must obey!...or no more dog biscuits for you!

(Will they ever learn?)

JayGalt lays out the weak, weak case that Comey has always helped the Clintons and Obama because he went to law school in Chicago and never found them guilty of anything.

  • Comey’s roots to President Obama and the Clintons are deep. Comey took his law degree at the Univ. of Chicago – the place where Obama later taught.
  • In 1996, Comey was selected as deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee, where, after months of investigations, both Clintons were found innocent of wrong-doing.
  • On President Bill Clinton’s last day in office, Jan. 20, 2001, he pardoned 450 people, including criminals who had made payments for him to do so – a sort of lovely parting gift for the outgoing POTUS.
  • After taking charge of the subsequent investigation of what was then called PardonGate. Again, Comey found no illegality and exonerated the Clintons, despite clear evidence of bribery and despite President Carter calling the pardons, “disgraceful.”.....excerpt
WKUHilltopper found yet another sekret Muslim!
Probably switched to being a Muslim too.
Salvey is too paranoid for the GOP:
Recently I withdrew my GOP registration and registered as an independent - after I witnessed the way the GOP leadership and prominent GOPers were backstabbing Trump

I did the same thing after I witnessed the way Romney took a dive and threw the election to obama.
Arthur McGowan still hates Ted Cruz even as a speaker at Trump's RNC convention:
I can’t wait to watch that greasy face and hair, and listen to Ted’s piercing, nasal voice for an hour, non-stop!
ClearBlueSky whitesplains the problem with blacks is the ATTITUDE:
let me help you understand why people just can’t cooperate with the police. ATTITUDE.

Criminal,thug, 37 year old with kids all over the landscape selling thug CD’s in front of a convenience store in crime central, carrying a gun, hate-the-cops, I’m big, black and bad ATTITUDE!

Now, factor in the general tone of building criminal anarchy and the recent murder of Detective Michel in New Orleans by a daring POS thug and there’s your answer. Criminal record ‘family man’ had a gun on him. He was gonna go back to jail. He didn’t wanna. Now he’s not. Add him to the multiple OTHER black men killed by BLACK MEN on the streets every day and you have the big picture. ATTITUDE.

Some times the cops end up killing them, most times they kill each other. NO great loss either way, IMO.
FredZarguna is sure Comey's taunting him by not agreeing that Hillary is superGuilty:
the defense of Clinton mounted by Comey is so preposterous, so laughable, so completely ridiculous that it's clear our masters aren't even trying anymore.
It's nothing more than a naked power play, pure and simple.

Note added in proof: Comey's supposedly comprehensive investigation revealed nothing that was not already widely known via Congressional Testimony, FOIA requests, Judicial Watch, and other open sources. In other words: the much vaunted "FBI" uncovered nothing, revealed nothing, and did not even bother to pretend to mount much of an investigation.
Beware! gunsequalfreedom is gonna try to meme the language:
Shouldn't the FBI director's name, "Comey," from now on be pronounced "Commie"?

No, why allow his real name to escape being dirty. Instead, every time someone gets away with a crime, say they got a Comey.
Even as everyone else has moved on, Steely Tom continues to work hard to blame BLM for the Dallas shootings.
It took two fasists to use the Dallas blacks protest as cover to kill officers.

Its also possible that the protest organizers used the movement of the protest to bring officers into a kill zone.
80skid is another who seems to think BLM is nonstop beheadings:
What the Hell is the difference between ISIS and BLM at this point.
lightman is really going for the racist gusto:

That’s insulting to animals.
But somehow George Washington Axe manages to top him:
Guess a little KENT STATE might shut up the monkeys. It’s literally planet of apes now
SisterK allows that this shooter might not be a puppet, this one time:
Am I paranoid? I think there are puppet masters behind a lot of this stuff.

of course there are puppet masters

However, this one might simply be weak people who bought into the Left Culture. Weak people who adopted the Must Hate Lie.

