Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Spotlight: MIchaelTArchangel

A study in contrasts, this Freeper is both a holier-than-though God-botherer, and a Freeper clown, with all the fith, spite, and wrath that entails. Most of his posts are so unfunny it's exhausting to read them, but lately he's been reaching heights of awfulness worthy of note.

Interestingly, he was also a physics student in the late sixties.

Jesse Ventura: Hellbound
Perhaps the God that the atheist Ventura and his wife deny will strike both of them down, down, down in the pit in which Omar Mateen is burning for the rest of eternity.
Jimmy Carter: Hellbound
For all his pious pouting, I fear that Jimmy Carter will be begging his saintly brother Billy for a beer to quench his thirst after he dies.
Sinead O'Connor: Hellbound and should kill herself.
She is trouble, but jumping off a bridge will only end her trouble in this life.

p.s. It’s probably a good thing I am not a Chicago cop as I would be urging her to jump.
Too many Catholics: Hellbound.
Alas, probably not since too many people who think they are Catholic are really pagan.
The death penalty is totally Christian, ya stupid Pope!
Someone should remind Dope Frances that the commandment is "Thou shall not murder." The commandment is NOT "Thou shall not kill."
It just took one Presbyterian Church allowing a Muslim guest-speaker...
They are now officially no longer a Christian denomination but a Moham-madman abomination.
Kill all Muslims.
We need to give all Mohammadmen and queers one way tickets to Raqqa.
More Christ-like behavior towards Islam:
I slam Islam. We all need to slam Islam.

The only good Moham-madman is a dead Moham-madman.
Allies? Who needs allies?
I want the POTUS to get a rock-bottom rating in every country other than the United States of America. Why? Because I want the turds running those countries and living in those countries to fear the POTUS and the USA.
Hey, when will Muslims shoot up the New York Times?
New York Times: Only “fringe interpretations of Islam” justify violence

So in the New York Times calling Mohammad a fringe lunatic? When can we expect the jihadi crowd to give them the Charlie treatment?
All Muslim terrorists are super careful about numerology, thus the REAL date of the Orlando massacre.
Islamist do not to anything by accident. An assault on the night of June 7 would likely last until the morning hours of June 8.

What is June 8 in Mohammadman history? In 632 it is the day Mohammadman died and went to hell.
How to make a proper Obama burning effigy:
The Stars and Stipes should be replaced by a red flag with a hammer and sickle and Obama should be wearing one of those rags on his head that Yasser Arafagt used to wear.
As a one-time physics student, he has the authority to tell you fusion is a pipe dream.
When I was an undergraduate physics student 45 years ago (1967 to 1971), the claim was controlled nuclear fusion would provide cheap and abundant energy after some pretty high R&D and then construction costs by 1980 or about ten years into the future. I scoffed at those predictions based upon how little we really knew about how to control nuclear fusion.

Today we are again being told that controlled nuclear fusion will provide cheap and abundant energy after some even more hefty R&D and then construction costs in 2030 or about 15 years into the future. (Note that “first plasma” in 2025 is not the same as first production of useable energy.)

I scoff at these predictions because we really do not know nearly enough about how to control nuclear fusion in such a way as to produce useable energy.

This article does seem to get one thing right—this is a huge construction project which will benefit the construction trades. I doubt I will live long enough to see this facility produce the amount of energy consumed to build it.

There is a Dairy Queen commercial here in Texas where scientists ponder how to put fudge into a center of a Blizzard (one of their ice cream products). They ponder all sort of ways to do it. A Dairy Queen employee announces she just put the fudge into the ice cream machine and that put the fudge into the Blizzard. The people in the white coats all hold up a Dairy Queen cup and shout, “Science!”

Beware of people willing to shout, “Science!” for several tens of billions of dollars. Especially when those people are the same people pushing pseudo-scientific policies.
He might be right, though claiming to scoff at fusion power in the early 1970s makes you more a grump than a prophet.

Guys, the polls are totally biased against Trump and MIchaelTArchangel is why!
I have been a registered voter for 46 years and had never been contacted by a pollster until about ten weeks ago. I lied and told the pollster I planned to vote for Hillary in the general election. Surprise! Surprise! I have been polled every week since. I keep telling them I plan to vote for Hillary in the general election. The truth is I would never vote for Hillary even if she was holding a gun against my temple.

