Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Black looter gets jail time, Freepers cannot process.

After getting caught on camera starting fires and attacking police, 20-year-old Donta Betts has been sentenced to 15 years, no parole.

As with most good news that challenges their victimhood narrative, Freepers do not react well to this news at all, and spend a lot of amusing time and effort trying anything to discount the story. It gets pretty pathetic, hehe.

blam is like the only one to evince surprise:
I’m genuinely surprised that the good guys (cops) were exonerated and the bad guys (rioters) are going to prison.
Not sure what cyclotic is saying, but it sounds like a mix of MRA crap and some Stormfront mythology:
Sounds like Donte failed the beta test. (OK, someone can do better)

They said he’s not your typical rioter because he shot someone of $20 a month later. Looking at the meteoric rise in violent crime in the aftermath of the riots, I’d say little Donte is exactly the typical rioter.

I hope he enjoys the next 15 years of miserable existence.
TangibleDisgust just enjoys being smugly racist that a black guy was found guilty of something:
he dindu nuffin.

he was a good boy.

he was turning around his life and was going to become a famous rapper.
rightwingintelligentsia just adds another to the 'Obama pardon' list:
He’ll be pardoned just before Boobama leaves office.

I was thinking the same thing.
Organic Panic agrees - blame Obama and forget about it!
He’ll be forgiven upon Obama’s final acts as president.
These are far from the only Obama pardons in the rather short thread...

CodeToad suddenly has a problem with anecdotal evidence:
A sacrificial one. Just one. Not the hundreds that participated. Just one.
NorthMountain wants bigger scalps!
It’s a start. The mayor should be charged with incitement to riot.
Rory Calhoun agrees that the real enemy are the people who think Freddie Gray shouldn't have randomly died in the back of a police van:
The real menace is that women prosecuting the police. America,take your country back while you can.
mumblypeg wants RICO actions to validate his conspiracy theories:
Well that’s refreshing news.
Now let’s see some RICO action against the organizations that sponsor these riots, and let’s start demanding restitution to pay for the damage.
oh8eleven knows what should happen to this angry 20-year-old who did some property damage:
... maybe he'll "turn his life around"?
Maybe he'll just feckin' die.
bert is an idiot:
The black hoodie is a certain indicator of his racist criminality

The black hoodie is the uniform of black racist criminals.

Black hoodies should be banned from American society


  1. "He’ll be pardoned just before Boobama leaves office."

    The president can only pardon those facing Federal crimes or those convicted of Federal crimes.

    1. In all their years of 'activism' Freepers still have not learned that.

    2. Fool, do you think the evil of Obama is bound by your petty laws? I heard he is going to pardon Manson, put him up permanently in the Lincoln bedroom, pardon Hillary for Benghazi, and proactively for any future crimes she might commit, and give Sorros a no limit unlimited lifetime bald eagle hunting permit.

    3. He should be releasing those teachers in jail for banging 17 year-old "boys."

      Those are free sluts and they should be free before Manson.

  2. "Now let’s see some RICO action against the organizations that sponsor these riots, and let’s start demanding restitution to pay for the damage."

    Unless someone has ordered them to riot- which is unlikely- or there was ample evidence that they were physically assisted in the criminal activities by some specific group- RICO wouldn't apply here.

  3. Bert can have my black Mass Effect hoodie when he prys it from my cold, dead hands

  4. Black hoodies = bad
    White hoods = OKAY!

  5. "I figured I did all this because that was my period of time to go wild on the police."

    He sprayed lighter fluid on propane cylinders. Glad he didn't blow himself up.