Thursday, July 7, 2016

No indictment for Hillary

One of my favorite books, All Quiet on the Western Front, pulls this trick where it gets you to pin your hopes on fewer and fewer things until finally, when you are complacently relying entirely on one single character, it cruelly and summarily pulls the rug out from under you, resulting in an emotional fall much uglier than you expected or were prepared for.

And thus it seems to have been for Freepers and the Hillary indictment. They say they have no hope, that the system is rigged, that Trump will swoop in and jail all the bad liberals. But based on their shocked reaction it seems like they were, without admitting it to themselves, relying on Hillary going down hard.

This isn't the usual performative melodrama they enjoy, like then the Benghazi hearing limped to a close, they seem genuinely buffaloed by the news, despite the leaks leading up to this.

Usually I like to give shocks like this a bit of time to marinate, to see what amusing stories Freepers tell themselves once the frantic running about is over. But we know the story, so here I've taken live thread of the announcement, starting once Commey finished lambasting Hillary and switched to explaining there wasn't enough evidence of intent to prosecute. Lets strike when the wound is fresh!

Say what you will, CaptainK's cynical Internet laught is pretty strong:

CLintons’ are teflon
Protect the Bill of Rights makes a telling use of 'we'
Crap. She skates.

Cannot find a case to support charges
We’re done.
doug from upland calls out the the only man who can save us now:
OK Putin, it is time to release the emails you hacked. What an opportunity to embarrass the FBI and our whole system of justice.
Yaelle knows what it means when the refs don't do what Freepers want - ad hominem time!
F U Comey
4yearlurker agrees - Comey didn't do what they wanted, so off with his head!
There you go folks. Comey is a bought and paid for piece of shit. The fix is in and the evil bitch Clinton is untouchable. SICKENING!!!!
Pivoting to Comey's finding that Hillary was careless with national security would be the smart way, but conservatives (and the GOP itself, who I'd think more savvy) can never settle for anything less than ruination where a Clinton is involved.
THAT giant, decades long tactical failure why the Clintons seem like Teflon.

xzins also cannot help attacking:
it turns out that comey was compromised
justa-hairyape attacks the only thing holding the forum together at this point:
Forget Trump. The country is finished. Burn DC to the ground.
It's been like half an hour surrey is already spinning out the details of Freepers' new reality, after their last one had a bruising run in with...actual reality:
Check his bank account. It’s obvious that her meeting with the FBI ,on Saturday, was just for show. This outcome was planned from the beginning.
Deo volente declares America over for the millionth time:
This is the Year of the First Woman President. It’s a done deal. Nothing will touch her.

We’re just about finished. It was a good 240-year run.
glennaro is clinging to unknown hopes:
Despite the FBI’s dishonorable action, this is not over.
longtermmemmory's outrage can only be shown through big, legalish sounding words!
Negligence becomes culpable.

Spoiliation of evidence presumes guilt.


Clintons destroy evidence and DC lets her walk.

Comey’s reputation is destroyed.
Freee-dame knows that for the Clintons it's not the crime, it's the coverup that is always awesome and a great tactic:
This seems to have been the Clintons' SOP from the beginning. When they know that the penalty for their true actions is far bigger than the penalty for lying, destroying evidence, etc. they go for the latter.

Some of their compatriots seem to have used the same thought process when it came to ratting out the Clinton's or going to jail for a while. The penalty for revealing what they knew was probably much greater than jail time.

Only Trump has any chance against this corruption and evil. Every other Republican candidate would be hiding behind fear of offending the first woman candidate.
virgil cannot seem to acknowledge that maybe his Internet message board isn't as influential and smart as he thought, so he comes up with another explanation:
RoseofTexas is one of the few Freepers to cover the dawning realization of their impotence with frantic prayer:
If God does not help us seriously folks there is nowhere else to turn! This country is in deep Doo Doo! Only the hand of God can help us from the evil that has overtaken this nation! We are going to have to seek after God on our knees and pray for God’s intervention and the survival of our country! There’s no other way!

I remember some years ago when we had a prayer chain 24/7 sign up list when the Florida fiasco happened. Many freepers committed and were on their knees and praying all through the day and through the night. We need to start that prayer chain again ...I am willing to take the 4 o’clock am prayer time slot. Anyone else with me! We need to pray for Trump and this country! Only God can intervene!
In his despair, justa-hairyape threatens to leave the US:
Now I know how my ancestors felt when they left Scotland. Same basic problem. Time to leave again.
Mariner tentatively tries to explain how this is good news for Trump. Too bad the GOP has already screwed that up by throwing a tantrum:
This could be of great political benefit to Trump.

