Thursday, July 21, 2016

Newt's Sharia ban too soft for Freepers.

This may be repetitive of the previous anti-Muslim thread from last week, but I find watching Nazification occur live to be endlessly fascinating.

Newt, in what I imagine was a last attempt to get Trump to see how awesome he could be at playing Trump's game, said, "We should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Shariah, they should be deported."

Not sure how you deport citizens, but one cannot argue that this isn't Trumpian.

Freepers, though, are well beyond Trump and Newt at the moment. Freep bigotry has cycles based on the recent news, and recent news has been pretty full of terrorism, so they're at maximum Nazi-but-for-Muslim mode.

New Jersey Realist is pretty into loyalty tests:
I see nothing wrong with questioning anyone coming here if they will support and defend the Constitution and abide by our laws. Since Islam is a clear and present danger, the adherents of Islam should and must be asked that question.
The_Republic_Of_Maine wants a literal Holocaust:
Is deport a nice way of saying execute?
Flintlock agrees - but no gas this time!
At least........

..........deport THEIR HEADS!
A Freeper points out where this sort of thing ends. Gadsden1st Godwins in response:
Test citizens for their beliefs and punish them if they don’t think the right things?


I guess you would have supported Nazis here during WW2???
With more pushback, Gadsden1st resorts to even more empty bluster:
And you want to give Hillary that power?

Travis McGee goes with the Islam isn't a religion angle:
Freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Absolutes.

Keep an eye on the suspicious, incarcerate those who begin acting as enemies - yes.

But Islam is not just a “religion,” it’s a totalitarian system that demands of its adherents that they wage jihad against the world until it submits to Islam under Sharia Law.
Travis McGee then acts like Muslims are a supernatural creature that loses their power if you make them to say they're not Muslims their magic runs out:
Not at all. It’s not an idea that fits into a 20-second soundbite, but overall it’s spot on.

The key is to videotape their oath to uphold the Constitution as the supreme law of the USA above Sharia law or any other foreign laws. That is actually in the Constitution. Videotape it, and post it on the internet.

Muslims who are willing to literally apostatize on videotape, for the record, are the only ones who should be allowed to live in the USA.

Sure, some will lie, but this will weed out most of the bad actors, who will refuse to be videotaped making an oath of apostasy against Islam.
Georgia Girl 2 realizes there are no moderate Muslims, so we need even more of a crackdown!
We need to get rid of every muslim beause they all believe in Sharia. None of them will ever turn in a fellow Muzz who is planning a terror action. The mosques need to be closed for business. Islam is not compatible with Democracy. It is a parasite that kills its host.
Scooter100 agrees that Newt is too moderate:
Here's the TEST, Newt: Are you muslim? Get out!

Sharia Law is an integral and inseparable part of the Koran. All muslims believe in Sharia, Newt. Never-the-less, you have a great idea.

Say goodbye, muslims.
slowhandluke also notes that Muslims can lie, which means we need to assume they are lying all the time:
Think the right things? We have no way to test that, unfortunately.

Say the right things? We have no way to prove honesty, unfortunately. And for muslims, lying to defend or spread Islam is approved.

Attend a mosque - that is provable and sufficient, IMHO.
rovenstinez also:
Newt, HEY NEWT...they lie. They can lie for Allah. There isn;t a safe middle ground that has been discovered yet. THEY want to destroy the West, the INFIDELS¡ YOU. That;s their goal.
I suppose it's not shocking how repetitive this sort of bigotry gets, but lakecumberlandvet too:
And a muslim will truthfully answer to a non-believer? I don’t think so. It ain’t hard. Shut down the mosques/islamic centers, stop the influx of muslims and deport those that are already here. Problem solved.
Gaffer explains that in this existential crisis, we need to bend the Constitution a bit in order to save us all:
Allowing that instrument to be subsumed by liberal dogma that will not address insane barbarism and coupling parts of it’s meaning is the ‘rigid’ constitutionalist’s pyrrhic victory that ends in disaster. 
Nowhere in any of my beliefs or thoughts about this country’s origins OR continuance includes any tolerance for Islam as a natural right like those confirmed in the Constitution. It is an insane aberration that should not be, frankly.
bassmaner has the answer:
We need a new constitutional amendment for an ‘Islam exception’ to the 1st Amendment.


  1. So what you're saying Gaffer, is that you want a living Constitution that responds to the times, not just a rigid, hypertextualist --
    Oh, that conforms to "[your] beliefs or thoughts" about its origins, ok

  2. This whole Roger Ailes thread is prize winningly stupid.


  3. Man, if we only had a Founder's words about Islam, like Thomas Jefferson saying religious freedom "meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mahometan [Muslim], the Hindoo [Hindu], and Infidel of every denomination."

    1. I think the alt-right's official position on TJ is that he's a cuck with jungle fever

    2. The favorite quote of TJ on FR concerns the "watering" of the Tree of Liberty.

      I like this one:
      "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

  4. People focus on Jefferson's accomplishments, his career as a politican,his thoughts on religon, his positions on slavery, and the relationships he had with his slaves.

    Man I focus on that he brought us macaroni and cheese.