Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Pix pt. I

Trying too hard.
One could read a great deal into this.
Imagining this made with Obama and Michelle, and Freepers' reaction.
It's amusing watching Freepers' need to lump all their bad guys under the same philosophical label as they also mock how the bad guys can't agree.
Stranger together? Meh, it's all about the bling necklace.
Can we trust a party animal like Hillary with the Presidency?
"Hillary is obsessed with Trump" Freepers post, on their 100th screed against Hillary that day.


  1. The morning after the election, freepers may need a wellness check done by local police. Their depression won't be pretty, but it will be entertaining..

    It's funny how 8 years of President Obama merely delayed their biggest fear, President Hillary Clinton.

    1. Putin and Trump. haha. Can you imagine one of these guys putting Gorbachev and Reagan/Bush 1 like that?

      I know both parties are guilty of saying this, but I thought the country was suppose to disintegrate after Obama's first term or for sure his second.

      When does the boy crying wolf start to get ignored with these people? (Rhetorical I know)

      Yeah, it's a little sadistic, but looking forward to claims of everything from the apocalypse is nigh, massive vote fraud, people are stupid, we should rebel and what ever else they come up with.

  2. No. - ONE of my biggest fears is:
    Crooked Hillary Clinton, POTUS


    1. I've never understood the total fear some have of Clinton.

      In the 90's my parents were terrified the Clinton/Reno were coming to take me and my siblings from them.

      I'm 30 and there have been four presidential last names in my lifetime, that's one of my biggest problems with her. We have a guasi-oligarchy.

      I'm not afraid of her the way my parents are. She's corrupt, but they all are.

    2. Relax twinkles. Obama's "Death Panels" will get you long before that happens. SARAH said so a couple of years ago, so it must be true!

    3. Then she can get her hands on your guns.

  3. This may be my new favorite post - it contains EVERYTHING - homophobia, using the gays as long they are convenient and fall in line with FR doctrine, christian vs. jew vs atheist (apparently an atheist pops up on the thread), Milo Y and the unreconcilable feelings many have for him, and, of course, St. Reagan and his gay policies.

    1. Will be interesting to see if, in the future, JimRob zots people who aren't on board with banning gay marriage.

    2. He's zotted people in the past who argued it's no longer relevant to the political discourse. Called them pushers of the homosexual agenda.

    3. Its very hit-or-miss ... except for a few stalwarts, the pervasiveness of homo-hatred across FR is much diminished.
      Sure, there will always be the same immature jokes on every thread but the "fwdude" types are rare these days.

      It usually takes one of the stalwarts making a personal complaint to JimRob to get someone zotted now though.
      It helps that many of the stalwart homo-haters were also Cruzers, and got themselves zotted too.

  4. I think JimRob was at first a Cruz supporter.
    However, when TRUMP secured the nomination,
    he dropped that - like most of us did. I
    voted Cruz in the primary; but breaking a
    pledge means I will not EVER vote Cruz for
    anything further. He's a lawyer & can make
    a living lawyering.

    I don't "hate queers" as ya'll accuse us.
    That behavior is not condoned in Scripture;
    but neither are MANY other sins condoned in
    Scripture. The wages of sin is death - any
    sin. That's why Christ died for our sins.
    Not so that we can continue doing crap.

    I'm not trying to boss what anybody else
    does in private; but KEEP it private and
    don't bully me! I get enough of that with

    I do NOT complain to JimRob about anything
    or want anybody ZOTTED. Just don't use
    filthy language like they do on democrat
    under ground! Every other word is the "F"

    Is anyone on here raising organic tomatoes?
    We are getting a lot of the little teeny
    tomatoes. FANG is keeping his organic garden
    to a reasonable size these days. It is too
    hot here to work in the garden.