He gets to run against wholesale government corruption with the support of Wikileaks and FBIleaks.

It will be obvious to all that Clinton is guilty of multiple felonies and a corrupt Dem admin is protecting her.

Trump will not be a shrinking violet on this matter as he elaborates on the leaks.
FlipWilson realizes the Clintons just took down the entire FBI:
Quote: “The FBI reputation would be ruined, perhaps forever. They would have to withstand the publicity of a few hundred million dollars being spent by the Trump Campaign lumping the FBI, Comey and Hillary with his now famous Crooked Hillary Tag. Do we really believe the leaks from the FBI, NSA, CIA, DIA and elsewhere would never materialize? Do we really believe that everyone in the FBI is corrupt? I don’t think so.”

First off, how many institutions, organizations and people have the Clinton’s ruined or corrupted in their quest for power? The FBI would just be another paver stone on the path for those two.
Whenifhow is another keeping a little hope alive:
KT McFarLand on fox reminds us there were two investigations. Comey did not say anything about the Clinton foundation.
Arthur McGowan dives deep into the tin foil. Reality can't hurt him if he's crazy enough!
Banana Republic.

LBJ murdered JFK. GHWB tried to murder Reagan. Saudis and Rdd Chinese have bought the so-called “U.S. Government.”
And we gotta check in on WENDLE, who as usual finds a whole new way to be deluded other Freepers haven't dared to try:
We have a national crises. Trump must calm the nations rage. It will be his finest moment.
Chaguito isn't irrelevant, he's a dangerous badass keeping his powder dry!!
The most dangerous time for an organization is when its most passionate people become quiet.

It is time to become quiet.


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    1. NOPE! Incorrectomundo! HITLER-Y is
      going down!!!

      promised her the Presidency!
      carrying Clinton Commie water.
      NEVER MIND HITLER-Y is "inevitable"!

      "Inevitable" is in the eye of the

      WHO the POTUS eventually is will be
      up to the Lord. Not you. Not me.

      I don't wish "Jonestown" on anybody!
      "Jonestown" was a tragedy caused by
      a power-mad faker. You'uns are more
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      You'uns are manic and one-note

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      HITLER-Y is going down. HANNIE knew
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      to justice as long as Hussein Obama
      was still POTUS.

      But . . . tick tock!

      You'uns don't be a counting yore
      chickens afore they are hatched!

      I watched as the Presidential Seal
      jumped down and rolled out the door
      off Hussein's podium. I said, "Run
      Seal Run!" It tried. Twice; but the
      authorities caught it every time.

      Then the flags all fell to the floor
      as Hitler-y passed by. Even THEY
      don't want her.

      Okay. President Donald John Trump

      That's it!

      AUNT HANNIE the Widder Woman

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  3. I can't make up my mind as to whether it's scary or not that the trolls on Fark Politics now sound rational compared to many Freepers this election season.

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  4. Outside of Freeperland, it is humorous to hear those in the media with such wonderful opinions of Comey before, now attacking him as a biased shill.

    1. Yeah, it seems like the rampant Clinton hate even among earablishment GOP folks really encourages unforced errors like attacking Comey instead of using all the material he handed them.

  5. Outside of Freeperland, it is humorous to hear those in the media with such wonderful opinions of Comey before, now attacking him as a biased shill.

  6. Since I'm not welcome at FR these days, I'll post my take here:

    Ecclesiastes 5:8

    If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

    1. That isn't a "take." It's a fortune cookie with a really good publicist.

    2. The Best Publicist. Far better than the "best words" that Trump purportedly has.

      Ezekiel 3:3

      And he said unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I eat it; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness.

  7. If it isn't too personal a question, which ideological transgression caused you to be expelled from the party? Not questioning the omnipotent ideological judgement of Chairman Rim and the rest of the FR politburo I trust?

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  9. Why is Free Republic silent on the death of Philando Castile? He had a permit to carry.

    It's OK. I know the answer. They're too busy writing about how Alton Sterling didn't comply.

    Concealed carry permits only matter if you're white, and complying with LEO (see: Lavoy Finnicum and all the active shooters taken alive) doesn't matter if you're white.

  10. "It is time to become quiet. "

    Yes, please just shut the f**k up.

  11. Freepers appears to be down. Right in schedule, during a griftathon .

    At least the internet got smarter for a bit.