I expect to be called this Thursday or Friday too.
A really weak joke about wearing purple.
The reason Dana Perino love the color purple is because she does not know the difference between the words maroon and moron.
What happens when you stop your car in Chicago:
Yes, you can get that vehicle in just about any color. But I would not drive it into Chicago where you will have all four tires shot out in short order immobilizing the vehicle. One of three things will then happen.

1. You will stay in the vehicle and then starve to death.
2. You will stay in the vehicle while some (c)rapper type will use a remote-controlled vehicle to drag a hose underneath the vehicle. The hose will carry petroleum products which the (c)rapper will ignite cooking you inside the vehicle.
3. You will leave the vehicle and be gunned down with the (c)rappers taking control of the vehicle and using it in drive-by shootings throughout the city. (Let’s just hope they decide to drive to City Hall and take control of that cesspool of corruption. After all, could the Chicago gangbangers be any more corrupt than the political gangbangers in Chicago?
(c)rapper. Classic!

Upon Obama going home when his grandmother died:
I hope someone follows him to see if he tries to destroy the real record of his Kenyan birth.
Gays in the military:
Obama is always claiming to look for compromise.

Why not split the difference between an other than honorable discharge with the word HOMOSEXUAL on it and an honorable discharge by converting the discharge to a general discharge with the word FAGGOT on it?
He was just as hilarious in 2009 when Nancy Pelosi argued for Obamacare.
That’s wonderful news, Nancy girl (which was Hitler’s favorite way of referring to queers). Then you and 0bummer will fail.
Obama is a girl haw haw
We currently have a woman president. He has no balls, walks on his toes, an gets irrationally upset at something or someone every 30 days.
Janet Napolitano is a guy haw haw:
Before you call Janus “The Two-Faced” Napolitano “a woman”, I want to see proof he-she-it has two X-chromosomes.
Hillary is a pig haw haw:
A pig would be an attractive addition to the Democrap ticket. But then there would be two pigs running.


  1. In other news, Tebow is apparently not down with the convention. Is there a meltdown at FR? Whose getting the blame?

    1. Insofar as they're discussing convention speakers at all (Drudge reporting Pence is the big thread) the focus is the reprehensible/sensible omission of Caribou Barbie. Trump remains Teflon in either case (handlers, GOPe, manipulative strategic genius etc).

      Tebow isn't registering compared to that.

    2. Almost 90 human beings were murdered
      in France yesterday, and several
      more critically injured in a single
      MUSLIM JIHADIST attack and
      "Freepers" are still all that's on
      your mind?

    3. Some people are capable of thinking about more than one thing at a time...

    4. 237 human beings were killed by super Typhoon Nepartak yesterday.

      Your point?

      Just because someone on the planet died we can't have hobbies or discuss politics here?

    5. In other news, is still about the weather, is still about movies and is still about islamic terrorism.

    6. Obviously, George Soros paid Tebow to not speak or something. I can't think like a FReeper today.

    7. Maybe Palin will be offered his spot and everyone will forget how jacked up was announcing Tebow without inviting/confirming Tebow.

    8. Planned Parenthood does "great things" to 327+ girl babies everyday that ends in "y".

    9. Theo you do realize that planned parenthood doesn't roam the streets just looking for random pregnant women to abort? It's the woman's choice to get that done.....

    10. I'm sure Theo would rather end all abortions and instead place all of the governmental funding into spending for children born out of wedlock who desperately need social services, right?

      It's hard for me to take anti-abortion folks seriously when they're typically the first ones who cut funding to anything that supports babies born to mothers unable to provide care.

    11. Don't be silly. Abortion is murder. Premature death from preventable disease or other childhood deprivation is God's will. Big difference. ... errr ....

    12. I also love how the anti-abortion crowd tends to be the pro-abstinence crowd as well

    13. Families have managed, with God's providence, to feed and care for their own in an amazing diversity of cultures and civilizations over many millenia without "government funding". We are not an overpopulated zoo.

