Thursday, July 21, 2016


Via FreepFan, whose contributions are remarkable in their ability to reveal ever more fresh facets of Freeper horror.

Spotlight candidate Yaelle manages to mix her Freeperism with a good heart and sometimes shocking naivete, neither of which seem to diminish her ability to be horrible to her common man.

She posts a vanity that Trump should give a speech calling on all Americans to love one another and stop this whole police-black shooting nonsense.

But like The_Media_never_lie, she skimps on the title: "Vanity - After Convention, Trump should make a Civility Speech"

Freepers don't read past that headline, and hold forth on the idea of civility. Needless to say, they're not a fan. I guess civility is like a lie to an asshole.

Arthur McGowan thinks the other side is too evil for social norms to apply:
“Civility” is something Democrat baby-murderers accuse Republicans of not having.
NorthMountain loves this idea, and describes liberal evil in more detail:
Civility is something the democrat baby-murderers, adult-murderers, race-rioters, thieves, cheats, gun-grabbers, and petty tyrants utterly lack. It's long past time to call them out on it.
After all that, NorthMountain approves, since his side is the classy one:
It would be a massive slap in the face to Hildebeeste, 0b0la, and the Black Liars Movement. The shrieking and squawking would be epic. And it would be completely classy on our side.
Oh noes, NorthMountain forgot the gays, with their uncivil demand for marriage!

Forgot the Dykes and Fairies. They’re utterly uncivil, too.
The Continental Op knows the President needn't care about unity:
This whole “civility speech” thing would be a gigantic waste of time. It’s not Trump’s job to make the country “civil”. He’s not Miss Manners, he’s the guy we want to hire to secure our border, get some jobs back, and kill terrorists.
ClearCase_guy recalls that Bush was civil once. It was horrible!
George W Bush had a mjaor initiative as he began his first administration — he wanted “a new tone” in Washington.

That meant that Republicans in the Washington establishment would be nice and let their opponents walk all over them, while the Radical Leftist Extremists would wage war against the fascist hate-mongers likes W.

Let’s not do Round 2.
YogicCowboy reveals Bush wasn't civil - it was a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!
It was a Uniparty, with the Republicans playing the Bad Cop that everyone could safely hate. They were all globalists. That is why they all fear Trump.

I despise so-called W; I consider him a traitor.
In call this calling to not care about civility, be-baw knows Trump is more civil than he seems:
I think civility is something better practiced than preached about. Trump is more civil than people give him credit for, but pleaing for it might invite criticism because Trump will need to continue to call people out. It’s a key part of his charm.
workerbee shows why Freepers don't do passive aggression very well:
I disagree. We’ve had enough lectures on our behavior, lack thereof, etc. from other... ahem... persons.
BitWielder1 isn't uncivil, well, maybe he is but liberals are worse!
Why do people always call on the Right to be civil when most of the uncivility comes from the Left?
Yaelle then regroups and explains she means Trump should call *ahem* 'inner cities' uncivil!
Ok, everyone disagrees, no worries.

I would never want him to stop being Trump.
I would never want the speech to be too close to a terror attack or the Convention.
This is in reference to the BLM / cop killing incidents, not Islamic terror.

The number one problem in inner cities is decivilization, period. I guess I’m the only one who feels that it would be very good to expect MORE CIVILIZATION from American citizens, not the bigotry of low expectations going on today where we allow people to rut and attack like animals.
RoosterRedux isn't an asshole, he's just super into the truth!

The hell with civility.

I want the truth...unvarnished and blunt. That's why people like Trump. To the best of his ability, he speaks the truth.

People that want civility just want a bigger safe space.
RoosterRedux follows up by explaining that judging his bad manners is against his right to free speech:
One more point.;-)

The Left has used civility and good manners to sneak in their concept of political correctness, which, in the final analysis, is the path that leads to the death of freedom of speech (i.e. truth).

Truth to the Left is like daylight to vampires.
HiTech RedNeck knows the biased media will call Trump an asshole anyhow, so why not be on for reals?
One can be “kinder/gentler” without it being at the cost of confusion. The media itself is largely at fault for exaggerating Trump’s barkiness. Trump could be Superman and all we’d see in the media that hated him would be every *BIFF* and *POW*, repeated a few dozen times too for maximum criticism effect.
After his 'let Trump be a dick,' HiTech RedNeck rambles about conservatives need to show more love. His theology is may be the least consistent on Freep:
Any solution architected by men is going to have flaws.

