Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Megyn Kelly Claims Fox News' Ailes Sexually Harassed Her

Looks like the head of FOX News is out, after accusations of sexual harassment, originally by Gretchen Carlson, have given rise to many more, as often happens.

The timing is convenient, but I suppose most of the folks at FOX News are pretty mercenary, even about this. We'll see what happens to FOX, but the upshot isn't the reason I'm posting this.

This time it's Megyn Kelly. An already villainized woman making a charge of sexual misconduct? The results are quite the horrorshow.

Post 2. laweeks starts us off strong:
Seems like every day after day, she is beginning to look like Rachel Mad-Cow. Is she doing this deliberately?
Syncro reads a lot into FOX anchors with shorter hair:
I said that right after Trump made her get her dyke haircut.

Plus she has been getting closer and closer to Rachael Madow with her political views also.

Greta wears women’s clothes directly copied from men’s attire and Megyn gets a MadCow dyke haircut.

I guess the leftist branch of feminism has gotten to news women.

And in the theme of the thread, Kelly had no problem with hooking up with Hume, they even laughed about it.

That paid off, helped get her where she is today.
Massive racist and noted female Freeper cloudmountain gets catty:
Megan's age is starting to show. How many face lifts can one get?
Joan Rivers died on the operating table having yet ANOTHER face lift. She was 80 years old.
cloudmountain knows the best insults add it pinch of Christianity:
Megyn has resembled some of those power-mad women ever since her "Megyn Kelly Presents" special. I think she's trying to become the next Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and/or Oprah.

Perhaps she suffered from a bit of PRIDE (arrogance), the first and worst of the seven deadly sins.
Did someone say catty? miss marmelstein rushes over!
Is that nose fixed?

I take a slightly different view. I have no doubt Ailes harassed women. It’s very common in entertainment. But some women want their cake and to eat it, too. Get job promotions from the boss and then turn on them once they get a little power.
miss marmelstein then goes on about the nose:
Yes. You can always tell from the size of the nostrils.

Yeah, that portion looks somewhat worked over.
miss marmelstein also adds this...?
Megyn has Hillary Clinton eyes.
bert with the grade school burn:
what happened was that Ailes pointed to Meagan’s crotch and said “ I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole”
lodi90 may have missed the memo that Freepers hate FOX News now anyhow:
Hostile takeover of Fox News, IMO. They will veer to the left now.
Nifster insults Kelly the way a man does - calling her a slut:
Bottle blonde makes claims...she really did sleep her way to the top
hulagirl has clearly not been in an actual workplace in a while, but she totally heard...
Well, considering that something as innocuous as a compliment is seen as sexual “harassment” nowadays, maybe he did......
Sorry, Megyn, Maverick68 won't sleep with you:
Sorry, never thought for a second she was pretty.
I get that she’s SUPPOSED to be pretty, but her face is harsh.
Zenjitsuman also finds her below his standards:
Maybe 10 years ago Kelly was worth sex advances.

Now she looks old and worn.
Yaelle has this whole scenario of Megyn's sluttery:
It’s not harassment if you are lying on his couch naked with your legs spread, and your modeling pictures all over his desk.
Enchante thinks it's time at last to bring up the Clintons' past:
I just think this is a good time to hold a mirror up to the Clintons!

If Ailes is going to get toasted over this (deservedly so, it seems) then why are Bill Clinton and his ruthless witch Hillary still allowed to darken our public life?????
As she does, Diana in Wisconsin just rages:
I hate liberals. I hate the media.
1998 Freeper Frapster is disgusted, but not too surprised:
the whole thread disgusts me - shame on me for reading this far.


  1. Melania being reported for "admiring" Micahelle Obama, a Muslim cleric addressing the RNC convention ...
    freepers are this close "][" to turning on Trump, I can feel it.

    They're hate is quickly becoming universal.

    1. Oh, what a world that would be!
      But I dunno, they're in pretty deep. This is well beyond Romney 2012.

      Still, I have a status quo bias, and Freepers have never been tied down by ideological consistency...

    2. Just wait till he flips on his plan to build a wall....just you wait.

    3. He was BETRAYED by a Congress that refused to appropriate money for it or to authorize war against Mexico to make them pay for it
      Keep saying enough of the right things and anything to the contrary can be rationalized as disingenuous or the result of a dolchstoss

  2. It's not harassment, I guess, when the predator in question is such a fine example of masculine beauty like Roger The Hutt Ailes

    Freepers seem to think that women would swoon at the chance to be smothered by him

    1. Well naturally
      They are women, after all; that's what they're for

  3. For God's sake Frapster, vote with that conscience you still have.

  4. "I have nothing but an open door, a welcome home, and a place by the fire for everyone who has walked away from the Cruz camp. For the Cruzlims? Nothing but a warning that their cult leader stands over hellfire for his abuse of religion, and that they need to come away for the safety of their souls." - Psalm 144

    Please profile Psalm 144. The dude is pickled in self-righteous projection. "Vote your conscience" are apparently the most evil words ever spoken.

    1. Listening to one's conscience can often lead to deviations from doctrine and sometimes outright heresy! Kofer ba-Trump is as bad as the sins of the Nazerenes[1]. Cruz manages both at once.

    2. More like CUCKscience