Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The ISIS kill list

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ISIS leaked a purported 'kill list' that's just a list of random names in a clear attempt to start a panic. The FBI cottoned to this, but Freepers are never ones to put country above drama, and did everything ISIS dreamed of, and assumed Democrats were in on it, naturally.
Plus a bit of dick-waving about how ISIS probably wants them dead for being badass Internet commenters.

ecomcon - making lists is the last straw!!
So Islam(ists) can target everyday citizen infidels and everyday muslims do absolutely nothing.

Muslims out. All of them.
justlurking notes that the list is just made up, but the FBI should still have told everyone, and you're still in danger!
I did some digging -- there's apparently no rhyme or reason for who is on the list.

The personal information appears to have been compiled from a website breach. One article described a business portal similar to LinkedIn, saying only that it dated back to 1999 and didn't name it.

Short version: this is just a form of digital terrorism, by bestowing fear among random people. But, the FBI's failure to notify the people named on these lists is making it worse, because now everyone wonders if their name is on the list.

However, there's a possibility that some homegrown terrorist will decide to assassinate a convenient target, just to impress his jihadi buddies.
null and void just quotes tough anti-government slogans:
This government does not exist to protect us.

It exists to protect our enemies.
ProtectOurFreedom wants lots fewer civil liberties:
Bring back J Edgar. We need no-nonsense law enforcement that looks,out for American interests.
Kozy takes the hostility to the appropriate point:
TheFBI has outlived its usefulness. Time to disband them.
sport posts from his dark world of paranoia and war:
The Federal Government only arms muslims and Mexican drug cartels. The Citizens of the United States, it[the Federal Government]is working, planning, scheming, and plotting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to disarm and render helpless to resist the muslim hordes.
Always eager to be persecuted for his race, ProtectOurFreedom is sure the FBI told all the blacks and women.
What’s the over/under that all of those not notified were white males?
combat_boots doesn't even read the story, and thinks it's the no-fly list.
Since we don’t actually know who’s on the list, nor can those people know why, or have due process, it makes you wonder.

There was a DHS person, apparently, who said there are quotas to meet for putting people on the list.
cherry wonders if maybe ISIS worked with Democrats on their kill list:
could it possible that names were added to the list at the bequest of democrats?....homo-terrorist?....sort of like a mafia hit list?
RollingThunder told his local police chief ISIS was after him:
Well, I know that I’m on one of those list, because of my Army career. 
Actually, I found out for sure, from a friend of mine that was also on the list. I wound up having to notify the local Police myself. It was only then, that we certified that I was on it. 
I’ll Give you this. The Local Police Chief told me in no uncertain terms that they have my back and offered to help me anyway that they can. 
People, do not take this lightly. These Muslim savages are sick, demented, delusional murderers who will do whatever they can to screw our Country. Protect yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors. Watch out for them and take them down if they try anything. I an only talk about myself, but at least I have help. I hope everyone else in this situation can do the same.
HWGruene sounds like a legit schizophrenic, and posts a manic amount on the thread. Freepers egg him on, of course.
I’m probably on a kill list.

They sent an iranian koranderthal who attempted to kill me once back in January 2002. I had caught him by surprise while he was inside my Dad’s home tearing it apart looking for something.He tried to strangle me but I beat his ass fairly well and as I pitched him out the door and down a flight of stairs he said he was going to kill me and my entire family,that he was iranian and was in our marines then he ran away into the night.FIRST time I was unarmed since I had to fly to Texas from Alaska to see my sick old man, I had come unannounced and the airline misplaced my .45 and didn’t get it until the following day. MORONS!

Dad had retired about 2 years earlier from Kelly AFB, a SAC base back then and his job was “logistics,procurement”. 4 months later on his death bed he told me he played war games and the reason his friend always went fishing with us in the gulf of Mexico and always had a gun on him was that he was an “insurance” as my dad was one of the very few that kept track of the nuclear arsenal on a daily basis.

Been years now, so in a way he did kill me. I was so freaked out about the incident, It haunts me to this minute.


  1. Please keep an eye out for a response to the Chilcot inquiry. It probably won't have much discussion, but I'd like to see the current state of their Bush loathing without having to comb through the "Iraq" tags. Thanks.

  2. Thing I'd like to do is take whatever Freepers or right-wingers/Republicans spout, and replace God with Allah, christian with islamic, and so on, and feed it back to them. I wonder how they feel when the Koran teaches us to hate the gays in the name of Allah, and the Sharia teaches us that women have to be quiet during religious service, and should be demure at home.

  3. I'm just throwing this in here for the day. More of the Freep outreach to women.

    Suck a dick, women! We all know you're lying predators, and you're ugly, too.

  4. So, HWGruene caught a swarthy (Most likely hispanic, because them minorities all look alike to Freepers) burglar in the house, his dad was in the air force, a supply clerk, in the closet, and his boyfriend used to go fishing with them, dad covered saying it was his bodyguard.

    1. Freepers (not just HWGRuene) love thinking that the muzzies (and the blacks, etc.) are out to get them, it makes them feel like they have some meaning in their failed boring lives.

      As it was in Alaska, HWGruene more likely saw his first Inuit walking across the street, and all the rest is his fevered fantasy.

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