Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kaine Madness

So Hillary went with a very clear 'do no harm' veep pick with VA Sen. Tim Kaine. Probably the smart move is to play it safe, but I would have enjoyed more of a show (I was secretly pulling for Al Franken).

For a little while Freepers actually had nothing. They called him boring, they called him a Hillary supporter. It was hilariously lame. While Kaine doesn't really merit an attack, being largely a nonpresence, Freepers feel obligated.

Then he spoke Spanish. That's like the main thing I hear when people talk about this guy 'he's fluent in Spanish.' Neat trick.

As far as Freepers are concerned, they now have a line of attack. Unfortunately for them, since it has to do with Hispanics, it quickly becomes hugely paranoid, and thus useless.

If Scrambler Bob is so proud of his English skills, why did he abuse it so in his post?
Sorry, I learned Latin in HS, not Espanial(or Mexicanish).

And I got good grades in English (OH, NO, you RACIST!).

So how do I vote????

El Elephant


Donkey (PS if you google ‘Spanish donkey’, you get torture devices.
goldstategop seems to think learning other languages is some kind of zero-sum game:
Tim doesn’t speak English.

The fool doesn’t know mass amnesty is deeply unpopular with the country!

Keep digging.
apocalypto's first clause really encapsulates how Freepers see all liberals:
Kaine is wimpy and scary at the same time, and in a frenzied rush to destroy this country.
Trump Girl Kit Cat knows Hispanics will only vote for a legit token Hispanic:
Trump NEEDS to tweet this out, if HILLARY REALLY wanted to court the Hispanic vote in Spanish WHY not a Hispanic on the ticket instead a white guy who SPEAKS Spanish so much for TRULY believing in diversity!!!
sergeantdave is pretty sure Hispanics are basically at war with us, like the Nazis:
This is equivalent to Henry A. Wallace, Franklin Roosevelt’s VP, speaking German in 1941 and inviting the Nazis to immigrate and live in America.

Kaine is a traitor.
...I'm not even sure what prompted wastoute to bring this up...
Camps, for the non believers. It’s what’s next.
And, of course, CivilWarBrewing is here call him gay:
I heard this guy speaking on the radio this AM and honestly... my gaydar went off... not that I know a whole lot about that kinda stuff but just sayin’.

I thought the same thing. Kaine's a closet homosexual with a sham marriage to portray a 'normalcy' for political purposes. WHERE ELSE HAVE WE SEEN THIS BEFORE?

Could be quite possible Hillary & Kaine are BOTH LGBT, and.. Where's Hillary's girlfriend Huma lately? Bad blood from those FBI depositions?


  1. For some reason I always read "goldstategop" as "oldgestapo".

    I probably did too many anagrams when I was a teenager.

  2. Kaine's a closet homosexual with a sham marriage to portray a 'normalcy' for political purposes. WHERE ELSE HAVE WE SEEN THIS BEFORE?

    From most of the strongest anti-gay Republican Evangelicals and their allies, would be my guess.

    Democrats don't have to be closeted to stay in business; Republicans and Evangelicals do.

  3. snarkpup takes a Trump-esque cheap shot to demonstrate just how small the Republican tent really is.

    Birth defects -- hilarious! Make Amurica great again.

  4. Like has happened many times in the past, I predict the Pence/Kaine debate(s) will be much more substantial and interesting than the Trump/Clinton shout fest debates.

    1. Most likely, the VP debate is a little less "scripted". Or that's how I perceive it.

      Also, how can anyone really debate Trump? He doesn't operate by debating rule making the whole thing moot.

  5. I love Franken, but I don't think he'll ever be a good fit for the ultimate national stage. His performance on Monday is an example. He's never been Mr. Polished. You see a lot of those kind of speakers at these events.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. He can do more good as a Senator than VP anyway.