Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Pix pt. I

Trying to lean into the TP on their ticket.
I wonder if Freepers approve of this bepierced spokesperson for their nativism.
Disapproving Trump was the right choice for this dumb pic. Hillary as Alcoholic has yet to be a thing beyond the right wing.
Do not fear the drunken asshole...
Good lord Freepers are hard up for celebrity endorsements.
Yes! It's electoral map season! New York, New Jersey, for Trump, but maybe not Virginia!


  1. Thanks for saving that electoral map for posterity. I'd like to see this one again the day after the election in one of their threads.

    I think Clinton will win handily, but I think Trump does more than 142.

    1. That map makes no sense.

      Besides the fact that it's really far off- they have states going for Trump that no poll but Rasmussen has him ahead in- why are some of them gray? They can't make a guess? Or are these the "swing"?

  2. isn't babalu's real problem the cold hard fact that immigrant sperm works just fine?

    his tagline:

    "Democrats use guns to shoot the innocent. Republicans use them for self-defense."

    democrats have guns?

    1. This one does. Call it "Trump insurance."

  3. Spermatazoa take a lot of abuse but they just keep on doing what they do. It's a mighty, progressive and diverse immagration and they all just work their tails off or die trying. And we may all thank God for them especially our very own sacred spermatazoon without which we would not be among the billions of sperm mockers alive today.

  4. Did you seriously type all that with a straight face?