Obama and his party OwN ThiS.
bigredkitty1 wants cops to start shooting anyone who disobeys:
Time for the cops to take off the kid gloves. Behaving like morons with cops will only get one killed. When they ask (OK, demand) for one to do something, DO IT! If there is anything untoward during the stop, address it AFTERWARDS. Live to complain another day and not become a martyr.
dila813 heard Obama's speech and decided he was secretly cheering the shooter:
I heard the President loud and clear, the dog whistler says “The Justified Shooting of Police Officers is wrong”

What a POTUS!
hattend unifies the evils of Obama, Islam, and blackness:

Sons of Obama, ISIS division
"Surely you observe that blacks have subhuman intelligence" kearnyirish2 explains:
Have you ever received emails from black co-workers? For many, their speech pattern isn’t a dialect - it is Pre-K English. I’m not kidding; it is quickly obvious you are dealing with a non-reading population.
Cobra64 boasts how he has no liberal friends:
My condolences that you have democrat friends. I will not even speak to a democrat if I can help it. Most are nasty due to their inability of rational thought and upbringing.
LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget out-Freeps him by boasting he's an asshole to anyone who has liberal reletives:
Heh, I can top that. Met my neighbor’s brother a cpl years ago. Raving moonbat retired teacher. Told those neighbors to F Off. Still speak to the wife from time to time. Before that meeting we were house friends.

I do not suffer fools. neighbor was a tad lib, but after meeting his brother they are dead to me.


  1. "GO DONALD J. TRUMP.....Make America Great, Once Again!!! Onward to complete POTUS victory in November, 2016."

    flash forward nov 9 2016:

    "he was always gonna dive!!! FUDT!"

    1. For sure, that's why I'm so conflicted on a potential Trump victory in November ...

      Scenario 1)
      Trump loses, and freepers spontaneously diarrhea themselves to death, while all the Cruzer zottees come back saying "Ha Ha!" in their best Nelson voices.

      Scenario 2)
      Trump wins, and freepers slowly diarrhea themselves to death over the next four years realizing Trump has no intention of honoring any of his campaign promises, and in fact spends most of his time partying with Democrats in "Playboy Mansion" style, and pushing a social freedoms agenda that would make Bill Mahre blush.

    2. I don't think Madame President is a laughing matter. Trump or Clinton, we'll get what we deserve and we'll get it good and hard.

  2. Some times the cops end up killing them, most times they kill each other. NO great loss either way, IMO.

    Exposing the "all lives matter" insincerity for what it really is.

    Guess a little KENT STATE might shut up the monkeys. It’s literally planet of apes now.

    "Literally"? Perhaps he forgot that in Planet of the Apes, the apes were civilized and rode horses and had weapons, and the humans scuttled around naked, dirty, and nonverbal.

    1. The humans were naked and oppressed because they got complacent and allowed uppity chimps to get access to white folk's technology (i.e guns).

    2. Cornelius: Yes. And by the time the plague was contained, man was without pets. Of course, for man, this was intolerable. I mean, he might kill his brother, but he could not kill his dog. So humans took primitive apes as pets.
      Zira: Primitive and dumb, but still twenty times more intelligent than dogs or cats.
      Cornelius: Correct. They were quartered in cages, but they lived and moved freely in human homes. They became responsive to human speech and, in the course of less than two centuries, they progressed from performing mere tricks to performing services.
      Interrogator: Nothing more or less than a well-trained sheepdog could do.
      Cornelius: Could a sheepdog cook, or clean the house, or do the marketing for the groceries with a list from its mistress, or wait on tables?
      Zira: Or, after three more centuries, turn the tables on their owners.
      Hasslein: How?
      Cornelius: They became alert to the concept of slavery. And as their numbers grew, to slavery's antidote which, of course, is unity. At first, they began assembling in small groups. They learned the art of corporate and militant action. They learned to refuse. At first, they just grunted their refusal. But then, on an historic day, which is commemorated by my species and fully documented in the sacred scrolls, there came Aldo. He did not grunt. He articulated. He spoke a word, a word which had been spoken to him time and again without number by humans. He said: "No".

    3. I'm uncomfortable with this entire metaphor, but since I'm not the one who started it (a Freeper did), let me just say that if the "apes" took over, maybe the "humans" weren't as supreme as they thought they were.

  3. There's nothing "Calvanist" about what mountain man said. As a Calvanist who believes in the Sovereignty of God, I believe God shapes everyone's worldview just like He shapes everything else.

    Isaiah 42:7
    To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

    Romans 9:21
    Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

    1. Most Calvinists know how to spell Calvinist.

  4. This could be interesting.
    My understanding is largely historical, but I thought that Calvinism deals with people being predestined as saved or not. This status is betrayed by how they act, but not changed by it.

    By arguing that Hillary voters are already hellbound in their heart, and their vote is only betraying their status, mountn man seemed to be hewing to that narrative, if not outright endorsing it.