Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Michelle Obama To DNC

I've got a sweet Monday quote about how Michelle Obama's speech was awful and booed and now Trump will win for sure, but most Freepers didn't even get that far,'s Michelle Obama.

Freepers' their hate for Michelle may not be quite as hot as their hate for Obama, but it's a lot more...concentrated pettiness, since she's mostly apolitical.

It was no Bill Clinton in 2012, but I really liked her short, positive, passionate 14-minuter. But no Freepers appear to have bothered to listen to it.

Breitbard cherry picked a line about how men with guns took her daughters to school so that they could yell about gun control, which is all Freepers needed. I hope you like in-depth discussions of a woman's appearance!

Not getting the memo that Bush sucks now, PCPOET7 knos bush woulda derailed the short anecdote because Bush cares!
the bushes would of refered to the men that protected his daughters by name or as the security detail the way Michel did it was like theses thugs
polymuser clearly didn't hear the speech, so he makes one up to hate:
Just a pity play. She meant: “It’s so terrible living this way, with our little girls controlled like that, locked away in this big, old, lonely White House full of white man memories. How terribly sad it is for us and them. And they have to be around those terrible guns! Oh God! Sniff.”
haircutter thinks Michelle and her daughters all wear wigs:
Full of herself and her fake painted on eyebrows...

and another new wig..she even has both daughter at 15 and 18 wearing them now also...

so fake and phony...and she seemed very angry the long she talked..
I guess she thinks all blacks have curly hair?

haircutter really goes to town on Michelle Obama's makeup expenses, and then how Obama made her racist:
Often wonder how all the moocher can afford the hair pieces and fancy nail jobs...tells me what is more important to them than raising their kids and providing clean, homes and family life..

The White race will always be considered racist...who made us that way??? Race was never a factor in my life, UNTIL 2008 and the current occupant of the WH. made it his ‘talking point, daily’
Hoping it gets cleaned up with a new guy in the WH.
Georgia Girl 2 has cute nicknames for the Obama daughters:
Of course Sushi and Malaria could have been home schooled and they would not have had to ride in SUV’s with big men with guns. :-)
Tucker39 comes in with the Michelle is a dude dig:
As usual, FULL OF HERSELF and as fake as her painted-on eyebrows!

Did you mean to say “his” painted on eyebrows? This is “Michael” we’re discussing here.
Dustoff45 is another Freeper who seems to be buying the schoolyard insult:
This is “Michael” we’re discussing here.

LOL! Those words went through my mind also when I read that phrase about the painted on eye brows.

All of this is so disgusting and we wonder why our young people are confused.

Where is the journalist with the courage to document the truth about these people?
Maybe some weird tribal signaling, but Tucker39 may really believe the Obama daughters aren't really from the Obamas:
Been pondering her remark ever since I first read it this morning. I’ve decided the grifter was gloating about her(?) borrowed children going to a glitzy private school, while her(?) fellow poser makes sure all the democRAT Plantation serfs stay “in their place”.
Our buddy Twinkie remembers when Michelle did some twitter activism, and it didn't work. This is important!
Michelle’s sign did nothing to bring back the girls.
The last I heard, the girls were still missing.
RummyChick with the body shape, having I guess not seen the speech either, because I'm pretty sure she's making this up:
I was fixated by her dress that was so out of shape that she apparently was wearing body armor to her own convention. Does she normally wear it


  1. I think what Haircittee means is "Before 2008, I could ignore the fact the black people existed but now Obama makes me look at one every day."

    1. That's what I was thinking.

      It's the core of what whutw privilege means, and common even among otherwise non-bigots. You don't even realize you're missing something, so anecdotes from black people's racism encounters are hard to believe, because they've never seen it.

      Just like some men needing a woman to record men constantly cat calling,etc to understand just how much that happens and how oppressive it is.

  2. I might be a little biased because I can't stand Trump, but I thought all of the speeches at the DNC to date were far better than anything I saw at the RNC.

    Besides the plagiarizing and the negative tone, the DNC speeches were able to hit on a greater number of policy areas whereas the RNC focused mostly on security and immigration.