The big problem we have, is that what we call conservative has almost entirely lost the ability to speak out of the love aspect of the gospel. The left took (and twisted) this, out of it being left to them by default. The nature of dialogue, like other natures, abhors a vacuum. Something is drawn to fill it.
ConservativeMind knows civility is just as evil as diversity:
You remind me of those ads that say, “Diversity is what makes us strong.”

You believe the word “Civility” should effectively replace “Diversity” in that ad.

“Civility” is over-rated and ALWAYS used successfully against Republicans.

Republicans have been “too civil” because they have been forced into being Politically Correct by the liberals who are truly uncivil (but who are always justified in their attacks on the lack of “Republican civility”).

Get your head out (again).
Jim 0216 explains that government is totally rude, and USES CAPS TO SHOW IT:
Government by nature is not “civil”. Government coerces and kills - that’s what government does. The way to have a civil society is LIMITED CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT and INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. A free society will be a “civil” society.
ClearCase_guy - if we all agree with his capital-T-Truth, then we will all be safe and polite!
I don’t want a safe society.
I don’t want a polite society.

I want a truthful government.

I suspect that if we got back to the Truth, we would find that the safety and the politeness would come along for free.
As a reminder, ClearCase_guy is not a fan of science, statistics, or mental health, thought 2016 was Jeb v. Warren, and thinks Ken Burns is gay for black cock.


  1. If government is coercive and kills, and the government is made up of "we the people" then what does that say about her world view of her fellow human beings? To be scared of everyone must be exhausting.

    On a different note. Anyone know why Trump allowed Cruz to speak? I don't see how showing a massive rift in the party on national tv helps any.

    I also loved how he talked about staying faithful to the constitution, something the republican party is supposed to stand for and the crowd just chanted "Trump! Trump!."

    The party no longer cares about the constitution. They want a powerful king like figure to make them feel safe.

    1. Every good Trump rally needs a protestor to be ritually shamed and removed, demonstrating the power and restoring the purity of the tribe

    2. From the sounds of it Cruz was supposed to give a completely different speech from what he actually did. I find that kind of admirable, honestly.

    3. The theory I've heard is that Cruz (and others) weren't required to pledge allegiance to Trump and we're allowed/asked to speak because they were having trouble finding enough people willing to speak that had big name recognition.

      Grassroot Trump fanatics aside, the GOP ranks are still filled with relatively sane/reasonable people that don't want their party changed into what we've been seeing.

      The Trumper bench is shallow, no matter how yuuuuge the Don claims it is.

    4. I get that most people in the country are sane, but one of the major political parties has been hijacked by crazies. I would expect this stuff out of some far right party in a parliamentarian system, but since they can't get traction in our system they needed one of the two big dogs. And the Republicans were ripe for the taking.

      Yes, there has been fighting, a lot of it to prevent it. The end result is the Never Trump faction lost.

      So right now the Republican party is Trumps and his supporters.

      "Loyalist" Republicans can attempt and regroup after the election, but I'm concerned the Trump faction won't allow it.

      Part of me wonders if the "loyalist" should just split.

    5. Don't be fooled. The establishment is still in control as evidenced by the rules committee. Trump is a one-of-a-kind wildcard surround by the same old stacked deck.

    6. I turn on my tv and I don't see the establishment telling Trump what to do. I see them getting orders from him and his followers. He's the nominee and he's calling the shots.

      The rules committee isn't speaking to millions of American's, Trump is. He's selling something that they want, not the Republican establishment or they would have won.

  2. Two Corinthians 12
    For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-ward.

    Lord, let me live this way. I know I haven't.

  3. It's a bit off topic, but has anyone seen the amazing spin on this article?

    Donald Trump Sets Conditions for Defending NATO Allies Against Attack (Praises Erdogan!)

    “When the world sees how bad the United States is and we start talking about civil liberties, I don’t think we are a very good messenger,” he said.

  4. But...but the Freeper's told me Obama makes our allies think we won't help them. Trump was going to so much better. Everyone would love us then.

    And seriously. Turkey has a coup attempt every decade. This last one was not even half hearted. It was pathetic.

    1. It wasn't even "pathetic", it was fake. Fake, opposition demolishung coups coming to a "Great Again AMerica" near you. Trump knows how to plagiarize great policies as well as great speeches.


  5. "That meant that Republicans in the Washington establishment would be nice and let their opponents walk all over them"

    This seems to be 'common knowledge' in Freepland. That they've done nothing but work with Democrats and get steamrolled.

    It's like they mistake their ineffectual lives for what elected Republican officials have been doing since the 90s: obstruct, obstruct, defund, and obsruct.

    1. What did they defund? I'm thirsty for good news!