      Venezuela is what you get when government function is required for all life support.

      BTW I'm very pro-marital indulgence. Sorry if that's TMI but this is the age of Trump after all.

    14. Thing is, Theophilus, we can do a lot better than manage. Victorian England was managing, and it was pretty awful compared to today. Not that Venezuela isn't, but we shouldn't exclude the middle either.

      In the end, I'd stick to a more purely spiritual argument against abortion, because arguing policy merits gets pretty weird for most folks pretty fast.

    15. Well, Theo, then don't have an abortion, that's your choice

    16. Cool story, Bro......

    17. The essential element of economies are people. We talk about economies of scale - of what??? Nations with imploding populations are exhibit A. Europe is desperately trying to compensate with migrants who hate European culture, values and natives.

      Abortion and abortifacient contraception is horrible economic and security policy. It's like eating the seed corn and murdering the future.

    18. "Europe is desperately trying to compensate with migrants who hate European culture..."
      LOL. Yeah, the world totally ended when whites refused to assimilate with all of the cultures they invaded.

  2. From reports, it sounds like the guy wasn't as much of a MUSLIM JIHADIST as he was just a huge asshole who had problems.

    I do find it fascinating that someone could chastise others for not focusing on a specific instance of mass murder while specifically focusing on one particular religious group being guilty of said mass murder.

    Something tells me that's Twinkie. I can tell by the simplistic thought process and the unnecessary capitalization.

    1. Hey Romney Guy, what's your take on trumps V.p pick?


      Aunt Hannie
      P.S. So ALL these Muslim Jihadists
      that have floated to the surface in
      the last several years are not "as
      much of a MUSLIM JIHADIST" as just
      "huge assholes" who had problems.

      is AUNT HANNIE!!

    3. No HANNIE, TWINKIE'S standing right
      behind ya with a li'l ol' BIG GULP sized
      protein shake!

      ERUPTIONS even though we all
      know that it's all due to that
      so-called "PROTEIN DEFICIENCY"
      that you claim is the cause of
      your mental vapors.

      AUNT HANNIE'S been causing a
      bit of turbulence at the ol' household
      as she attempted to defang FANG with
      a philips head screwdriver and an ice
      pick from who knows where.

      And then this site! I think all of the
      reading she's doing here is beginning
      to dull her mental faculties because
      last night we catch ol' HANNIE watchin'
      the RACHEL MADDOW!

      Please leave HANNIE alone as she's
      often pining for FDR these days and
      cursin' the hell out of HOOVER as
      if he were still alive. And LORD what
      she has to say about DONALD J.
      TRUMP after she's had a solid
      intake of ribeye steak (which is
      a fancy way to saying beef).


    4. I'm pretty sure going down on Bill would be a great source of protein for the both of you

    5. You'uns just take off with some
      half-baked meme or the other and
      run with it.

      MUSLIM TERRORISTS have been
      responsible for a huge numbers of
      assassinations & terrorist attacks
      over the years. HUGE! As TRUMP

      The only countries where Muslims
      can live in freedom; they're P.O.'d
      all the time & want to turn free
      countries into the same s*itholes
      they came from where repressive
      Sharia laws dominate.

      I don't understand "going down" on
      Bill being a source of "protein". I
      never heard of "going down" or what
      that means! DO NOT TELL ME!! I have
      lived all these years without
      knowing a bunch of nasty crap!
      Anybody who says they wish to do
      stuff like that is LYING through
      their rotten teeth!!


  3. Moham-madman

    I can't wait for his new album Redman to drop. I hear it's got some sick beats.

  4. After Convention, Trump should make a Civility Speech

    According to Yaelle, Trump should make a speech calling for civility. Most Freepers don't like the idea. Vermont Lt calls it "PC blather" and over30withabrain says it is a "DUmb, poorly timed, and tone deaf suggestion."

    There is much more of the same but Yaelle finds a sympathetic ear in NorthMountain who endorses the call for civility saying:

    It would be a massive slap in the face to Hildebeeste, 0b0la, and the Black Liars Movement. The shrieking and squawking would be epic. And it would be completely classy on our side.