    If you're going to get negative on the other candidate, you have to hit it quick and shift direction to what you'd do differently. I feel Trump stays too long in the bad- practically 2/3rd of his speech- and offers nothing specific as to what he'd do differently.

    For every minute more you spend attacking the other person's character, you'd damn well need to spend two minutes describing how you're better!

    1. You mean the DNC speeches lacked focus and tried to obfuscate the core issues namely:


      That's how Freepers see it. There is no need to promote your own character: what matters is demonstrating unwavering demonisation of the enemy!

    2. As another biased observer who tried to evaluate the speeches on the merits, I agree that night 1 of the DNC was much stronger than the RNC overall.
      I'm light years more sure that the DNC did a good job at emphasizing thematic differences with the RNC: hope/fear, positive/negative, unity/division, etc.

    3. ...and this "Russia, help!" thing has been wonderful!

      Of course, as Conservatives see it- whatever Trump needs to say to steal focus is good, but it's actually terrible.

      Think of it this way: the morning after a well-liked former president Clinton speaks highlighting what Hillary has done to help people, the opponent is asking Russia to come up with more dirt on his opponent because what's out there isn't enough to implicate her to the voters.

      If you're wondering why he doesn't seem to be able to get beyond a 45 +/- threshold, it's because he's already maxed out! Now he's just alienating people.

    4. I couldn't stand to watch the RNC. Everyone who spoke seemed to describe America as a hellscape where roving bands of blacks, Muslims and Mexicans roam around looking for white people to kill. Not a single positive message. I don't understand how people could watch that and Trump's numbers could go up.

      Contrast that to the DNC where yes, they occasionally described things that were wrong, but they mixed it with a positive message and humor. The only humor I saw at the RNC was when Stephen Colbert got on stage in his Hungry for Power Games costume.

    5. Au contraire, there were clear, positive messages about:

      Building a wall to keep out Mexican rapists.

      Suspending entry clearance for Muslims.

      Restoring Law & Order by stomping on ferals and other uppity blacks.

      After 8 years of ineffectual dithering (Bush) and another 8 of deliberate subversion (Obama) the Freeper wing of the GOP want ACTION.

      "Positivity" is about striking back and reclaiming lost ground. Inclusivity are codewords for degeneracy and surrender.

  3. Oz, this has been a good one:

    Donald Trump Challenges Russia to Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails

    Lots of red meat in that beautiful posting!

    1. A combination of Trump trolling the DNC and Trump continuing to play 4D chess.

      Though I know some of them secretly wish the FSB would come to Trumps aid. Once again the colossal anti-Americanism of that line of thought goes over their heads.

      If Clinton had suggested the Russians look into Trump University they would be calling her a commie collaborator, not that they don't already, and screaming treason.

      Personally it's statements like this that scare me. It's mind bending that the Republican candidate is calling out to the Russians for help, for laughs or not, its crazy.

    2. My personal favorite is this one. I don't agree with Speaker Ryan much but I do think he's an honest man. Would I vote for him for President? Hell no, he's a right wing Republican. Do I think he is a crazy person? No. He has his feet on the ground. This aspect of his seems to be driving the Freepers out of their ever loving minds. I don't even know, are they Republicans anymore or are they just Trumpettes?

      Paul Ryan Spox: Putin Is 'Thug' Who Should 'Stay Out Of This Election'

  4. Wow, The Bush Twins adventures were off limits, but Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and The Obama's Daughters have been called the most vile names by these "Christmas". Any one of these young ladies has more class and will accomplish more in life than 20 freepers put together.

    1. I guess that's why whenever they talk about liberal females all I hear is "Ho, ho, ho!"


    2. I'm assuming the word "Christmas" came out instead of "Christians" thanks to AutoCorrupt.

  5. I've really missed "Law & Order".

  6. Michelle writes a covetable speech for a "wookie" I guess. Aaaaaarrrrrgggguuhhhh.

    Just kidding, she a lovely First Lady by all appearances. Her lunch efforts will not be missed.

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